It was another sunny average day in Normville the sun was shining and the group of 9 kids, known as the Backyardigans were playing outside (in my stories I use my 4 OCs Drew/ Donny Lizard, Steven Wolf ,and Anubis Cat). Pablo, Austin, and Steven were playing a game in the center Anubis was climbing the big tree in the center, Drew, Tyrone and Donny were talking on the back porch and Uniqua and Tasha were playing in the sandbox.

"Hey Tasha check out what I found"

Uniqua said pulling a pair of cracked red glass dice out of the sand

"Nice dice"

Tasha responded as Uniqua let out a small chuckle at her rhyme

"I love digging in the sand"

Uniqua said with a smile on her face clawing through the sand with her bare fingers

"Keep those dice, they're very pretty"

Tasha said

"OK, I go put them in my room right now"

Uniqua said standing up brushing the mud and sand off herself walking to her house shuffling the dice in her hand entering her room which was a little messy which was typical for a child's room as she placed the dice in a desk drawer with a bunch of other random junk leaving her room seeing her mother dusting the halls as she looked at her

"Uniqua, you're filthy get in the shower"

She said to her pointing the duster at Uniqua's face

"But mom I..."

She said as her mother replied back

"The only butt here better be yours, and it better be in the shower"

Her mom said turning back to the halls dusting


Uniqua said taking a sigh heading back into her room grabbing a new set of clothes which consisted of a pair of dark pink shorts and a light pink T-shirt (I know they only wear one outfit but I thought I would give them more variety).

"And when you get out I want you squeaky clean"

Her mom said walking down stairs.