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The Dark Passion of Hating Red – The Final Words of the Great Wizard of the Red Lotus

I hate red.


It is, perhaps, my least favourite colour second only to puce. (Though, does anyone actually like puce?)

Now, you might be thinking: "Koren, you can't hate red! You're the Crimson Wizard! The Wizard of the Red Lotus! When you appear with that red cape flapping in the wind, your enemies tremble with fear!"

Well, that's true. But, I still hate red. It's pretentious. Angry. Anything but soothing. If I had it my way, I would be the Sage of the Sapphire Wind, or even the Benevolent Baron of Butter Yellow... but those can't be the names of an evil wizard.

And I am, of course, an evil wizard.

I didn't want to be evil growing up. Being Altenian, I wanted to be what every boy aspired to be: A snow shoveler. Now, that was a job you could hold with pride. Sure, the hours were long and the pay was mediocre at best but it was good, honest work and being in the snowfields, the work was always there.

But Momma had other ideas.

"You're not going to be a snow shoveler." She said to me. "You're going to be an evil wizard." She told me this every morning at breakfast. I always thought she was joking. When she gave me my first red cape for my 12th birthday, however, I knew she was serious. Oh, dear Momma, may your soul rest in the Holy Land forever.


The Dragon Emperor and I were supposed to destroy the Holy Land. Well, shoot. That's not good. Well, I hope your soul rests somewhere equally peaceful.

I'm digressing, aren't I?

Dying slowly does that to you. The Mana Knights just Coup De Graced me after all. Very unfortunate that. At least I got to see Duran and Loki in the form of the Darkshine Knight have their fateful reunion with one another. It was hilarious; one of the best ideas the Dragon Emperor ever had. Told me what he did over drinks one night. Great guy, that Emperor.

Gave me all the magic my mother ever wanted for me, just for a tiny piece of my soul. Small price, really, for a future evil wizard. I mean, what does an evil wizard need with an intact soul? We're constantly selling it for pieces of power, demons and the like, so after you sell the first piece the rest is really just currency. Jose always denied it, saying I could be great without losing my soul, but what did that old man know about it? Now, if I was still going to be a snow shoveler, I'd been in trouble. Only those pure of heart and soul can handle that noble calling.

There I go, digressing again.

I can't believe the Mana Knights really beat me though. I thought I did everything right. I mean, I taunted, I mocked and I even shot off a few rounds of those fancy fireball spells Dear Departed Momma loved so much. How was I supposed to know they'd have all those fancy magic spells at their disposal? Momma should have been the evil wizard in the family not me. But it's too late now, I guess. At least I'll be able to see the end of the Mana Knights from the Holy Land, where I can rest in peaceful vengeance...

Wait. No, I keep forgetting. The Emperor is going to destroy the Holy Land...

I guess there's no way around it then. A real evil wizard wouldn't lay here bleeding the same colour as his thrice hated cape. A real evil wizard would go out with a dark force that would be remembered for all the ages!

So be it!

This is for you Momma!

Good bye...cruel world...