Here's another guy POV of Percabeth… just a bit less positive

Kevin POV

Mathletes is not a glamorous sport. Everyone assumes that if you join the mathletes team, then automatically, you are a nerd. I consider myself intelligent, not necessarily a nerd. I mean, honestly. Look at Gretchen or Lewis. They are nerds. I am not.

In case you didn't notice, that's a bit of a sore spot with me.

But, despite my insisting that I am not a nerd, girls still refuse to go out with me. I can't really understand why, when I'm just as attractive (and certainly more intelligent) than Robby, the football star.

I suppose, that in the long run, not dating in high school will pay off, because I have rather high standards. My girl needs to be smart, and intelligent. Maybe even more so than me. But definitely not less intelligent than myself, otherwise how would we have deep, meaningful, intelligent conversations?

I'd also appreciate if she was attractive. What's the point of spending time with someone who isn't even enough to keep your eyes busy?

Based on this simplified and shortened version of my standards (the full length version is 47 pages single spaced, times new roman font), you can only imagine my excitement, and glee when Annabeth Chase joined mathletes.

Now here is a woman I can keep my brain and eyes entertained with. Tall, leggy, tan, blonde, and oddly colored grey eyes, she is the epitome of a beautiful girl.

And based on her competition scores, she is quite intelligent.

Ergo, she is the perfect girl for an intelligent man like me.

So far, I've approached the situation carefully, taking notes on her habits and preferences, so that I'm sure that she and I will fit together well. Personality-wise. I'd been doing this for about a week and half, and finally I feel as though I have gathered enough observations to approach the situation directly and in person.

It was after practice, and I was unassumingly waiting by the doors that led outside of the school.

Practice had had ran late that day, and so only our coach, teammates and a few assorted teacher's cars were in the lot. Since I had been attending this school for a few years, I prided myself on being able to identify any student or teacher's car in the lot.

Which is why I was concerned and confused to see a blue pick-up truck—that I did NOT recognize—in the lot, parked in a visitor parking space. Immediately, my mind was rushing through the news reports I had seen in random kidnappings, murders and other disgusting shows of violence.

I worried for my own safety, but as the doors opened, and I saw Annabeth—beautiful, smart, attractive, and perfect, unassuming Annabeth with her nose buried in a book—I worried for her safety. Any male would be glad to kidnap her.

So, forgetting about anonymity, I rush toward her at a break-neck pace, grabbing her arm and pulling her back up the stairs behind me. Only vaguely to I register her somewhat angry protests (does she not realize that I'm doing this for HER?) and the opening of a car door followed by it's slamming and rushing feet.

"Annabeth, do be quiet!" I softly tell her. "There is an unidentified car parked in our lot. And often times they prey on innocent, and beautiful girls like you." I allow myself to look into her intriguing eyes. Instead of the unadulterated relief and happiness, I see irritation and slight confusion.

I continue, undaunted by her unresponsive attitude, to pull her into the school and pour out my feelings. What better, dramatic stage to profess? "I care about you Annabeth. Quite a bit. And you should be flattered that I even took the time to notice you. My standards are high, and you have met almost all of them. As long as you avoid wearing high heels, we suit perfectly. Just imagine! The intelligent children we will give life to in our glorious future together!" I was so caught up in our moment together, that I had stopped in my flight away from the mysterious car—and our pursuer whom I hadn't known existed until I heard his voice behind me. I also only had a moment to catch Annabeth's concerned and slightly frightened expression.

"Well, not gonna lie. But the thought of my girlfriend having kids with another guy kinda makes me upset. No matter how intelligent the future kids are."

At the sound of this unexpected and unwelcome voice, I whirl, offended. I stop though, because this boy is the epitome of all things I hate and resent in the world.

Tall, athletic with attractive black hair and green eyes. What looks to be an easy grin, but obvious anger. At what? This Neanderthal of a boy cannot be with the perfection standing behind me!

"Excuse you!" I say angrily, ignoring our differences in size. "How dare you make assumptions like that! That, since you are attractive, and she is, that she must go out with you. Perhaps you ought to drive your truck to a different school. Because here, we have much higher standards." I end with a dramatic pointing and waving of my finger before reaching back for Annabeth. But Annabeth isn't there.

Seeing movement, I see that Annabeth has moved towards the other boy, and is currently curled comfortably against his right side, under his arm. A place she most definitely is not supposed to be (it would be preferable that she be curled against my side).

"Uh, Kevin?" She says, looking slightly angry and concerned. "I'd like you to meet Percy, my boyfriend of almost 2 years. Percy, this is Kevin. A guy from mathletes."

'Percy' nods his head, saying "I remember him from some of the matches I went to." As he holds out his hand to be shaken. I ignore it, not deeming it clean enough to touch my hand.

"Annabeth! You would lower yourself to these standards? This, this…Neanderthal?"

Annabeth sighed. "Kevin, not that it's any of your business, but Percy isn't some stupid jock. I really, really like him and consider him my best friend above all else. I've never thought of you in any way besides a teammate, and don't want to qualify to be your girlfriend. I like wearing high heels sometimes, no matter how tall they make me."

I'm affronted by her angry speech, and even more so when the boy chimes in.

"Annabeth is my best friend, and I don't appreciate the way you treated her earlier. She can take care of herself. I just cover her back while she covers mine. And I'd appreciate it if you'd leave her alone, unless you have a fetish for pain." He winces at the end, as if that was a bit violent for him. I have no doubt that it is all an act to get into Annabeth's good graces.

"Annabeth!" I appeal once more. "Can't you see that you're too good for him? You deserve someone who can give you what you deserve! Please, reconsider! Because I will NOT be making you this offer again."

"Kevin! I love Percy because he gives me everything I need, want and don't deserve. He knows me better than I know myself sometimes, and I want it to stay that way. I love him because he's too good for me, but still tells me I'm too good for him. Please understand that I'm tired of this ridiculous conversation and just want to go on my date with my boyfriend without any more crazy people trying to screw up our relationship."

I scoff at the heartfelt speech. Obviously she still believes that Percy is as perfect as ever. But, my next offer is sure to be more impressive than the record for most touchdowns scored. "I have tickets to the annual math conference, held in the city. They are not easy to come by, and it's this Friday. I was hoping you would accompany me."

Annabeth shook her head. "Sorry, I've already got plans."

And with those five words, she completely crushed my dreams of our future together. She and 'Percy' walked down the hallway hand-in-hand, swinging their linked arms back and forth. Laughing, and shoving each other. I grumbled as I followed to my own car.

Couldn't she see that I was a much better catch than that idiot?

Apparently not, as she happily kissed him against his car before hopping in waiting for him. I watched as they pulled out before deciding that Annabeth had failed all of my qualifications.

I plan on laughing at her failure at our 10 year high school reunion. I mean, with a boy like that, what could go right?

Perhaps a bit out of character for Percy and Annabeth (Percy or Annabeth probably should have hit him at some point, but I was having too much fun with the dialogue :)). As you can see, Kevin's a stuck up jerk who thinks very highly of himself. I'll probably revisit Kevin later at their 10 year high school reunion. :) REVIEW PLEASE! You all made my day when I saw the feedback on the previous chapter :D I love each and every one of you that read this story (and I love the ones that review even more!)