"Uniqua, you messed me up"

Austin called out

"Sorry, but I had to"

Uniqua giggled

"It's OK it was funny"

Austin said back

"Austin, is there anything you can't do?"

Uniqua said admiring him

"I can't step backwards"

Austin said

"No way Austin, you're lying"
Pablo said

"No it's true, kangaroos can't move backwards because of their huge feet"

Donny said as everyone laughed (with not at) Austin

Bro how did you know that?"
Drew asked

"I read books, something most people don't do"

Donny responded

"Excuse me"

Uniqua said offended

"What He's not trying to offend anyone, He's just saying now-a-days everything's Internet this look up on your I-Phone that, print text on paper is dying"

Steven said

"True, exactly I didn't mean to offend you Uni"

Donny said drinking a can of soda

"Steven, I didn't know you interested in reading"

Donny said

"I'm interested in everything old fashion"

Steven said

"Let's continue the game"

Donny said spinning the bottle it landed on Uniqua


Uniqua said

"I've noticed you talking to Austin a lot, what about?"

Donny asked as Uniqua took a deep breath

"You really want to know?"

Uniqua asked


Donny replied

"OK, it's a secret but I will tell you but all of you have to promise you woln't treat me any different"

Uniqua said as they replied


Drew-same here

Pablo-Of Corse

Austin-I already know

Tyrone-sure, can't be that bad

Steve-OK as long as it's not too juicy

Tasha-I already know

Anubis-I'm good with personal secrets

"And you won't tell anyone else"

Uniqua added as they agreed she took a deep breath before saying it out loud as everyone gasped Steven spitting out his soda

"Are you serious?"

Drew asked

"She is, I've seen it"

Tasha added

"Uniqua, that's disgusting but it's not gonna change anything between how we treat you, how we think of you we can't make promises but we will treat you the same"

Tyrone said

"Really thanks, I love you guys"

Uniqua said