My Letter to You

Dear Tenth,

You've always been there for me, and I really appreciate that. You never gave up on me, even when I was being a selfish asshole. I was always admiring you, and you never cared about my possessive attitude. You were always so kind... so nice... Boss, I have a confession to make. Several... actually. First of all... I won't be coming back from Italy. I have a score to settle with someone, and once I finish them off, I'll most likely be killed by the retaliation. But don't worry, baseball freak will be a great right hand after me, I'm sure.

Do you remember when we first met? When I attacked you, when I tried to kill you, you turned out saving my life, even though you were probably really mad at me. This is my second confession. After you saved my life that day, I watched your house, every day, making sure that you were safe before I went to school. When I reflect on this, I feel guilty because of my intrusiveness... I'm sorry, boss.

Third, I want to tell you that I got over my sister two years ago. I kept acting like I was sick so that you'd pay attention to me. I was being childish... I wanted you to help me get better... Every time I think about me doing that, I just get so embarassed with myself... I'm so immature, boss. I'm sorry.

And finally... I... I love you, boss. I love you so much. Since the first day, I've liked you, aspired to be like you- a selfless, giving person who cares dearly for their undeserving subordinates... You're amazing, boss. I've always been extremely loyal to you, never once letting slip a single sentence of information to any outsiders about our family. But I now realize that those actions hurt you. Every time I barked at another member, you would try to calm me, and I'd still act cold. I was scared, boss. I was scared that they'd take you away from me. I was scared that once you had them in the family, you wouldn't care about me anymore.

I now see how much that hurt our family, and I can see quite clearly that, aside from Lambo, I'm the most disliked in the family.

Goodbye, Tenth. I hope you can win Kyoko's heart.

-Gokudera Hayato.

Tsuna sighed and yelled for Reborn.

It was time to go chase Gokudera down yet again.


Lol that was scarily short. XD Even for a oneshot! It was almost as bad as Last Wishes... :(
Oh well. Just a oneshot to add to my ff list. :) I promise more 5927 fics somewhere in the future!