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Lisa POV

"And I was like 'No way!' and she was like 'yes way' and I was like 'get out'…" Marina mocked me. You know how annoying it is to have people assume because you are gorgeous, a cheerleader and date the hottest guy in the school that you talk like that? Because it is super annoying. And I do NOT talk like that. At all. I told Marina so.

"Honey, face the light: your sentences are choppy and you squeal every other word." She says with an unattractive snort. No wonder Matt broke up with her.

She continues to ramble on about my poor grammar, and I wonder if I could bribe her to write my English final. I have so many other things to worry about…

"Kelsey!" I call out, waving at my other friend (something you should know about me: I have A LOT of friends). She was, of course, gorgeous as well, complimenting my golden yellow hair with her own dark brown ones, my clear blue eyes with her dark blue ones, and my curves with her skinniness. Let's just say that she is a fabulous accessory to have around.

"Hey babe!" She calls. "Did you hear? Apparently we got some transfer students." She grins, and I can't help but smile back… when will she get to the juicy part? "Five of them, actually. And I heard that one of the guys is unbelievably attractive."

Finally! Hmmmm I wonder if I could pull of dating four guys without them knowing I was cheating on them…

"Good." Marina said. "Matt and I are so over, and I need some new meat." She examined her nails, and asked: "anyone have a file with them they wouldn't mind lending me?"

I hide my snort. There is no way I'm going to share my nail file with her if she's moving in on the new guy

"Hello." A deep voice says behind me. I squeal and turn, hugging my current boyfriend: Corey. Star of the football team and the school's number one.

He doesn't hug me back.

I look up, hurt and confused.

He clears his throat. "I just talked to Damon."

I stifle a gasp. Damon is my 'ex-boyfriend'. I supposedly broke up with him, but his puppy dog brown eyes just killed me. How could I break up with that? Having two boyfriends was the simplest solution.

"Apparently he wanted to check with me to see if I thought it would be awkward if he came to our school dance to surprise you. He didn't know you were dating me. In case you don't understand this, it's over between us, and I'm pretty sure it's all over for you and Damon too." He says in his sexy gravelly voice. Then, shrugging out from my arms, she walks away, causing girls to snicker and faint.

I can't believe I was just publically dumped. This new guy won't know what hit him.

Marina and I say good bye to Kelsey and make our way to Science. We have something about oceans today...lecture? I'll just text Kelsey and complain about men in general. What losers.

"Alright class! I'm sure you all know that we received five transfer students, correct? Well, we are fortunate enough to have Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase join us in our first hour science class." Mr. Berdy says. I inwardly groan at the guys' name. Who has the name Percy anymore? But I immediately forgive him for his mother's bad taste, because he is hands-down the most attractive guy I have ever seen.

His black hair is too long to be considered neat, but not messy in a tangled way. More like artfully, naturally disheveled. Think Edward Cullen, but better. His eyes are adorable: deep, clear, sexy romantic green. And god, his body! Its toned, but not bulging, tall and lean and confident. Tan skin, scarred hands and arms. The khaki green t-shirt and khaki shorts with flip-flops is casual and yet hot. God, I adore him.

I look over at Marina and her expression has glazed over. Loser.

The girl—Annabeth—is irritatingly pretty. Tall, curly blonde hair, grey eyes, and a toned body. She has unconventional looks paired with conventional that give her an odd style that seems to work for her as she and the boy (Percy. Ahh) appear to silently communicate as they take seats next to each other while we wait for Mr. Berdy's video to start.

Science passes quickly, and it's hard not to notice that Percy and Annabeth are close. But I will be closer. I have never given up in anything, especially in winning and breaking a boy's heart. And this is like a two for one thing! Because I'd bet my favorite Gucci purse that Annabeth is infatuated with Percy.

As the video ended, people were getting up to stretch and chat for the last few minutes of class. Mr. Berdy started rewinding the video, and I decided to take initiative, by walking over to Percy and Annabeth. I saw Marina come over, and walk besides me. Jerk. Anyways, as I got over to Percy and Annabeth, I was so jealous, since Annabeth was sitting on Percy's desk facing him, and his arms were around her waist. They were both laughing. It should have been me there, not her! It doesn't matter that I haven't known him long… I'm the prettiest!

"Hi. Percy, right? And Annabeth?" Marina started. God, remind me to never let her start a conversation ever again. WAY too boring.

They stopped laughing, and looked over at us. "Yeah, that's us." Percy said after clearing his throat.

"I love your names! They are so original! I'm Marina, by the way." She said, with what she must have thought was a dazzling smile.

"Marina. Huh, cool name. Like a boat marina?" Percy asked.

Marina looked slightly confused and offended, and it was hard to hold in my snicker.

Annabeth rolled her eyes. "You'll have to excuse Percy. He adores anything remotely related to water, and he doesn't remember to think before he speaks, which sometimes offends people." She grin on her face though, that showed that she found both traits endearing.

Percy grinned ruefully, "sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I really do think you have cool name."

"Thanks." Marina said with a sincere smile.

"And I'm Lisa." I dazzled them. "Where are you guys from?"

"San Francisco." Annabeth replied

"Private school." Percy said, grimacing.

"Which one?" I asked, maybe I could find a connection, since I had only been in public school for a couple of years now.

"Meriwether College Prep." Percy said, with a slight shudder.

Racking my brains, all I could come up with was that my father told me there had been an explosion there a couple years ago or something. But that has nothing to do with Percy.

"Why'd you transfer?" I asked, leaning down to show off a little.

But we were interrupted by the bell. Annabeth nimbly hopped of the other side of the desk and Percy stood up. Both scooped up their things and walked out together, hand in hand.

"Bye Marina. Lisa." He called behind him. Annabeth waved.

And I was left alone in Mr. Berdy's science class. How embarrassing.

So it was after school that I walked out the doors—and naturally scanned for Percy—when I found him. He was with Annabeth—of course. Ugh—but they had been joined by some creepy goth chick and an scary emo dude. Then there were these total granolas, a guy and two girls. The guy had his arm around one of the chick's waists, and the other girl was arguing with this shifty looking guy—who was actually quite attractive.

But watching their interactions with each other was creepy. I mean they were all talking over each other, and at each other. It was obvious who was with who, but they didn't ignore everyone else. Which was weird. And then more people came!

This buff chick, and a another shifty guy that looked exactly like Granola Chick 2's boyfriend. That was enough for me.

Obviously Percy Jackson has some serious issues picking out his friends. And he is so not worth it.

"Eric?" I sweetly asked the lacrosse player next to me, "You wanna hang out tonight?"

Who needs Percy Jackson

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P.S: unnamed characters (that we all know and love):
creepy goth chick-Thalia
scary emo dude-Nico
granola guy-Grover
granola girl 1-Juniper
granola girl 2-Katie Gardner (anybody notice she isn't mentioned in Heroes of Olympus?)
shifty dude-Travis
buff chick-Clarisse
shifty guy 2-Connor