Ash's Transition

Author: AshK

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Ages: Ash/Ashley: 10

Summary: Ash has been having a ton of strange dreams lately and can't shake the feeling that he should have been born as something else. He is not very happy with his life as a guy. He feels that something went wrong when he was born and he was born the wrong gender. He has been Crossdressing for most of his life. Could he be meant to be a girl rather than a boy? He is taken to Viridian Hospital to take part in a new experiment that requires minimal surgery. This story is a retelling of the Indigo League in which Ash goes through a transition. What will Misty and his other friends think? What will happen? Stay tuned to find out.

Rated: T for Transgender Male to Female.

Episode 01: The Transition Begins

Pairings: Ashley/FemAsh X Gary later.

Ash was tossing and turning in his sleep for most of his life. He felt something was wrong. At age 10 he went to his Mom and told her a deep dark secret.

Ash woke up with a start and put on some clothes that he had hidden right before he started his journey. He also had a long Mid-back length wig that matched his hair color that he put on. He put on his Pokemon trainers outfit with consisted of a black t-shirt, a Blue and white Vest-Jacket and a Jean Skirt. He also put on a Bra and Panties underneath his clothes. He stuffed his bra with a pair of socks to make him look like he had a bust. He had also managed to put on lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. He also put on some blush and put clip on earrings. He no longer wanted to be male. It just didn't feel right to him. He also had to remember to tuck his equipment underneath. He came downstairs ready for the day and his mom spotted him and scolded him.

"Ash Ketchum! Why aren't you dressed! You have to meet Professor Oak today!" Delia said.

"Mother," Ash said in higher feminine voice. He looked like a girl. "I no longer wish to be a guy. I wasn't meant to be a guy. I play with girl toys, I like Pink and other colors that are associated with girls. I want to be a girl."

"Young man! You are not going to be a girl! You are going to be a boy and like it!" Delia scolded as tears came to Ash's eyes.

"I am a girl!" Ash said. "On the outside, I may look like a boy, but on the inside I am a girl! Call me Ashley Catherine Ketchum! That is what you would've named me if I had been born a girl. All these strange dreams I've been having over the past several years? My love of girl toys, my love of pink. I should've been born a girl! I talked to Professor Oak and he understood. I even talked to Gary for crying out loud. I want to be a girl for the rest of my life."

Delia immediately calmed down as she looked at her son that wants to be her daughter. She has heard about this. She even noticed it when he was younger so she took Ash to Professor Oak and several other doctors to find out what was wrong with him. A bunch of tests were given and questions were asked. She had known about her son wanting to be a daughter since he was 3. He wanted to do ballet. He didn't care about video games or male sports. It's time to accept it. Her son was now her daughter, and she would respect her new daughter's decision.

"Well sweetie, are you sure you want to be a girl?" Delia asked. "There is no turning back once you make this decision."

"Yes Mother, I am very sure." Ash said. "I wish to be called Ashley now, and I want to be called Ashley for the rest of my life. I have been having strange dreams about Gary Mother. I think I was meant to be a girl."

"Very good Ashley sweetie, you can go on your Pokemon journey that way." Delia said, "but first we have to do some things. I have to go talk to Professor Oak. You can still start your journey tomorrow, but we need to take you to the hospital in Viridian City now. Do you understand Ashley?"

"I do Mother I do." Ashley said. "Thank you so much."

Ashley then proceeded to hug her mommy close and kiss her on the cheek. So now it was off to Viridian City.

About an hour later at the Viridian City Hospital...

"The Endocrinologist will see you now Delia and Ashley." The nurse said as she summoned Delia and Ashley.

Ashley and Delia got up and entered the room.

"Ashley, we are going to put you under. We are going to put some chips inside of you. They will slowly release Estrogen and Progesterone. This is a test so there might need to be some adjustments later. In the meantime while you are under, you must listen to these MP3 Apps. They will mold your mind into that of a young lady. Are you sure you want to do this? There is no turning back after this. Your records have been already modified to state your wish." The Endocrinologist said.

"I am sure doctor." Ashley said with a curtsy. "I suppose you have also worked with my mentor Professor Oak?"

"That we have Ashley. We are going to have to operate down there to keep your testosterone from releasing." The doctor said. "Also the chips will morph your body physically as well on the inside and out. It's called Nanotechnology. Are you sure you are sure you want to do this?"

"I understand sir. And yes I am completely sure about this." Ashley said with another curtsy as she laid down on the table ready to be sedated.

With that Ashley was sedated.

"Count backwards from 100." The doctor said.

"Sure doc." Ashley said. "100, 99...*yawn*...98"

Soon Ashley was out like a light in the OR. The doctors and nurses put the MP3 Earbuds in Ashley's ears. They had already undressed her and put her in a hospital gown with Delia's help.

"I am going to have a daughter soon won't I?" Delia asked.

"Yes you will Mrs. Ketchum." One of the operators said. "You must go wait in the waiting room. We will have to keep Ashley overnight for observation."

They then took the raven wig off that Ashley was wearing so her hair would be free to grow. They also shaved her male hair off of her head.

"I understand." Delia said. "I will see you later sweetie."

With that Delia kissed her soon-to-be daughters forehead and left the OR.

The doctors and nurses then opened up her skull and inserted all the chips needed in the various places. On her inner thighs they inserted the Estrogen and Progesterone chips. This was done to both inner thighs for equal distribution.

The doctors worked through the night with no sleep to make sure all the testosterone cells were destroyed. The chips were already starting to do their job as Ashley's roots and hair started growing on the recently shaved head. They also had to shave her genital area clean. Once that was done, the same thing was happening as little flecks of raven started sprouting around the area.

They then closed Ashley up and wheeled her into the recovery room. They then went to the waiting room to see Delia sleeping. They gently shook her awake.

Delia woke up and looked at the doctors. "How is she?" Delia asked worriedly.

"Ashley is out of surgery and is in recovery." The doctor said. "You can go see her if you wish. I must tell you ahead of time, her equipment is still male, but we cut the tubes from the Testes to the penis. She is not being fed any testosterone at all. As time goes on her genital area will morph to form what she wishes to be. Eventually the gonads will shrink to nothing and will morph into their female counterpart. This will happen last. It should take at least six months. She is already developing secondary sexual characteristics. Soon she will not need to stuff her bra."

"Thanks doc." Delia said. "Can you take me to the recovery room?"

"Sure thing Mrs. Ketchum." the doctor said as he took Delia to recovery.

When they got there, the doctor left and closed the door behind him.

As Delia watched over her soon-to-be daughter, her hair grew to the length it was when he was Ash. It is about neck length now. His body had already taken on a feminine shape as little buds started forming on Ash's chest.

"Good night my daughter." Delia said as she fell asleep in the chair next to Ashley's bed.

During the night, the doctors and nurses came in to check on Ashley's progress. It seems to be progressing slowly like they had planned it to.

The Next Morning...

The doctors came in and told Delia to return to the waiting room while they check on Ashley. Ashley's hair had already grown to just past shoulder length. She looked like a girl that was developing. They checked Ashley's vitals to make sure they were alright. They were just fine. She would be cleared to start her journey tomorrow morning.

Ashley woke up and stretched she noticed she was in a hospital gown.

"So how did everything go?" Ashley asked right now her voice was still her normal voice.

"Everything went well." The doctor said. "you might want to modify your voice a bit."

"Oh, sorry." Ashley said as she modified her voice to match her appearance. "So can I leave?"

"Yes you can, your clothes in the closet." The doctor said. "You should be able to walk normally. By the way, you shouldn't have to stuff your bra now in fact you should probably get a training bra."

"I already have one." Ashley said in her feminine voice. "When Mother found out my desire, she bought me one."

"Okay very well." The doctor said. "I will leave you to your devices."

"Thank you so much." Ashley said as the doctor left.

Ashley then got dressed in her outfit with a training bra and a pair of panties under her outfit. She made her way downstairs to greet her mother.

"Mother I am good to go." Ashley said. "I have to get to bed because I have to start my journey tomorrow. I know I will be a day late, but I had to do what I had to do."

"Very good sweetie." Delia said. "Let's get you checked out and go home."

"Okay Mother." Ashley says.

Soon Ashley is checked out and discharged.

"Don't I need some pills?" Ashley asked the receptionist.

"No you don't, the chips inside you will be your medicine." The receptionist said. "Any questions?"

"Yes how long will this transition take?" Ashley asked.

"It should take about six months." the receptionist said. "You are registered as a girl now."

"Thank you ma'am." Ashley said with a curtsy. "I appreciate all you have done for me."

"You're welcome Ashley." The receptionist said.

With that Ashley and Delia returned to Pallet Town.

Ketchum Residence Pallet Town...

Ashley and Delia arrived home and had dinner. The rest of the night went by uneventfully. Ashley and Delia went to bed anxious for tomorrow.

To Be Continued...

Next Time:Ashley heads off to Professor Oaks Lab to start her journey. What is in store for Ashley will Ashley make new friends? Which Pokemon will she choose? Stay Tuned to find out.

Next Time on Ash's Transition: Episode 02: Pokemon! I Choose You! Coming Soon to a fanfiction site near you.

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