Summary: When Tony and Gibbs are injured, they have to rely on each other to stay alive until they are found.

Impact Damage

Special Agent Anthony (Tony) DiNozzo never knew what to expect when he woke up in the morning. He could wind up back home with a pizza watching some old, classic movie; or he could be running around in a grocery store at 10:30 pm on a Saturday evening with his boss trying to apprehend a very obviously guilty suspect in a murder investigation. Which involved a bomb that was delivered to the owner of the grocery store in the mail; it ended up killing his wife and destroying their home.

Tonight, that was exactly what he found himself doing. He was running amongst the canned soups and frozen dinners as Gibbs was running through the bread isle. They both met up at by the milk and orange juice, right next to the yogurt and cheese but, still, the suspect was nowhere to be found.

The only clue they had that let both men know their suspect was, indeed, running around the store evading them was the slapping of leather on linoleum as he ran away from them.

"Where the HELL is he?" Gibbs angrily whispered to his second in command, readjusting his grip on his weapon; Tony did the same.

He didn't answer...slap…slap…slap…

"On your six, boss." Tony said looking in the direction of where they had heard the footsteps.

Both NCIS agents started running towards the bakery where they could hear the assailant running. When they got close they split up; Tony headed towards the donut case as Gibbs went to the opposite side, by the produce.

Tony looked around the case and could see the man they had been chasing bent over a display rack of cookies that were shaped like different animals. He could see Gibbs give him their signal and they jumped out from behind their covers, pointing their guns at the man's heart.

"NCIS, hands where I can see them, NOW!" Gibbs yelled in his usual gruff tone. The man jumped and slowly turned towards Gibbs.

Tony started inching his way towards the man who had his back to Tony and had obviously not seen him. When he got only a few feet away he saw what the man had been working on.

Among the cookie platters there was a black and gray box with wires coming from one spot and leading to another. There was a key pad and a screen with six blocks, only the two last blocks showed numbers.

Tony recognized it immediately as a bomb…and according to the timer there was only eleven seconds before it exploded.

"Boss, there's a bomb with ten seconds on the clock!"

"It wasn't my fault; I was only trying to defuse it!" The man shouted.

"DiNozzo, RUN!" Gibbs yelled and started to charge at the man, he grabbed onto one of his arms as Tony grabbed onto other and they started to run back through the aisles towards the closest neon red 'Exit' sign.

Unfortunately, they weren't quick enough.

Halfway through the aisle with the canned soups and packages of spaghetti the bomb exploded and a burst of burning air and debris slammed into the three men and threw them through the air causing them to crash, unceremoniously, into the shelf, before depositing them onto the floor in an unconscious heap.

To Be Continued.

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