The Chase of A Heart- A Sequel to the Shattering of a Heart

My heart pounded. I had already gotten help for Heather, but I couldn't leave Vivian out in the Forest alone. Nobody knew the full extent of what dangerous creatures lived in there, not even my dad, who had explored plenty of it in his schooldays.

Then again, Vivian herself was fairly dangerous.

Common sense tells me to stay here, I thought. On the other hand, friendship demanded me run after her.

My heart felt like it was being torn apart. Damn, I knew what I'd have to do. I sped away, following my heart instead of my good sense. I just couldn't help it where my friends were concerned; I would have done the same for Nick or Roxas, had they been in harm's way.

I chased the obvious path she had left in her haste, for what felt like hours. Somehow, I ended up lost. Oh, man. This was what came of foolishly chasing after your friends, I mentally scolded myself.

Then I remembered the "Point me!" spell we had learned in Charms class. Phew. That would make this much easier to find Vivian.

"Point me Vivian Raeven!"

I followed the wand's pull into a clearing in the trees, with a small waterfall and adjacent pond. What I saw astounded me.

Vivian, in her ripped and torn scarlet dress, was sobbing as though her heart would break. In all my four years of knowing her, I had never seen her break down and cry like this. I watched in shock as she began to shed the silky material of her dress.

Aaack! I wasn't supposed to see this! But, like any teenage heterosexual boy, I couldn't tear my eyes away. I had never realized how beautiful she had become until now. For four years, she was a rather geeky looking girl who I happened to like hanging out with. And having a penchant for getting into trouble with said girl.

Her body was lithe and slim, her skin white as snow in the moonlight of the clearing. And her breasts…. Aargh, dangerous territory. Anyway, stuff Viv wouldn't want repeated in print.

What nearly blew me away were the puckered scars on her skin. Running up and down her body were old scars, whips and something sharp I dared not think about. In pride of place (i.e. most obvious) on her back was a scar that resembled a bottle shattering onto her bare skin. It covered her back from neck to the small of her back.

She sighed, as if feeling incredible release by shucking the top half of her garment. Then she stripped off the bottom half. Lucky for my poor brain, she had on a pair of dark tights underneath the dress.

She delicately stepped into the pool of water, sighing softly as the cool waters lapped at her skin. I couldn't tear my eyes away; she was a sight to behold. I watched as she bathed and gamboled in the water, laughing her silvery laughter as she swam about the pool, her face lighter than it had been the whole year.

She slipped out, and donned a white robe. Vivian then settled into a nest of soft-looking mosses and leaves. As I watched her slip deep into a troubled sleep, I crept closer. I couldn't help it; she was so beautiful.

I reached out and touched her face, and gave a soft cry as I felt the heat of her normally frozen to the touch ivory skin.

Then, she snapped awake.

A soft whimper escaped her lips, her obsidian colored eyes wide and glassy. Vivian was sick…

I hastily yanked out the fever reducer I had taken to having on me at all times. It was one of my blends that actually worked on Halflings like Vivian. She had taught me techniques that actually served to make me a better brewer than ever before. Now, mostly, my brews didn't blow up straight away (unless I was testing a new one).

I firmly shoved the fever reducer down Vivian's throat. She coughed briefly, then stilled, seeming to relax as she saw something. I stroked her hair, and felt how soft it was, even when tangled. I felt my eyes wet in sorrow over whatever had driven her to this deep of a sickness.

A thunderclap brought me back to reality as I felt the first drops of rain. Wildly, I looked about for shelter.

As if by some unknown magic, a cave slowly flickered out of the rainy mist now appearing. I grabbed Vivian up (sadly, she was way too light for her age) and dashed in.

By now I was coughing. The run to find her had taken a lot out of me, and I was suddenly gasping for breath and seeing spots. As the rain outside turned into something resembling a monsoon, I leaned against the cave wall, fighting for breath. Soon, I wouldn't be able to see.

Gathering my remaining strength, I groaned, "Expecto Patronum," summoning my stag patronus with the memory of our first victory together as friends, over the graphorn during our first train ride.

"Help me! I'm in the Forest, with Vivian. Find Father, pleas-,"at that moment, my limited air ran out.

All was blackness.