A dangerous alley contorted with dancing shadows. In the darkness comes the glint of a blade. In the dark and dank alleyways, the fair-haired boy with piercing blue eyes appears as the shadow that dances just beyond your vision. Suddenly, the shifting shadows seem more dangerous and every sound is magnified in your ears. The wind carries whispers and your skin erupts with goosebumps. A rat skittering across the cobblestones makes your heart hammer and you break into a cold sweat. You begin to quicken your step, each footfall like an explosion in your ears. As you find yourself almost to the end of the darkness and to the light emitted from a bright window, you feel the cold blade of steel pressed to your throat...

"A little dangerous for a walk, don'tcha think?"

"Rebecca!" The small children as well as a few older boys whine in protest as she stopped her story. "Keep going!"

"Children, children," she smiles at their eagerness. "Your mothers have come to collect you."

Heads turned to find that, indeed, their mothers stood at the entrance. Rebecca Morley stood and guided the lytlings to the lovely women. They were all hard-working women with weathered faces and calloused hands. They had lived long lives with pain, happiness and sorrow. All had suffered as well as enjoyed.

"Thank you so much, R'becca," said a young mother of two. "It's much easier to work knowing my young'uns are safe with you."

In the corner lay Rebecca's nurse, Margaret Gray. Her head tilted back and her mouth was slightly opening with soft snores. Rebecca Morley was actually the princess heir to the gray wolf throne, Princess Raisa ana' Marianna. But in secret, she had snuck down into the Vale to watch the young children as Rebecca Morley. She enjoyed this journey very much so and would love it even more if it wasn't for her nagging nurse. The old woman wouldn't let her leave until she had attended her etiquette lessons. They had come to an agreement where if Raisa finished her studies early in the morning, she would say she and the princess would go to Margaret's own 'private lessons' as she referred it to.

"Sam and Sally we're terrific listeners, Miss Lorelei." Rebecca/Raisa said smiling down at the young dark-haired children. "You must be proud of them."

"Oh, really?" She looked down at her kids. "Say thank you to R'becca."

The two little ones looked up at her. "Thank you v'ry much, R'becca."

Rebecca/Raisa patted their heads. "Your welcome. Have a safe trip home!" She called to all. "Hurry before the darkness takes over!"

The crowd dispersed with smiles and giggles as well as jokes about the legendary streetlord, Cuffs Alistar. Rebecca/Raisa sighed and shut the door with a soft click. She rubbed her face with her hands and leaned against the door for a moment as she collected her thoughts. With a calming sigh, she quickly swept up and straightened the room. Speaker Jemson allowed her to use a spare room for her extracurricular activities. She shook her nurse awake as soon as she finished and they both grabbed their shawls. It was late autumn yet only slightly chilly.

"How'd it go?" Margaret asked with a faint yawn.

Raisa opened the door and they both exited into the empty hallway lit by torchlight. "It was fine as usual, Margaret."

They both went down the hall and exited into the autumn air. ""You didn't tells those awful streetlord tales did you?"

Raisa was greatful for the darkening sky. "No, of course not. I told them about the gray wolves as I always do." Raisa smiled. "They never tire of that story."

"Oh, how I love that story." Margaret said in a daze. "It's just to bad I keep getting tired as it comes to story time."

Thank goodness. Raisa thought with relief.

Raisa returned to the palace using the cover of a servant to slip in unnoticed. A few other young maids nodded to her as they went to bed. Margaret followed behind her, holding a lantern as they ascended the stairs. When they arrived to her room, she immediately removed her shawl and set it on a nearby chair. She quickly bid her nurse to bed as she was exhausted.

Raisa began to get used to the routine; she changed from one costume to another like a second skin. It had been going on for nearly a month now, going to the city every other day to watch the young children. Since her mother, the Queen, disapproved, Margaret had reassured her it was good for becoming a future queen. And finally they had agreed and now here she was, doing what she dreamed. She insisted there was no need for guards since it would be better to travel as a pair of two women instead of a giant group.

"I'll live a long and adventurous life." She declared. Raisa wanted to live as much of her life, free and unmarried, full of romantic relationships and scandalous young boys for as long as possible. Her mother was going to have a long reign anyway so she had plenty of time. She quickly swapped her peasant clothes and into her sleeping attire. Freeing her hair from her long braid, she combed it through. Smiling, she gazed at her reflection, wondering where her father was at this moment.

Her exotic green eyes had been said to be like of a cats and her dark hair was said to be as soft as silk. Her graceful figure was naturally inherited from her mother but it was her younger sister that held Queen Marianna's younger image. Raisa herself did not mind since she favored her father anyway. She loved her mother but the connection to her father was stronger. It was more work to try and connect with her mother than just bluntly saying 'no' when she didn't like her decision. Unlike Mellony who agreed with just about everything their mother said.

With that thought, she crawled into bed and blew out her candle; dousing the room in darkness.

As the princess heir went drifted off to sleep, a young man woke with the pound of anticipation. The night called out to him and slinked out with his crew.

"Evening, Raggers." Cuffs Alister greeted them. The grunted in respose. Cat Tyburn appeared beside him, twirling a blade in her hand.

"What're we doin' t'night boss?" She asked tossing them in the air lightly.

"Hmm..." he pretended to think about it. He grinned and rolled his shoulders. "We're robbin' the palace tonight."

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