Chapter 1: Walking into hell.

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I sat there in the back of the police cruiser as we drove out of Gotham city. I sat there calmly listening to the rain hit the windshield as the cops sat up front taking small glimpses at me. I looked outside the window seeing dying trees and a black forest as we drove deeper.

"Where are we going again?" I asked to anyone of the cops hoping to get an answer. The cop driving let out a chuckle as turned off the police radio.

"We're taking you where you belong, where all lunatics belong." He said in as his partner started to laugh. "Arkham Asylum."

"Like I told the judge the only crazy ones around here are you by locking me up." I said.

"You killed ten people," He snarled. "Just what this city needs a new super villain playing with peoples lives."

I kicked the metal caged barrier in a fit of rage.

"I'm doing this city a favor by eliminating the vermin from this city." I said trying to keep my voice in a calm but threatening tone.

"Whatever, you saw firsthand that Batman keeps this city clean of freaks like you." The passenger said.

"Yeah, this is why on the front of the paper it showed you two morons grinning towards the cameras while pushing me into your car."

"Hey we can't help it if sometimes we want a little publicity every now and then. We like a little attention just as much as Batman"

"Doesn't getting killed and having your memorial picture on page eight count?" I asked in a teasing voice.

"You shut your mouth you scumbag." The passenger snarled.

"Calm down," The driver said. "We're almost at Arkham."

"Alright, let's see you keep up your badass attitude when you meet some of the freaks in there." He chuckled as we made our way to the asylum.

After a few minutes we arrived at a very old run down looking building that reeked of insanity. They drove through some old gates and parked in front of what I assumed was the main building. It read intensive treatment as the cops pulled me out of the car and through some large metal doors. They guided me into the building as some security guards and doctors waited for us. The cops pushed me towards them as they waved.

"He's all yours boys." The driver said.

"Good luck kid," The passenger cop said. "And don't drop the soap."

"Bye guys, I'll see you in page eight of the local newspaper tomorrow." I teased as the passenger lunged at me but was stopped by his partner.

"Screw you scumbag!" He yelled.

"No thank you." I chuckled as the security pulled me away.

I looked around at the dark disgusting halls thinking of what a wonderful time I'm gonna have. While I walked I smelled something that wasn't ass, feet, piss, or drugs but bourbon. I sniffed the air around me as my nose guided me to the guard on my left.

"Get away from me." He grunted as he gave me a light push with the smell of more bourbon coming from his mouth. And it wasn't even noon.

"Good lord, did you eat booze for breakfast?" I asked in disgust.

"Shut up freak." He said pushing me to the ground. He then pulled out a night stick and was about to hit me when another guard stopped him.

"I'll take it from here Boles." He was a black middle aged man with a metal hook for a left hand and wore a blue security shirt instead of the full body armor. Boles just scoffed.

"Whatever Cash." He said as he walked away taking another swig from his flask.

"Okay let's get this guy to his cell." He ordered as we started walking again. As we walked a doctor approached us.

"Sorry just need this for the record." He said as he wrote down on his clip board. "Jayden Warney, age twenty, eye color brown, Caucasian male, charged with manslaughter." He said scribbling everything down.

"Is that all doctor?" Cash asked, he nodded as we walked down to the elevators.

"Yes carry on." He said as he walked away.

We then walked down a dark hall and towards and elevator. As we moved forward more guards armed with assault rifles ran towards the elevators.

"What's going on?" I asked. No one answered as we arrived at the elevators. Lights were flashing as a voice over the intercom called out to the guards.

"Alert in Intensive Treatment." The feminine voice said. "Category 9 patient in transit. Pacification system active. Shoot to kill permissions granted."

"What's so dangerous that one patient needs deadly force?" I thought.

The elevator appeared and all the guards had their guns trained on the doors. The doors opened and something big slowly stomped out. It was grey and covered in scales with its hands bound by massive chains, it stood up and towered over all of us. A light flashed in its face revealing it razor sharp teeth and yellow eyes. It took a whiff at something and snarled. It shot it's head over in my direction and looked right at me.

"What's it doing?" One of the guards asked.

"You!" I snarled. "You're not Batman, but you have his scent. Where is he?"

"Hell if I know. He kicked my ass two days ago and they sent me here." I said as casual as I could talking to the twelve foot human crocodile.

"Good, Batman is mine to feast upon. You don't deserve to kill him."

"Which is why a freak like you lost to him and is now being put on display at the zoo."

"Silence boy!" It snarled taking a step forward. "I will eat your flesh and munch on your bones!"

"Not before I skin you alive and turn your skin into my new suit." I teased. It stomped towards me ready to attack me when sparks started coming out of its neck. "Aww…Was someone being naughty." I said in baby talk.

"This toy collar won't stop me from ripping your flesh and eating your bones!" It roared as it stomped into the next room.

"What the hell is that?" I asked.

"Killer Croc," Cash said. "Meanest son of a bitch in the whole asylum, and you just happened to piss him off." He chuckled as we walked into the elevator.

"How mean is he?" I asked. He held up his left hand which was his hook and tapped it on my shoulder.

"See this hook," I nodded. "I didn't have it until after he got here." He said letting out a light chuckle.

I shook my head in annoyance as the elevator came to a stop. We exited and went through another checkpoint. The doctor checked something on his clipboard as the guards led me down a hallway and to an empty cell. They pushed me in and the door closed with a loud slam echoing throughout the asylum. I stood there in my small cell as I heard countless patients yell curses and crude statements at me as I sat down on my bed.

"Welcome to hell!" One of the inmates yelled.

The next day the guards made me change into an orange asylum inmate uniform and dragged me to an office. They sat me down on a couch and told me to stay put. I sat there for five minutes before a young woman walked in wearing a white lab coat that went to her knees and black pants. She sat down in front of me and I got a better look at her, she had short black hair which she kept tied up, she also wore black eyeliner which made her blue eyes more noticeable. If we had met under different circumstances I would have done her right there. She pulled a small device out of her lab coat pocket and pressed a button. We never once made eye contact as she set the recorder down on the table in front of me and started writing in her clip board.

(No one's POV)

"Patient interview 1. Patient's name is Jayden Warney. Hello Jayden, I am Dr. Young," She said as she looked into his eyes. "How are you this morning?"

"Oh good," He said sarcastically. "I love my small room, death threats, and abusive security guards."

"Sorry, stupid question let's start talking about you." She said picking up her clip board.

"Talk about what?" He asked slouching in his sleep.

"Why you did what you did, let's start with your family." She suggested. Jayden started chuckling.

"My parents were the greatest people I've ever known." He said as small smile appeared on his face. "My mom was a music teacher she put her heart and soul trying to bring the beauty of music into young lives and my father worked at Wayne-Tech. He worked in for Lucius Fox and helped make many unique things."

"They sound like good people." Young said.

"They were, my mom died when I was nine from cancer and my dad was murdered in front of me a year later."

"I'm sorry."

"That's what Batman said didn't do me any good then and it won't do me any good now." He grunted. She sighed as she looked at her clip board.

"It says here that Bruce Wayne took care of you, what was your relationship with him?"

"Ha ha, Brucy Boy, he was with me at my dad's funeral and never left my side." He chuckled. "He took me under his wing, taught me everything he knew."

"Taught you?" She asked.

"Yeah, you know what to do with money, how to survive make tons of money with little effort, stuff like that."

"So he was a father figure to you?"

"Ha, more like my sugar daddy. I was his credibility, you know 'Billionaire with a heart of gold' or some other B.S."

"So he didn't care for you?"

"Eh, he was alright but he would never amount to my father." He said. "He paid for any martial arts classes I went to and bought me anything I wanted but he was no father figure."

"So, you could have been a cop or a detective, but instead you chose to kill ten people and become a criminal."

"I didn't kill them."

"You set them free?" She asked sarcastically.

"No, I mean I didn't kill those people someone else did."

"What, then who killed them."

The door knocked and two security guards walked in.

"Sorry dock but its lunch time." The guard said.

"Okay, Jayden we will talk more tomorrow."

"Sounds good doc." He said as they got him to his feet. "I'll see you tomorrow."

(Jayden's POV)

The guards picked me up and led me out of the office. They led me through the halls of the asylum and towards the cafeteria. They pushed me through the doors and walked away as I walked over to the lunch line. I picked up a Styrofoam tray and walked up and collected whatever slop they were serving and made my way to a table.

There were psychos all around me they all wore the same orange suits as me and none were happy to see me. As I picked at whatever it was they served me a group of thugs were whispering and giving me glances. The food I was eating tasted like crap as I pushed it away and sipped the water out of my paper cup. As I sipped my water as one of the thugs walked over and sat down next to me.

"Chairs bolted to the floor, Styrofoam trays and cups, and sporks. No good in a pinch." I thought.

"You're that guys who went toe to toe with Batman aren't you?" he asked.

"That would be me." I said hoping he'd go away.

"That would also make you the guy that killed ten of Jokers boys," He said as his voice got deeper. "And three of my friends."

"I didn't kill them, but I did kick their ass now walk away please."

"One was also my brother. He snarled in my ear.

"I have a brother too and would kill anyone who would so much as even touch him, but you can't kill me and will only get yourself killed. Now walk away or you will know pain." He chuckled as he looked over to his men.

"You know what…" He said as he slowly pulled something out of his boot.

He then tried to stab the knife in my throat but I blocked his arm with my wrist held it to my waist and pressed the palm of my hand to the side of his elbow snapping his arm like a twig. I threw him to the ground as he screamed in pain as his friends ran over to him.

"Are you okay?" One guy asked.

"Hell no I'm not okay, kick him!" He yelled.

"Kick him?" Another guy asked. I cracked my knuckles as they all looked at me.

"Sorry, you must forgive him, he's in shock." I joked as they pulled out there knives. "He meant to say 'kill him'."

The three of them ran at me, the first swung his fist at me but I blocked it and gave him a head-butt to his face breaking his nose. The other tried to stab my stomach but I grabbed his wrist and twisted it before he could reach me. The last picked up another knife and swung at me in all directions. I dodged every hit before he backed me into a corner and brought both knives to my waist and my face. I struggled to keep them away but I was starting to lose my footing. I then kicked him between his legs and delivered another kick to his face knocking him out cold. The security guards ran in shortly after and started beating down any of the patients who started rioting. Boles came up to me and hit me upside the head with his night stick. I went down but he just kept hitting me until Cash came up to him.

"Knock it off!" Cash yelled. "He's already down beating helpless inmates isn't what being a security guard is about."

"Helpless? He almost killed these guys." Boles spat out.

"I'll take it from here." He snarled.

Boles scoffed as he stomped away leaving Cash to carry me to my cell. I don't know how long we walked but it was farther than where my original cell was.

"Sorry kid, but its solitary confinement for you." Cash said as he dropped me in a small cell and closing the door behind him. I don't know how long I laid there for but I heard someone laughing in the cell next to me.

"Well, well it's been awhile since I had a neighbor." The voice giggled before I passed out. "Helloooooo? Neighbor?" He asked. "Aw party pooper no cake for you."

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