Shattering of a Heart

I froze in shock as I came down the stairs. There he was, with that…snake on his arm. Well, I couldn't criticize. I was going with Scorpius Malfoy, a strong snake himself and the son of his father's worst school boy enemy. And, to boot, his one-time best mate.

I accepted the arm of the slim blonde as he came forward to take my arm. And then I saw it, as Scorpius led me away. Albus Severus Potter, love of my life, kissing my worst enemy, Heather Carrie Carrington.

I felt suddenly hollow inside, like my heart had simply disappeared.

Woodenly, I danced with Scorpius, no longer aware of my surroundings. I came back from a fog of misery when Scorpius shook me.


"You don't like this date either, do you?"

I was confused, and then I said softly, "Is it that obvious?"

"Yes," he said bluntly.

Again, the image of blonde curls mingling and tainting the black hair I had long fantasized running my fingers through bubbled to my mind. I bit back my misery as Scorpius tenderly touched my arm.

"You don't have to spend any more time with me. I… thanks for just coming with me. F-from the first, I liked your voice, and the way y-your hair looked. Soft, like black silk. Can… can I touch it?" he whispered softly, his grey-violet eyes gazing so gently at me.

Trembling, I leaned forward on the stone bench. I had never trusted anyone like this; even Albus wasn't allowed to touch my hair.

"Yes," I breathed, my voice unconsciously seductive.

His slim fingers reached out hesitantly, and then settled in my hair. With soft strokes, he ran his fingers through my hair (unbound for the occasion, the bangs loosely tied back in a Queen Anne braid).

I sighed, the feeling in my heart incredibly contenting. I decided to take the slim chance I had, and leaned forward. Scorpius leaned in as well.

Our lips met.

Sugar! There wasn't even a scrap of a spark, I thought, drawing back from Scorpius. He seemed disappointed as well.

Suddenly, I couldn't bear the shame of looking into his eyes. Ignoring my slinky scarlet dress, borrowed from Rose, I stood and ran away, as quick as I could.

"Vivian, wait! WAIT!"

I heard Scorpius call, but ignored him, running pell-mell from my sorrows. I couldn't believe how sour the one place I ever called home turned on me. I didn't even notice when tears started to fall.

And then, I saw them. Kissing again, trying to snog one another's face off.

I couldn't help it. An inhuman scream ripped from my lips, my eyes misting over in a bloody haze. I dove for Carrington, ignoring Albus' pleading, shocked yells.

I sank my teeth in, fangs digging into her slender tanned neck, willing only pain for her. Her screams were music to my ears.

Moments later, I realized what I had just done and yanked free of the blood-haze that hazed my brain, and tore my fangs out of my hated rival's neck.

Albus was staring in silent horror at me, wand raised and shaking from head to toe.

He would never love me after what I had done just now.

He would never forgive me.

My heart came back, and shattered all over again. I was a soulless beast, probably a murderess to boot.

I turned, weeping, and swiftly fled into my only safe haven, the only place I would be accepted without reservations, without hurt.

The Forbidden Forrest.