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POV Sookie

I was certainly putting my foot where I shouldn't. Where did my mind go when I accepted Pam's invitation? I mean, firstly, I thought Eric was married, which is partly ridiculous considering the fact I had just heard his daughter cry her guts out, feeling sad and abnormal for not having a mom. How was it my mind didn't connect with my mouth when I almost asked if he was married? Why did I get to that conclusion so absurdly quickly?

Oh, I know how, I was more tired than I thought. Although, a distressing thought and now I was going to get together with the three of them, regardless of what I thought or felt.

Also my mind was lost on the phone call I had received the other day. Somewhere, someone had a part of me wondering around, was that part safe? Was my child, if I could even call it mine, happy?

Great, now I have a migraine. Perfect. How did I even intend to entertain Pam and the sweet little girl if pink elephants were dancing around my head?

I smiled despite my craziness, and finished working on my things. I didn't have to keep my mind on a child I had never even seen; I just had to go with the flow. Driving should be easy if I didn't have a headache and my agenda wasn't completely full. I knew I had too much work to do, but as Grams says 'Darling, you got to breathe. Enjoy life while you can, and please make sure you'll give me great-grandaughters, okay?'

Sometimes that conversation came up, especially now with Jason being married and me being alone, it wasn't right, she said; after everything I still had to get my heart smashed into pieces by motherfucking Bill.

I turned left and heard my cellphone ringing again. I sigh. I was tired and my mind was wandering between small girls and boys with ice blue eyes and blond hair or perhaps dark hair and chocolate brown eyes. Again the ringing. I looked at the caller and noticed I didn't know the ID, I took a breath, annoyed by it and picked it up, doing my best pleasant voice, "Yes?"

"Ms. Stackhouse? I'm sorry to be calling you again, It's Dr. James; I've spoken with you earlier in the week…" She said trailing off.

"Oh, Hello Samantha, how are you?"

"Very well, actually, this is gonna sound quite surreal my dear, are you sitting?"

"Driving to be precise." Sookie says, turning right and pressing the speaker, "I just put you on speaker, do tell, got any bad news for me?"

"Oh no, darling" she said and Sookie turned left again finally entering the street after almost 40 minutes of driving. "Do you know Eric Northman? He's…" Sookie pressed the brakes so quickly she thought she might have crashed. "Sookie?" Asked the doctor scared by the sound.

"I'm fine. I'm just hiperventilating a bit…"

"Well, now just breathe deeply, because I'm about to reveal something very important to you. You have a daughter."

"Shut the front door!" Sookie exclaimed "A girl, but what has…"

"Eric Northman is her father." And suddenly Sookie felt she might vomit. She opened the car door getting out and searching for air breathing in and out, trying to refrain her beating her and not run in panic. God damnit! The doctor was calling for her "Sookie? Ms. Stackhouse, are you alright? Please do answer?"

Sookie entered the car, took the cell phone and said weirdly calm "Hum, you just said Eric Northman's daughter is also mine?"

A pregnant pause was heard on the line "Yes, that's exactly what I said."

"Oh, thank you. Can I call you back later? If you don't mind?" The doctor agreed after a bomb like that was thrown, she knew all she could give was time.

Sookie tried not to panic, but in vain she left the car again, slamming the door and resting her back on the door, she closed her eyes, and hummed a song trying to keep her nerves down "Fall on me, Tell me everything you want me to be, Forever with you forever in me, Ever the same".

In matter of seconds and very quickly without even actually realizing it, Sookie Stackhouse had just became a mother. In her whole messed up life, she would never had guessed that Eric Northman would be the father, even less imagine she had already met her child, held her, kissed her, consoled her; she sighs. It was too much, too fast. Well it was too late now, she had agreed spending the holidays with her daughter's family.

She felt so completely high lighted, so much love growing in her heart that she never thought it might ever exist, so much desire for protecting and loving the girl, knowing her father and aunt again, and the billion dollar question, how to let them know?

She shook her head and turned on the car to park it properly. Doing it, she picked up her bags and left the presents inside, there was no way she was going to spoil the girls' fun on Christmas, as she loved the traditions and it had been years since she had real fun, not having to worry about the job or the shelter children – even if it was more that a pleasure to her – she would always give so much of herself and as her brother would say "You take nothing on return, Sook. People are evil you know? Take some of it."

In her eyes, he was wrong. She did take something from it. Happiness, grins and long warm smiles, glowing eyes, there was some sort of magic that happened on that day, and she just loved it. Now, today, on December 24th she had won the biggest gift of all, a child.

She only hoped Erin would also receive her as one too. Her mind was suddenly back when she heard another car parking. Sookie was almost knocking when she saw the stranger and held her laughter. Alcide! She hadn't seen him, since – gosh – forever!

"Sook?" He called, holding a bag of his own. "Oh my god! I cannot believe my luck! Sook, you're a vision for sore eyes, girl!" He said hugging her, while she smiled in his embrace.

"Look at you! The fuck have you been doing, Al?" She says between laughs, punching his ribs slightly.

He humors her laughting as well "Got a Hulk formula, what you think?"

"How about you, hum girl? Smoking hot?" He gave her a lopsided grin while she shyly blushed.

She presses the door bell and they both waited. Alcide had been her first boyfriend after her long lost crush on Eric, and they had been together for a year when they both noticed they worked better as friends than boyfriend/girlfriend material. That's when she got introduced to Bill and he got himself a girl named Debbie. Both freaking lunatics. They had gone for drinks and Alcide often called her to see how things were going, but it had been about three years since they had actually seen each other. They were chit-chating when Erin opened the door.

"Al! Sookie! You are here! Aunt Pam! Daddy! They are here!" She called excitedly, pulling each of the adult's hands to get them inside, the shine glow of joy surrounding her small face.

Sookie just melted on the image of her. So perfect and beautiful. So them.

"Finally!" Claimed Pam, pulling Sook for a hug. "What took you so freaking long?"

"I had to pack and shower…" she got cut of by Pam moving her hands in the air as to emphatize she really didn't need to.

"Please Sook, you're family, you could just shower here…" Alcide was behind them, entertained by the little Northman.

She was saying "And then Daddy promised he's spending this whole entire holidays with his favorites girls and you.. of course."

"Oh, Alcide… did she just call you a girl?" Pam asked laughing humorously.

"Erin!" Her father exclaimed "Don't go telling everyone, sugar. Alcide is still very shy about his new feminine side!" Eric smiled, playing with them both.

"Are they always like this?" Asked Sook.

"Yes!" Pam said smiling and taking her to the suite so she could leave her things.

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