A Letter to My Love.

My Dearest Pam,

If you're reading this, I've died the true death, and it's time to be a Maker, Sweetheart. Please don't fret, you will be amazing. I know so. You are just like me.

I'm writing this for many reasons, and one reason is to tell you exactly what you mean to me. Pamela, when I first cast my eyes upon you that night over three-hundred years ago, I knew you were the one who should accompany me in this life. You were to be mine. I loved you before I knew you. Your attitude is part of the reason I made you. I'd always enjoyed arguments.

I would also like you to know that Sookie was a way to keep my mind off of you. When I was with Sookie, before she passed, I always thought of you. Her hair and eyes reminded me of you. She was the Pam of the millennium. I took her from Compton to see if you were jealous. I felt a jerk of it inside of me every now and then. Pamela Ravenscroft, YOU and only YOU are the woman for me. No other woman would suffice. Pam, you were the one I loved the most, I cherished you the most, needed you the most. You were mine, I just wish my pride would have let me tell you before I….

Fangtasia has been open for almost a century, and I think it's time for it to close. It was our project anyways, but I would understand if you wanted to keep it open.

I have many enemies, of course you know that, but be prepared. What ever you do, don't let them take my Father's crown. It took me over a thousand years to find it, keep it and show it with pride.

Pamela, I love you. More than you shall ever know.

-Eric Northman.

Pam felt a tear trickle down her cheek. She had been prowling through Eric's desk, and had found this letter addressed to her.

"PAM!" Eric yelled, "Have you found the envelope yet?" She quickly shoved the letter back in it's spot, grabbed the money envelope, and wiped her face.

"I love you, Eric."

Sorry for the loooooooooooong hiatus from my fanfiction stories. If you're still faithful to me, I love you all.