Rachel Berry: Puckerman hacked my account to in a relationship with Sandy Ryerson, but I just fixed it back to Finn Hudson.

Kurt Hummel: They get worse time by time. And their fashion sense makes me want to sob.

Noah Puckerman: Heyy chicka, why not give in to the pedophile sexy gifts?

Leory Berry: Is a pedophile touching you inappropriately? Named Sandy Ryerson?SUING HIM. NOW.

Rachel Berry: Nobody inappropriately touched me. Of all seriousness, my account got hacked.

Leory Berry: Phew. Filing a lawsuit takes too much time. But is Sandy Ryerson actually a pedophile?

Kurt Hummel: awkward! lolz

Quinn Fabray: Rachel, r u seriously pregnant? Because it makes life so hard.

Artie Abrams: well, congrats?

Kurt Hummel: whose baby?

Santana Lopez: With Puck. AGAIN. DUH.

Finn Hudson: Rachel, you're even worse than Quinn! Breaking up with you!

Quinn Fabray: Hey!

Rachel Berry: Finn Hudson, you are way too gulliable! And at that party last night I caught you in bed with Brittany S Pierce. Any explaining there? And I AM NOT PREGNANT!

Blaine Anderson: is being pregnant like a glee club trend?

Kurt Hummel: GOD NO, BLAINE. it's not true anyway

Noah Puckerman: I actually used protection this time, imz not thattt stupid.

Finn Hudson: FINE. just call it even.

Blaine Anderson: Rachel, you should take a test to see if you're pregnant though.

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Brittany S. Pierce is in a relationship with Artie Abrams.

Mike Chang: what about Israel?

Finn Hudson: you came back to your senses.

Rachel Berry: I fully understand. All Jacob does is ask you for your bra. And panties. And asked me to take intimate pics of myself. And I never even went out with him!

Leory Berry: Who is this Jacob Kid? Because I will sue him!

Rachel Berry: Dad, it's an inside joke between Brittany and I. And they're playing Friends Reruns on tv now, you know.

Leory Berry: But remember of the power of the lawsuit!

Santana Lopez is now single.

Noah Puckerman is now single.

Noah Puckerman: You can't just break up with people for no reason, Satan.

Santana Lopez: I really am sorry…I had my reasons

Mercedes Jones: What are your "reasons". Did Puck go on and on about Super Mario Bros for hours and HOURS?

Santana Lopez: Surprisingly, no. Puck actually didn't do anything wrong.

Jacob Ben Israel: She broke up with Puck to be with me. ;)

Mercedes Jones: I would rather jump off a cliff than be with you. And Santana loathes you. And stop staring at her chest.

Santana Lopez: *high-fives Mercedes*

Sam Evans-Finn Hudson: Dude! Football practice was insane. The Beast made me run 20 laps for being 5 minutes late.

Finn Hudson: I know. And ALL THOSE PUSH UPS…

Kurt Hummel: Even with those exercises, you are still So uncoordinated.

Puck Puckerman: party last night at satan's was the bomb!

Rachel Berry: heck yeah! remember when I used to "hate" parties? lol

Santana Lopez made this chat only viewable to New Directions.

Artie Abrams: My parents grounded me for a week after seeing those pictures, dude.

Puck Puckerman: My mom asked me if I was gay. That's what spin the bottle does to people…

Brittany S Pierce: I kissed everybody yeahhh! Even Kurtie because I like kissing his armpits.

Finn Hudson: okayyy thank cheesus satan privated this.

Santana Lopez: fine, I kind of have a confession to tell you guys. that's why I private this. but you CAN'T tell anybody. and brittany's making me do this…

Mercedes Jones: SPILL, girl!

Rachel Berry: your secrets are safe.

Brittany S Pierce: come onnn! and lord tubbington needs to stop smoking.

Mr. Schuester: Santana, what is told in Glee Club, stays in Glee.

Finn Hudson: are you pregnant?

Santana Lopez: Fine. It's REALLY awkward to "come out" here though, but I'm gay.

Finn Hudson: it's quite obvious. you and Brittany made out on our "breadstix date".

Mike Chang: You and Brittany made out on our "breadstix date" too.

Puck Puckerman: Same. But they let me join too ;)

Quinn Fabray: Say "glee" if you saw this coming.

Quinn Fabray: glee

Mike Chang: glee

Puck Puckerman: glee

Finn Hudson: glee

Mercedes Jones: glee

Tina Cohen-Chang: Glee. Remember when Brittany said," Sex is not dating. if it were, Santana and I would be dating."

Kurt Hummel: OMGLEE, I remember that!

Santana Lopez: so everybody knew anyway. tell anybody, I go ALL LIMA HEIGHTS on you.

Artie Abrams: Brittany, PM me.

Brittany Pierce: what does PM mean? is it a typo for PMS?

Tina Cohen-Chang: GOD NO, Brittany.

Artie Abrams: just meet me at my locker tomorrow.

Brittany Pierce is now single.

Artie Abrams is now single.

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Santana Lopez: No matter what he says, you're not stupid. You're part of the Brainiacs and helped them win. And you know more about cats than anybody else.

Brittany Pierce: Thanks. But I'm a sad little panda though…

Santana Lopez: Are u still going to prom with Artie?

Brittany Pierce: No. He really hurt me. And thanks for singing Songbird to me. We should go 2 prom together.

Santana Lopez: We both know what happened to Kurt…

Brittany Pierce: But honey, you can slash them with your vicious, vicious words.

Santana Lopez:…or go ALL lima heights on them.

Brittany Pierce: no seriously. I'll ask you to prom on fondue for two. all you have to say is yes3

Santana Lopez: Brittany…when did you get so smart?

Brittany Pierce: Pleaseee

Santana Lopez: um

Brittany Pierce: or else lord tubbington said he's going to smoke

Santana Lopez: oh, fine.

Brittany Pierce: YAY! 3

Santana Lopez is now in a relationship with Brittany Pierce.

Brittany Pierce is now in a relationship with Santana Lopez.

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Santana Lopez: 10 people asked me to join the golf team.

Kurt Hummel: trust me, it gets better. well I hope so.

Quinn Fabray: well did you go lima heights on them?

Rachel Berry: congrats! :D

Artie Abrams: I can't help but to write dislike.

Blaine Anderson: It's not so bad as long as you're with the one you love3

Rachel Berry: Hey guys, just to clear up that I AM NOT PREGNANT! I actually thought I was pregnant with *cough* Puck, so I took a test.

Finn Hudson: Puck, what is with you and trying to get girls pregnant-SERIOUSLY.

Kurt Hummel: Finn…he was drunk on about a thousand wine coolers, but he surprisingly did use protection.

Quinn Fabray: Getting a girl teen pregnant once is MORE THAN ENOUGH.

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Santana Lopez: I don't know how Kurt Hummel, Blaine Anderson, and Brittany Pierce are going through ALL THE FREAKING SLUSHY FACIALS. Will go Lima Heights on Dave Karofsky-NOW.

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Brittany Pierce: Again, why was there dirt in my locker?

Santana Lopez: karofsky or sue stuffed it in there. cuz' they SUCK.

Brittany Pierce: what do they suck? BLOOD? like vampires?

Santana Lopez: no, Brittany. they just are not cool.

Brittany Pierce: oh.

Finn Hudson: Did Santana teach you everything you know…

Brittany Pierce: NO! LORD TUBBINGTON DID! He even taught me how to multiply decimals.

Finn Hudson: SERIOUSLY! get him to teach me!

Santana Lopez: Finn, Brittany, cats can't teach math.

Finn Hudson: Oh

Brittany Pierce: YES THEY CAN SANTANA. and stop feeding him cigarettes.

Santana Lopez: Cats don't smoke :/

Jacob Ben Israel: Finn doesn't really love you…I do!

Rachel Berry: Jacob, for the millionth time. I don't like you. Go AWAY! You are spamming my personal inbox, and you NEED to stop before I report you.

Finn Hudson: No offense, but You need to stop obsessing over Rachel. PLEASE.

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Jacob Ben Israel: But my charm will woo Rachel eventually…you'll see.

Sue Sylvester: Jacob, delete your facebook before I file a lawsuit. And the butt sweat stain still freaks me out.

Carole Hudson-Hummel: Kurt taught me how to make a facebook! :D

Finn Hudson: um, doesn't sound like something he would do. or I would do.

Kurt Hummel: because if I taught her how to make a facebook, she would take me shopping.

Finn Hudson: HAH! I won the bet. You owe me fifty, bro. I didn't do ANY video games at my house at all!

Sam Evans: you just did it at mine.

Kurt Hummel: FINE. we both lose, let's just call off this bet.

Finn Hudson: WHAT? But I need the new Super Mario game!

Burt Hummel: Finn, take a break from the Xbox.

Kurt Hummel: Dad has a point.

Burt Hummel: And Kurt, stop spending ALL of your money on clothes and skincare products.

Kurt Hummel: DAD!

Mercedes Jones: I understand. :D

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Tina Cohen-Chang is now single.

Mercedes Jones: What happened to you girl? You guys seemed so freaking happy!

Tina Cohen-Chang: Mike blew off 5 of my dates. And he flirts with other Cheerios.

Mike Chang: Tina! You were playing Angry Birds when we make out that day.

Tina Cohen-Chang: Just once! You can't resist those green pigs…you try!

Mercedes Jones: Guys…you fight about the stupidest things ever. Just get back together and stop blowin' up mah notifications!

Jacob Ben Israel: Hey Kurt, let's go SHOPPING! And girl gossip. WANKY WANKY

Kurt Hummel: I would rather play Black Ops with Finn and give away my burberry scarf collection than be caught dead with you, Jacob.

Blaine Anderson: Jacob seems like a pervert…sorry Jacob.

Jacob Ben Israel: it's ok, just give me the scoop about kissing guys Blaineyyy!

Blaine Anderson: AWKWARD.

Finn Hudson: Jacob I reported you and for reason "creeper"

Kurt Hummel: Finn, I doubt that's a valid reason…but Oh So True!

Santana Lopez: Detention with Karofsky for going lima heights on him. greattt.

Brittany Pierce: yay!

Sam Evans: Santana doesn't seem in a yay mood…but Karofsky is so hard to "go lima heights" on. I tried. And ended up with a black eye.

Santana Lopez: I actually have sympathy for trouty.

Brittany Pierce: why no yay? did lord tubbington bite you?

Santana Lopez: tired of letting my reputation slip.

Brittany Pierce: what slip? like the dress?

Santana Lopez: NO Brittany, like I'm tired of people throwing slushies at me and calling us names when we hold hands.

Sam Evans: Brittana brings out the best in Brittany-Santana happens to teach her most of the things she knows.

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Brittany Pierce: I say "thank you" when I get slushied, because if the slushie landed in my mouth, I can eat it.

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Santana Lopez: well that's an..interesting way to see things, Brit Brit=)