Dragon drive the renaissance.(English)

"Sora what the hell do you think your doing waddling around we have to test this new world before the players find out about it and attack this place".

"Riku calm down, I'm trying to think you know you should try it sometime it may help with your anger problems you know".

As I walked towards the chair I looked at the new card I just got from Ryuk before coming into the room. He told me that they had finally matched my DNA and I wouldn't have to use borrowed dragons again.

The world transport was nothing to me anymore it was the same feeling after I put my card into the phone and placed it as I entered the world I noticed that the setting was one that I had never seen before. It was a lush forest with trees laced with vines and tiny little critters stumbling around in the undergrowth (something else new).

As I slowly turned around I stopped short because there in front of me was the greatest dragon I've ever seen. He had legs bursting with muscle and surrounded with gold three quarters of the way down that had claws that would make a giant armadillo jealous. His head was surrounded by some gold which accentuated his white neck that led to another head with the largest yet the most magnificent golden horn's I had ever seen.

As I gawked at the dragon a voice in my said a name: Jigen Joker.

"Are you done staring or are you going to say something mortal" said a rumbling voice.

"Well I was about to…"retorted Sora before he realized a dragon had just talked to him.

This is only a taste of what is to come I will be posting 2000 more words by friday.