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POV Eric

It was Friday afternoon and I was picking up my baby girl at the kindergarten, my sister Pam, as usual, came with me; we stood waiting, we saw many kids getting out, meeting their parents, laughing and talking, but I couldn't find Erin in that mess. Suddenly, she passes us, running fast and without any care or direction.

"Pam! Did you see her?" I was on the verge of panic.

"Left! Let's try, she ain't gone too far, Eric, calm down."

She had vanished, that's all I could think. A mantra formed itself in my mind 'let her be safe, please.' I was losing it when I finally spotted her back pack on the ground, on the corner of the street, close to a delicatessen shop, I yelled for Pam; she came quickly on my direction. We entered the small, but cozy place, that to our surprise was full. The aroma was like my mother's house, when she was alive; it was overwhelming. We exchanged looks, knowing we both had a little trip to the past, remembering our lovely childhood of cookies and hot cocoa on a winter day, as cold as today. Thank God, Erin was safe inside; all we had to do was find her now.

"Hello! Welcome to Sookie's Sweets and Dreams, how may I help you?" An olive skin woman, brown eyes and dark hair greeted us with a bright white smile.

I grinned before asking, "Did you by any chance see this tiny girl - sunshine hair and blue eyes about this size" I gestured with my hand – "come inside?"

She looked thoughtful, then another guy - I would bet they were related, except this one wore much more makeup than the girl - smiled answering in a flirtier tone, "Hi there, hot stuff, you can sure put a house on fire...hmm." He earned a slap on his head and a laugh from me and Pam.

"Stop flirting with the poor man, Lafayette! Have you seen the kid?"

He gave her a disapproving look and looking straight at me he said, "I guess she went inside Sook's office, but I could be wrong."

"The ladies room?" I asked before trying the woman's office, I was practically sure she was the owner.

"This corridor on the left." Pam smiled and went that way, moments later I was walking behind her when I heard from the right side someone asking, "Hey sweetheart, why are you crying? What happened?" I was too curious not to peek.

"I'm a freak." I heard my child say, between sobs. I saw the blonde haired woman kneel in front of her and with all the care in the world put a stray hair of my daughter's behind her ear and gave her reassuring smile. In response, my daughter lifted her face.

"How could you possibly be a freak, darling? You have all your toes and ears, a cute little nose and shining hair. Also a pretty mouth; now come on, give me a smile?" The woman I now knew should be Sookie, tickled her, after a moment Erin was giggling and actually hugged the woman.

Sookie as now I had seen the plaque on the door, said, "Would you like to tell me what made you so upset?"

I caught a blonde leaving the bathroom and she was about to say something when I stopped her off with a wave of my hand. Pam came to my side and grinned when she saw what I was showing her.

"I don't have a mommy; they say I'm a weirdo because of it." She sniffed, hugging Sookie again. There was something about the woman, her velvet voice and the hair, like a long lost memory.

"Well, I don't have a mommy anymore either; she was gone when I was really young. My brother and I were raised by my grandmother. Perhaps one day you might meet her, she sure would adore you." I guess I had never seen Erin so relaxed around an adult; she had some issues with them, she hardly trusted anyone so easily.

"No... You didn't understand. I was made."

The adult looked puzzled, before smiling and saying "Of course, I understand. Someone that wasn't your mommy had you, is that right?" Pam and I eyed each other; - man this woman was good - in every sense of the word.

"Hum, so I think you're a very lucky little girl." Sookie beamed at her.

"I am?" She innocently asked.

"Of course, see your daddy wanted you so badly that he couldn't wait for the perfect mommy to show up, so he choose someone from a lot of other mommies and asked this nice lady to help him, so she would keep you warm and safe so you could grow; and I'm sure he went nuts with the waiting, and he must have fallen in love with you the very first moment he saw you through the ultrasound, you know what it is? You can see the baby before it is even born."

I was completely shocked and I wasn't the only one, Pam was dumbfounded. We saw Erin give her a sincere and happy smile, kissing her cheek and jumping from her lap. She was close to the door when she turned and gave her a big bear hug, we were famous for that. I also saw her murmur something to her and as fast my sister and I could, we left and sat in a table. Lafayette brought us two cocoas and butter biscuits, saying it was on the house.

"Oh no." I heard her murmur. I turned to see Sookie holding her hand, and for the mercy of God they looked like mother and child. Then I saw Pam getting up and walking to them.

"Sookie Stackhouse? You bitch! I missed you!"

"Pam?" She asked and said, eyeing my daughter, "Language!"

"Aunt Pam, where's Dad?" Erin asked.

"No way, serious?" Sookie asked.

She just couldn't be the same Sookie I had a crush on when I was 10. I remember it clearly. We had just moved from Sweden and I was bored to tears, school was a nightmare and everyone made fun of us because of our accent. That day we met the Stackhouse's, Jason was my age and Pam and his sister were almost the same age as well. We had quickly become best friends, during the next three years the four of us were like finger and nail. Until Jason and Sookie's parents died in a flood; I remember going to the funeral and holding Sookie, letting her cry in my arms. I loved her as family, and she was hurt, so I had to help. Days later, they moved in with their grandmother in Bon Temps and Shreveport was never the same. Less than a week later, my father got a call for business in our home town and since that day we had lost contact with them.

"Daddy?" I was brought back by Erin, biting her lip.

"You had me so worried!" I pick her up, kissing her face and hugged her with all might.

"Eric! Look what the cats brought." Pam said, with a tricky smile.

"Hello Eric, it's good to see you." Sookie smiled.

"Unbelievable, I never thought I would see you again." I gave her my best smile, "I've see you've met my daughter."

"Yes, she's quite adorable."

"You too." Erin said.

"You missy are grounded. Geez kid, you half scared the life out of me." I murmured in her hair, kissing her cheek and hugging her strongly.

"Daddy! You're smashing me." She complained.

"I guess I was right all along, you are indeed a big teddy bear. Does he like to cuddle, Pam? "Sookie asked, smiling at my display. I did love to cuddle, in fact that scared some of the girls I used to date, all of them wanted me for my body, forget the feelings, just a nice fuck. I was fucking tired of that, which was the reason I searched out a clinic and paid good money so I could have my child, I also adored the idea of adopting, but something told me, adoption had to be done with a partner. And to my misfortune it was me and Pam, no amazing girl on the way.

"Dad is the best cuddler I have ever known!" Great! Secrets out by my five-year-old kid, thank you very much. I tickled her in response and she hid her face on my shoulder.

"I better get back to work. We'll catch each other later Northman's?" Sookie asked. Pam gave her the biggest smile I have ever seen her give since our parents died.

"Sure we will, give me your number; we have so much to chit-chat about!" And to my surprise Pamela was excited to meet her again. I saw them exchanging numbers while Erin played with my hair and murmured to me how Sookie was amazing and that she hoped that they would hang around each other.