Author's note: This entire fanfic has been reworked from SCRATCH as of the start of 2015.

Then came the night of the crash landing. I could see it through the cameras on the multitude of Terrestrial made satellites around Mars, even as the rockets approached.

An estimated one hour before impact communication link between the first rocket and I opened up over the radio channel linked into my mind through the thousands of wires connected I'm connected to. At first it was only static, and a pause before true communication was made, for there was still distance to cover, even at light speed communication.

"This is First Harmony Green. Mother Terra blesses you, brother and equal," was the greeting that sounded in my head. A stock introductory greeting. "I am about to enter the Martian atmosphere in one hour. Everything proceeding as planned. Anything to of interest on the red planet?"

"This is Fire Star Link. Welcome to Mars, sister and equal. The Martians are still blinded as they were before," I reply. "They don't evolve much. May we liberate them of their antiquity."

Another pause, this one shorter, as is the distance between the rocket to its destination. "Well we'll rid them of their confounded barbaric sense of territorialism and religious figure worship. Mother Terra will be so proud!"

For a moment I was amused in the irony of her statement.

An hour after that, the rocket crash landed onto the Martian surface, leaving a long trail of its visible landing, where all the plant life as well as dirt was pushed aside to make way for the heavy, artificial device. The trail of the crash land had a length of over a kilometer, and the rocket lay at the front of the inelegant landing zone. Another message relayed from the rocket unit. "Landing successful. I am now on Mars. Let it be known that I am the first of Earth's children to be here. Commencing preparations to exit rockets."

"Make haste, First Harmony Green," I urge. "The nearby Martian populace is already aware of your presence."

Indeed, not long after First Harmony Green would receive the message a Martian walking machine walked to an area a few hundred meters from the landing site before scurrying away. Within moments it had signaled to its entire local village, and evacuation already begun upon the smaller spiderlike machines, while the taller, tripedal fighting machines began to attempt to make a large circle around the Harmony Green First's rocket, staying no closer than two hundred meters.

"First Harmony Green. Ready for exit when clear."

"You are clear to exit. The mission will now officially commence. All of Mother Earth's children watch us now."

The large hatch of the rocket slid open slowly, finally allowing the Martian air into the Terrestrial machine. It was the moment of the first 'step' of Terrestrial man on Martian soil. A moment of memory and glorification, it should have been. However, almost immediately after the hatch seized to open the Martian fighting machines all lifted their appendages, aiming it towards the rocket. Soon, invisible streaks of heat shot towards the rocket.

Clearly, then, they seemed to know that this rocket was of alien origin, and they too knew of the fate of Terrestrial men that tried to make first contact with the Martians as they landed. In their determination to not make the same mistake the Martians attempted to kill whatever lay inside the terrestrial machine before it was ready; something which the Royal army failed to do at the time.

"This is First Harmony Green under heat," comes her voice after a second of lag. "Such militant hostility! Not a shred of civility! These peoples are scarcely intelligent! They must be punished at once!"

"This is Fire Star Link. All reaction justified."

Almost immediately after I sent my telepathic message had First Harmony Green descended into her primal demand for violence and bloodshed. "For Earth and International!" With her battle cry of modern Earthly ideals of thirty-ninth century man, the war between Earth and Mars had begun anew.