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Final Chapter: Four Words for Survival

Tony found himself in darkness.

Conscious awareness came before actual consciousness as he felt himself floating. It wasn't a weightless and heavy at the same time, as if two forces were pulling him in opposite directions.

Tony didn't know where he was, what was happening, or what had happened? However, there was no pain, no damage, no explosion…no explosion? No…Gibbs?

Then it all came rushing back, the chase in the grocery store, the explosion, the pipe that had impaled him through his side, Gibbs pulling him off the pipe as another explosion rocked the building around them, and the pain-that was what Tony remembered the most. And Gibbs, who had been injured as well because come on, if a building explodes around you, you are not getting away without a scratch. It was damn lucky he was even alive.

But where was Gibbs now? And where was he now? And what was going on because this couldn't be heaven, it was too dark for that and it couldn't be hell, because it was too painless for that.

Tony could feel his heart beating faster and his breathing quickening.

"Well, I guess that confirms I'm not dead." Tony thought to himself, relieved.

A burning sensation started building in his body, increasing as the darkness ebbed away slowly; a bright light replacing the comforting blackness. His other senses starting waking up as well; a persistent beeping, a sickly clean smell, and the burning which was nagging him for his attention more and more as the seconds ticked by.

Gibbs was watching his senior field agent from a wheelchair by his bed. His own pain a dull ache as the drugs worked their way through his system. It had been twelve hours since he had woken up, immediately asking if Tony was alive. It was only three hours ago that they'd let him get out of bed. The nurses had tried to get him back to his own room, but he refused and they didn't push it too hard.

What had happened in the store was still too fresh. When he'd woken up on the stretcher, Tony was on the brink of death, it was so plainly obvious. Then DiNozzo's heart monitor flat lined. Gibbs truly thought he'd lost his best agent. It took three shocks with the defibrillator to get a rhythm back and then the medics were moving so fast, he hadn't been able to see Tony again until three hours ago and there was no way he was leaving until Tony woke up.

Gibbs was watching Tony's face carefully when he noticed it, a slight twitch, but it was enough. Gibbs pushed himself closer to the bed, watching for more signs that Tony was waking up. In only a few moments, Tony's eyes fluttered.

"DiNozzo?" Gibbs said, barely above a whisper. It seemed like a challenge but finally his eyes blinked open and stayed that way.

"Tony, are you with me?" It took a few seconds but Tony's gaze shifted so that he was staring directly at Gibbs.

"I..I'm with ya, b-boss." Tony stammered his voice rough from the breathing tube used during the surgery to save his life.

Gibbs finally relaxed, leaning back in the chair and sighing with relief. Gibbs could see Tony's eyes threatening to close again. He knew his agent needed to get as much rest as possible and technically so did he.

"Get some rest, DiNozzo." Tony nodded and yawned, his eyes already drooping. Gibbs started backing away from the bed, finally willing to go to his own.

Tony looked up at Gibbs with bleary, green eyes. "Hey Gibbs," He said and Gibbs raised an eyebrow.

"What is it, DiNozzo?"

"W-What's a four letter word …for surviving two explosions… in a row?"

"Luck," Gibbs answered immediately, he'd have to remember that one.

The End

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