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Chapter 2: A Beautiful Treasure and a Terrifying Curse

It seemed like hours before the door finally opened and Bridget popped her head out. Derek stood up immediately and tried to look into the room.

Bridget closed the door before he could get a good look at anything. "Not yet Prince. Princess Odette is sleeping," She said calmly.

"Is she okay?" Derek asked desperately. Half of him didn't even want Bridget to answer him; the other half wanted to knock her down and burst into the room.

Bridget gave him a soft smile. "Yes, Princess fine, just fine," She took Derek's hand. "Prince Derek is a father now," She said, looking up at him happily.

Derek was speechless. For minutes he did nothing but stare at the small woman standing in front of him. He couldn't believe he was actually a father. Like he had said to Odette, he would promise to be the absolute best father he could be. He would give their child the world and protect them from any source of harm.

"Wh-when can I see them?" Derek finally stuttered.

Releasing his hand, Bridget backed towards the door. "Bridget will go ask doctor. Be back soon," She said and disappeared into the room.

Derek leaned against the wall and sighed with relief. Odette was alive and well and now they had a brand new baby.

"Congratulations Derek," Puffin said with a smile.

"Yeah, we're really happy for you," Said Speed.

"If dis child is anything like Odette then I might be up for some smoochin'!" Exclaimed Jean-Bob.

Derek laughed and looked down at the animals. "Thanks you guys," He moved away from the wall and began to pace. "I wonder if it's a boy or a girl. Will they look like me or Odette? I hope he/she will have Odette's eyes," He said quickly with excitement.

"Oh yes yes, Odette does have lovely eyes," Puffin joined in, flying around the prince.

After moments of pacing and conversing about possible names for the baby, the boys stopped when the door opened.

"Princess Odette ready to see you now," Bridget said with a smile.

Derek's heart skipped a beat. He looked down at Puffin, Speed, and Jean-Bob who all gave him approving nods. He then slowly entered the bedroom.

When he entered the room, Derek saw a dazzling sight. Laying upright in the bed was Odette holding a small bundle in her arms. Derek stopped in his tracks, utterly speechless.

"Hello Derek," Odette said sweetly. Her face was red and tired but it did not stop the look of love in her eyes. When he didn't answer or move, she giggled lightly. "Well c'mon in. she doesn't bite. Yet,"

She. It was a girl. With his heart beating like a drum, Derek slowly made his way over to the bed. He sat down next to Odette and carefully pulled the blanket away, revealing the sleeping face of his newborn daughter.

"Odette…" He whispered. "She's beautiful," He said as tears formed in his eyes.

"Oh Derek," Odette said, putting a gentle hand on his cheek when she say his teary eyed face. When she had first become pregnant, she has unsure of what Derek would think. For a while she had thought he would be resentful to their child; but now seeing the look on his face, all of her doubts were gone.

"Do you want to hold her?" She asked him. Derek became silent, looking from Odette to the baby. Odette smiled and placed the infant in his arms. With wide eyes, Derek kept a protective but comfortable grip on his daughter.

"Does she have a name yet?" He asked Odette.

She shook her head. "There were a few that I had in mind, but none of them seemed to fit,"

Derek's gaze fell onto the baby once more. Then all of a sudden, a light bulb went off in his head. "What about Olivia?"

Odette looked at the baby, taking in the name for a moment. Then with a smile she looked up at her husband. "I love it," She said and scooted closer to Derek, planting a kiss on his lips.

Derek kissed her back then removed an arm from under Olivia, wrapping it around Odette's shoulders. Odette closed her eyes and leaned against his chest, laying her head close to Olivia's.

Standing in the door way was Bridget and the animals, all having smiles on their faces as they watched the new family.

For a while all was well for Derek and Odette as they embraced their new baby, until the sound of shattering glass came from the far end of the room. This was followed by all of the candles burning out. The gushing wind blew loudly into the room and huge thudding noises surrounded the castle. Derek quickly handed Olivia to Odette and leaped off the bed, drawing his sword.

Then suddenly, all was quiet. "Everyone alright?" Derek asked, looking around the dark room.

"We're fine Princy"

"Yes, we're good"

"Everyone's fine Derek," Odette said with heavy breaths, clutching Olivia tightly. As Derek walked back over to Odette, a bright light suddenly came behind him. Odette gasped and Derek turned around.

There standing in front of them was none other than Zelda, the evil witch who had once fought Derek for the Forbidden Arts. Before Zelda could see, Odette shoved Olivia into Bridget's arms and stood next to Derek. Bridget quickly moved out of sight.

"Zelda," Derek said with a glare.

"Ahh Prince Derek, how wonderful to see you. And Princess Odette, still alive I see," Zelda smirked, peeking over Derek's shoulder.

Odette glared at the sorceress, sliding her hand through Derek's. Puffin, Speed, and Jean Bob all crowded around their feet, giving their own glares at Zelda.

Zelda raised her eyebrows, looking down at the animals. "Ah yes, you three. Don't think I forgot about you,"

"What do you want Zelda?" Derek said.

Zelda began to stroll around the room. "Well after your little scheme with my wand, I was able to strike a deal with some friends. If I was able to retrieve the Forbidden Arts and Rothbart's kingdom, I would be able to live free with unlimited powers. So now I've come here to retrieve them," She said and gave them an evil smile.

"Well sorry to disappoint you, but the Forbidden Arts were destroyed when you umm…died," Derek said.

Zelda continued to walk. "Now that's a problem isn't it?" She came upon the door in which Bridget was behind and lifted an eyebrow at Derek and Odette.

"No," Odette whispered.

Hearing her, Zelda smiled slyly and opened the door, revealing Bridget with a still sleeping Olivia. "Well well, what do we have here?" She said and pulled the blanket away to show the baby's face. "Oooo, a baby! Oh, how sweet," She cooed then left out a soft chuckle, pulling out a black wand. Bridget glared at her, backing against the wall.

Odette tried to move towards Zelda, but Derek held her back. "If you lay a finger on her-" Odette began but Zelda interrupted.

"Or you'll what?" She growled. "Last I checked you didn't have one of these now did you?" She said, gesturing to the wand. With no response, Zelda nodded. "That's what I thought. But don't worry, I won't hurt your baby," She said and began to pace again. "As you well know, the last time we met I had been after Rothbart's notes. And as you also know they were destroyed by a certain pesky prince," She said, eyeing Derek.

"But luckily enough, Rothbart wasn't the only sorcerer who was talented in the Forbidden Arts. His distant brother, Atticus, also inherited the power,"

"Just get to the point Zelda! What do you want?" Derek demanded.

"Touchy, my goodness," Zelda said, walking over to Bridget again. "And as I recall, Atticus is still alive and well polished with power. The only hard part is getting to him. And that's where you come in, my dear prince," She exclaimed walking over to Odette and Derek.

"Let me guess, you want my help finding him," Derek said.

"Ah what a clever little prince you are," Zelda chuckled.

"And what happens if I don't?" Derek asked with a glare in his eye.

Zelda looked at him with pursed lips. "Well," She said then suddenly pointed her wand at Odette with purple light coming out the end. The light clouded the princess, sending her flying back, hitting the wall then falling to the ground.

"Odette!" Derek yelled. Hearing Zelda's cackle, he rushed over to her and thrusted his sword to her neck. "What have you done to her?" He growled.

"Ah, just wait and see," She said.

Derek lowered his sword and watched as the light faded, revealing an unconscious white swan that Derek had seen one too many times. "Odette…"

"She will be like this every night until you find him," Zelda said backing towards the window. "You better not fail me," She said before disappearing into the darkness.

Derek watched her go then rushed over to Odette. He lifted the tiny swan into his arms. "Odette, can you hear me?" He whispered.

Just as he was about to give up hope, the swan began to stir. "Derek?" Odette muttered, fluttering her eyes open.

"Odette," He said with relief.

"Wha-what happened to me?" She said, holding her wings out. "Oh no," She said quietly, realizing what she had become once again. She moved away from Derek as tears melted in her eyes. She bent her long neck down to the ground.

"Odette, it'll be alright. We'll get you out of this," Derek promised. "Just give me some time,"

"Oh Derek. It's hopeless," She said, barely looking at him.

"It's not hopeless! Don't say that! I'll find this Atticus guy or what ever his name is and we'll change you back,"

"Derek that's not the point," Odette snapped. "I can't raise our child like this. How is Olivia going to have a swan for a mother?"

"She's only a baby! She'll never figure it out!" He yelled back.

"But what's going to happen when she gets older? What are you going to tell her then?"

"I won't let you stay like this for that long!" He fought back.

"But what if you can't?" She yelled then turned away from him.

This left Derek puzzled. He looked over at Bridget who brought Olivia over to him. He smiled as the baby's tiny eyes began to flutter open. "No matter what you are, our daughter is going to love you all the same," He said.

Odette slowly lifted her head up and looked at her husband and daughter with water filled eyes. She slowly walked over to them. When she saw Olivia's open eyes she smiled. "Hello Olivia," She said sweetly

The baby simply stared at her mother, with her big shining blue eyes, not sure what to think of the swan. After a moment, her eyes began to close.

Odette smiled and nuzzled the child then leaned against Derek. "You're right Derek. I'll do what ever it takes, swan or human to make life best for her,"

Derek wrapped an arm around Odette and stroked her feathers. "I know you will,"

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