Chapter 14: The Dark Knight vs. The Shadow Knight

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Jayden had brought his sword down on Batman as he blocked with his gauntlets. The two warriors stared daggers into each other's eyes as they were locked in a battle of strength.

A battle which Batman would lose.

Jayden's veins started glowing through his face as he started overpowering Batman. Batman was struggling as he started to lose his footing. Quick thinking he slid underneath Jayden through his legs, Jayden swung his sword around hoping to take Batman's head off when Batman blocked with his right gauntlet and punched him with his left fist.

Jayden rubbed his nose as he staggered back.

"The only thing you hurt was my feelings Batman." Jayden insulted.

He then charged at Batman using his super speed and rammed him with his shoulder knocking the Dark Knight down. He then appeared over at Batman and picked him up by his throat and sent a few punches into his stomach. Batman let out a few grunts as he brought both feet to Jayden's face kicked Jayden off of him. Batman did a back flip as he landed on the ground and sent a punch to Jayden's face.

Jayden blocked his attack but was slow as Batman flipped over him and wrapped his arm around his throat and restrained Jayden's arm behind his back. Jayden struggled to breathe as he looked over his shoulder and at Batman.

"So what happens now, huh?" Jayden asked. "You kick my ass and lock me up in my cell just like another Arkham inmate?"

"I don't want to but at this point I'm almost willing to see if Arkham will actually succeed in curing you." Batman struggled.

"HA, fat chance," Jayden snapped. "This place is just another filthy prison built to keep monsters like Joker and Croc locked away from society. They never cared about its patients and you know it!" Jayden then flipped Batman over his shoulder and onto the ground. He grabbed him by his throat as he looked into his eyes. "Why are you so mad huh? Is it because I have the will to do what you won't or is it because I'm a better hero then you?"

Batman grunted as he grabbed Jayden by the collar of his coat and delivered a punch to his face. It knocked Jayden back enough for Batman to reach up with his foot and kick him off. Jayden flew back a little bit but got right to his feet only for Batman to tackle him to the ground. He gripped Jayden's throat with his left hand as he raised his right hand.

"You're the one who's wrong Jayden, you're talking about killing and about to kill someone in cold blood you're no different than the Joker. Another thing that you never understood is that hero's don't kill people. You want to be better than me? Not like this!"

He then brought his fist down on his face knocking Jayden out cold. Batman slowly rose from his crouched position and had begun walking towards the exit. He needed to let the cops know that the inmates were down and that Joker had been taken care of.


Before he could turn around he felt something stick in his legs. He looked down to see a grappling hook attached to a black metal cable coming out of his batclaw gun. Jayden was on his feet holding his gun and chuckling as he pulled back the cable swiping Batman off his feet. Before he could get to his feet he felt a pair of hands grip his ankles he looked over to see Jayden pick him up and swing him over his head and onto the ground. He did it three more times before throwing him across the arena and onto the ground. Batman looked over at Jayden to see the veins on his face glowing amber.

"What have you done to yourself?" Batman asked as Jayden chuckled.

"This is the true power of my Adonis formula," He shouted as he cracked his knuckles. "My earlier formulas only lasted for an hour and when they did I could only do minimum damage, but thanks to Dr. Young's note's I found the correct pattern to construct my formula." Jayden then flexed his arms out. "I am now the perfect being. I'm strong enough to lift a car fast enough to dodge bullets I feel no cold or heat and my wounds heal in a matter of seconds. I am immune to any kind of poisons. You can't beat me Batman."

Batman growled as he threw a batarang at him, but in a flash Jayden dodged it and ran towards him. Jayden got close enough for Batman to land a bunch but before he could hit he was gone. Before he could comprehend what happened Jayden was at his left and threw a punch at him. Batman had just missed his fist by mere inches he didn't have time to think before Jayden repapered in front of him and delivered a thrust kick to his stomach. Batman went flying back and hit the electric fence, as he fell to the ground he looked up to Jayden walking over to Jokers still unconscious and still mutated body.

"You know what Batman," He said as he crouched down at Jokers side. "If you want Joker so much," He then lifted the giant psychopath over his head. "You can have him!" He shouted as he threw the giant over at Batman.

Batman still tired and weak from his exhausting battle gathered as much strength as he could and leaped out of the way. Joker crashed onto the ground as Batman got ready for his next attack. He looked over and gave Jayden a confused look as Jayden's veins started to dim down and his face returned to normal. Jayden was breathing heavily and sweating as he placed a hand over his chest.

"Whew, I think I might have over done it," He panted. "This is the first time I actually figured out how to activate it."

"So you do have limits." Batman said as he staggered to his feet.

"Yes, just like you it seems." Jayden said referring to Batman's attempt to stay on his feet.

"I have no limits." He growled. "As long as people like you and Joker are around, I will never let you win."

"You really think you're better all powerful don't you?" Jayden snarled as he started walking towards him. "I'm younger than you my fighting capabilities are on the same level as yours and I have the blood of Adonis in my veins," He shouted as his face lit up again. "What do you have?"

He reached down and was about to grab his neck when Batman swatted his right hand away with his left and stabbed something into Jayden's neck with his right. Jayden hissed in pain as he saw the syringe from before now being stuck into his neck.

"The cure." Batman snarled.

Jayden pushed away from him as he staggered back and pulled the syringe out of his neck. He looked at it quickly before throwing it to the ground smashing it to pieces. He looked over at Batman when he started to feel…cold.

Jayden started shaking from the cold as he lifted up the sleeves of his coat revealing his bare arms. He looked at his arms as he clenched his fist trying to activate his newly named 'Adonis mode' only to see his veins flicker before going out. He growled in anger as he looked over at Batman.

"What the hell did you do to me you little bastard!" He yelled.

"You said it yourself that your Adonis formula was made with Young's TITAN formula and its key ingredient the venom from Ivy's plants," He explained. "That cure was made to destroy that venom and make its users into mere humans again. So, that strength and speed and your other invulnerabilities are all gone."

At this Jayden laughed.

"You really are an idiot," Jayden laughed. "The Adonis formula is made with Ivy's plants but it's also made up of another ingredient…my blood." Batman grunted as he walked over to Jayden. "So, you see you only suppressed my formula you didn't destroy it and you can never destroy it…Batman" Jayden said putting emphasis on his name.

"No, but I can still defeat you."

"True, but we're both running on fumes," He said as he picked up his sword. "Now, what say we end this huh?"

"My thoughts excactly."

The two warriors ran towards each other letting out a battle cry as the engaged in their final assault.

Batman pulled out his last batarang and threw it at Jayden. Jayden ducked underneath it and pulled three throwing knives out of the right side of his coat and threw them at Batman who blocked them with his right gauntlet. Jayden got to his feet and swung his sword down at him but Batman dodged it and sent a small punch to Jayden's nose. Jayden quickly shook it off as he kicked Batman in his stomach and brought his sword down again.

Batman blocked Jayden's wrist with his own as sent a punch to his face only for Jayden to duck underneath him and flip him over his shoulder and onto the ground. Jayden raised his sword and tried to stab Batman in his head but he rolled out of the way and ended up stabbing the ground. Batman did a leg sweep and knocked Jayden on his back. Batman ran over and kicked Jayden's sword out of his hands and brought his foot down on his head. Jayden blocked his attack with his arms and pushed him away as he swung his legs around fending off Batman as he got up.

Jayden ran over and landed a few punches in his face before Batman swiped his cape across his eyes. Jayden was temporarily blind and started stumbling around the arena as Batman walked over and picked him up by his throat. Batman raised his fist and held it back ready to punch him when Jayden raised his foot and kicked him in his face. He jumped off him and landed on his feet as he pulled out his stun gun and fired it at Batman's face. Acting fast, Batman spun around and swiped the electric spikes away with his cape, but when he turned he saw Jayden throw the gun at him. It hit Batman across his mouth as Jayden stomped down on a loose floor board which caused his sword to fly in the air. When he grabbed it he started swinging his whole body around trying to cut Batman who stepped back at each swing. Batman got close enough and grabbed Jayden's sleeve stooping his attack. Jayden ripped his sleeve off and pulled away from Batman and stood his ground.

They both stared into each other's eyes as they knew what the other was planning. Batman held his fist up as Jayden raised his sword over his head. Batman's eyes were so drawn to the sword that he didn't see Jayden swiped his left hand over the Kanji symbol on his belt and in an instant disappeared.

Batman's eyes widened as he stood perfectly still. He quickly activated his detective mode and scanned the area to see that Jayden was nowhere to be found.

"Dammit," He thought. "He's using the belt I had designed to hide from being seen from all visions including my scanners. Just in case."

He stood perfectly still and made little noise as he concentrated on his surroundings. He listened to the floorboards for any creaks as he felt something close in on him. It was no longer a battle it was a hunt. One was waiting for the other to strike while the other was looking for the opportune moment to attack. Taking a leap of faith Jayden made his move.

He leaped towards Batman from behind just as his cloaking turned off and brought his sword down on him. Batman turned around and blocked his first attack with his right gauntlet, but Jayden didn't stop as he attacked again. Batman blocked with his left only for Jayden to keep hitting him at rapid speed. Jayden was ferociously attacking with his blade as Batman blocked with his gauntlets hit after hit. Jayden eventually started to get tired as his attacks got slower and slower he raised his sword for a final attack and brought it down on him. Batman held his arms together as he blocked Jayden's attack and held the blade with his gauntlets.

They both stared into each other's eyes with the determination to win as they struggled against one another.

Little did Jayden know Batman had already won.

In an instant Batman pulled his arms away and shattered Jayden's sword. Taken by surprise Jayden jumped back as Batman dived in an attack him.

He landed a punch in his chest and then another, soon he was rapidly attacking Jayden's chest and stomach with a barrage of punches. His steel knuckles left a nasty impact after impact as Jayden couldn't comprehend the pain he was feeling. Batman then pulled away and held his right fist back as far as he could and threw his final punch to the center of Jayden's face. Jayden fell in a second but the way he was feeling it took him hours to hit the ground. Batman shook hand around as he walked over to the fallen knight.

(Jayden's POV)


All I felt was pain.

My ribs felt like they weren't broken but cracked like glass and the second I moved they would shatter into pieces. My organs felt rearranged as I took slow breaths, each one hurt every time I breathed. My head was clouded from his hit to my face. I looked at my right arm which now had no sleeve, I tried to use my Adonis power to heat but it was still being suppressed as my veins flickered.

I had no Idea how he did it but he did it. He stood over me with his usual scowl as he looked me over. I pulled out my magnum but he kicked it away before I could get it out of my pocket. He knew what had happened but he wanted to be sure that he had won.

And I had lost.

He crouched down and looked me in the eyes as I chuckled.

"I bet you think this is pretty fucking funny." I said as I spat out blood. "Go ahead laugh." I snapped as I looked over at my broken sword. Feeling just as it looked broken and useless.

"No, you said that if I had beaten you, you would stop." He said.

"Yeah, well I sure as shit am not gonna be doing anything now you crazy bastard." I coughed again. "Damn, that hurts."

"Jayden," he said in a sincere tone. "I know what you have been going through, I have been there myself. Wanting to end the life of the man who killed my parents, to find him and make him beg me to kill him…but then when I thought about it, it just didn't seem worth it."

"You don't know what I'm going through!" I growled.

"Yes…I do." He then slowly reached up at the end of his mask.

Before he could lift his mask he fell to the ground as the top of a baseball bat fell next to him. I looked over to see person in black cargo pants a black vest with a black long sleeve shirt and a black ski mask with a pair of sunglasses with orange tinted mirror lenses with black frames. He ran over to me and lifted me over his shoulder and placed me onto a motorcycle. He sat me down on the back as he took the front and revved his bike.

"Dusk?" I asked still winded from my fight.

"Don't worry man," He said as the bike started to lift off the ground. "I'm getting you outta here."

"Using the jet bike?" I asked in disbelief.

"Oh yeah!"

We started to get higher as I looked down at Batman and he looked back up at us. He could have taken us down or tracked us but I think he took pity on me.

"You won Batman," I admitted. "I will hunt for Joker no longer. But know that I will surpass you one day."

I was too high up to see but I think I saw a grin on his face. "And I'll be waiting."

And with that the wings on the bike came out and we flew away from the destroyed asylum.

(Arkham Gates/ No one POV)

Jim Gordon was talking on his phone as Gotham PD and doctors ran in and out of the asylum. He was talking to his daughter Barbra reassuring her that he was safe.

"Dad!" Barbra exclaimed on the other end of the phone. "Thank god, I was so worried."

"I'm fine Barbra," he reassured. "The G.C.P.D finally has control of the asylum. Doctors are treating the injured but it looks like it will take some time. All super criminals are back in custody, ha, quite a mess in there." He said as Posion Ivy was being carried into her cell on a stretcher. "And the Venom enhanced inmates are returning to normal. Though for some the process could be quite painful." He chuckled as a broken down Joker twitched in his stray jacket and was carried into his cell. Gordon chuckled at the thought of Joker being in pain of his own formula.

"Dad, how are you doing?" She asked.

"I'll survive, see you tonight Barbra." He hung up as he looked over at the exhausted Batman. "Shame about your car, can I give you a ride?"

"Thanks Jim, but I have one on the way." Batman said.

"Hey, what about that guy in the black coat?" He asked. "We can't find him anywhere."

"He got away, but don't worry he won't be a problem anymore." Batman reassured.

"Well, get some rest you deserve it." Jim said as he heard dispatch say that Two-Face was in the middle of robbing a bank.

Batman shook his head.

"It never ends does it?" He thought as he walked over to his Batwing. "Stay safe Jim."

Batman used his Batclaw to lift himself up to his Batwing and readied it for takeoff. He then took one last look at the destroyed asylum and then back towards Gotham as he flew off into the night.

(Headquarters/ Jayden's POV)

Jayden was carried into his penthouse by Jason as he landed the Jet Bike on the roof and into a secret garage Jayden had installed. The Penthouse was bigger than he remembered as he was carried through the main living room that was the size of a ballroom. He was then carried into Alexandra's room which made him chuckle as all he saw was multiple computer screens on both sides of a main computer which she was sitting in front of and typing ferociously into.

"Honey I'm home!" I said.

She turned around from her screen and frowned at me, that is when I noticed her long blonde hair was now a light red. I looked over at Jason who gave me a smartass grin as he sat me down. My Adonis formula was kicking in and slowly healing my wounds.

"Hey you got your hair done." I said sheepishly as she stomped over to me.

"You lousy bastard!" She yelled as she swung her fist at me.

"Whoa!" I exclaimed as I dived out of the way of her oncoming fist. "What the hell's gotten into you?"

"Aside from your stupid formula that changed my hair color," She snapped as she pounded her fist into my arms. "I thought you were dead why didn't you just leave why did you have to fight Batman?"

"I had too," I said while Jason was laughing his ass off. "I was originally going to wait to get the formula and leave but when I got off that elevator and saw him I knew Joker was going to pull something. So, I waited for my moment to fight Batman."

"You didn't kill him," I shook my head. "What about Joker?"

"No, I didn't kill either one. I'm done with it alright with trying to kill Joker or Cobblepot and any other whack job out there. Batman set me straight."

Ally let out a sigh of relief and gave me a small smile and wrapped her arms around my waist. She let out another sigh as she nuzzled her face in my chest. I let out a small chuckle as I wrapped my arms around her and placed my chin on her head. Meanwhile we heard a snort as we looked over to Jason.

"Ugh, I hate this mushy BS I going out I'll see you two love birds later." He said as ran out of her room with the look of disgust on his face.

I turned back to Ally and gave her a look. She raised an eyebrow as she gave me a confused look. "What?"

"Well," I said rubbing her back. "I just got out of prison, it's been a month since we've been together and we have the place to ourselves."

"No," She said bluntly as she pushed me off her. "I'm happy to see you but I'm still mad that you didn't tell me that the formula changes your hair color." She then walked over to her computer and started typing some more.

"I didn't know and I forgot to mention it, why didn't you tell me you were planning to use my formula?"

"When you told me it was fine Jason and I injected ourselves with it shortly after." She explained as I wrapped my arms around her stomach and placed small kisses on her neck. "I-It worked fine, stop."

"It's not my fault I can't keep my hands off you." I examined her clothes to see she was wearing a black belly tank top with spaghetti straps and black pj bottoms with silver cursive letters spelling catwoman written on her backside. "Are you wearing your cute pj's because you know it turns me on?"

"No, I'm wearing them because I'm going to bed in a little bit." She said as some of the monitors went off. "So, knock it off."

I completely ignored what she said as I gripped the waistband of her pj's pulled her pants down. She let out a shriek as she turned around to yell at me, but was met with my lips to hers. Her yelling turned to soft moans in a matter of seconds as she started kicking her pj's off. I pulled away as she gave me a confused look.

"What the hell are you doing?" She asked as she breathed heavily. I gave her a false yawn and stretched my arms out.

"You know I'm pretty tired I think I might,"

I was cut off as she jumped at me and wrapped her legs around my waist. She pressed her lips on mine as she forced her tongue in my mouth. We fell back on her bed as she worked on my belt.

"What happened to being tired?" I chuckled.

"Fuck it," She said as she pulled my pants off.

(Batcave/ Bruce Wayne's POV)

I had just left Harvey hanging from a street light and made my way home for some much needed rest. I set my armor aside in a locker and made preparations to get it repaired as I sat in front of my computer. Barbra came up to me shortly after and smiled at me.

"Thank you Bruce." She said.

"Don't worry about it, I wasn't gonna let anything happen to your father." I said.

"No, not just him but Jayden as well."

"What are you talking about?"

"You helped him tonight," She stated. "And you let him get away, you could have stopped him but you didn't."

"Well he was my second Robin and I wanted to make it up to him after what happened to his father and his memories."

"That wasn't your fault that was Falcone's fault. Also, it was Ra's Al Ghul's fault that he lost his memory of you."

"I know but, I don't think he was ever going to kill Joker."

"What do you mean?" Barbra asked as she shifted herself in her chair.

"He could have killed Joker in secrecy without me ever knowing," Bruce explained. "Last month when he was tearing apart Gotham he was doing it loud and sloppy the last thing he would want was my attention."

"So he was really after you?" At that Bruce smiled.

"I think he just wanted to face his fears and one of those fears was me. Remember when he was thirteen and I stopped him killing Pauli Gognitti?"

"I remember slapping Jayden something fierce." Barbra said as Bruce chuckled.

"Anyways, when I fought him tonight he took his mask off and said he would fight me as himself not Shadow. So, I guess after all these years and all that training he just wanted to settle his score with me."

"And is it settled?"

"Yes, it is."

"Bruce there's something else I wanted to tell you."

"What's that?"

"I hacked into one of the cameras in the asylum when Ivy took over and you were after croc. I saw Jayden walking and talking to Talia Al Ghul."

"Oh, really," He said with a sly grin. "Well we better keep an extra eye on Jayden."

"Bruce…Please keep her away from him." Barbra sighed.

"Don't worry I will."

(Back with Jayden)

Jayden and Alexandra were breathing heavily as they lay on the bed naked with black silk sheets covering their bodies. Alexandra was lying on Jayden's chest and drew patterns with her finger as he rubbed her back.

"That was wonderful." Ally sighed.

"Being locked up in an insane asylum will do that to a man." Jayden joked.

"I'm glad your back." Ally said as she nuzzled her face on his chest. "It's so nice to have you back home and in bed with me."

"I'll never leave you alone like that again I promise." Jayden said as he tightened his arms around her.

"Good." She said as she reached a hand to his face and pulled him in for another kiss. It was long and passionate as they tasted one another. She pulled away and rested her head back on his chest. "I can feel your heart beat. It's so gentle."

She then fell asleep with content as Jayden continued rubbing her back.

"Last night I had fallen asleep in a small cell in an uncomfortable bed with itchy sheets and alone with the smell of death and drugs in the air." He thought. "Now I'm in my master bedroom in a soft bed with warm silk sheets and with the most beautiful woman on my arm that smells of vanilla and a smell that smells like she just walked in the park on an autumn day."

A cold shiver went through his very soul.

"And if I had killed Joker and Batman had beaten me I would be there right now." He panicked. "I would have lost my freedom my girl and my life if I had killed him." Just the thought of that sent chills down his spine. He tightened his hold on Ally as he smelled her hair. "Guess I owe Batman one for this."

He pulled the covers up higher over Ally and rested his head down on his pillow. He fell to sleep warm, comfortable and happy to be home with the woman he loved.

(Gotham cemetery/ 8:00 PM)

Jayden, Alexandra and Jason were standing in front of the headstone of Dr. Penelope Young. The grave was littered with flowers and wreaths as the trio examined the burial ground. Jayden remembered seeing Wayne here earlier probably for publicity.

He shook his head as he grabbed his broken sword and placed it in front of the stone.

"You were right Young." He whispered. "No good would have come from killing him. Thank you, you helped me see that."

He looked at the grave and smiled when he remembered that night in Arkham and he saw his parents and Young on the other side. He remembered how happy they were and how he swore he would never murder someone in cold blood. He also knew in his heart that he would be reunited with Young and his parents.

'One day.'

"But not yet." He whispered.

He looked towards Gotham to see the bat signal in the sky. He turned around and looked over to Alexandra and Jason who already had their mask on.

"Are we going to help him Shadow?" Dusk said as he put his orange lensed glasses on.

"We owe it to him for sparing you from Arkham." Breeze said. She wore a similar outfit to Talia Al Ghul except hers was a dark blue and she wore blue tinted mirror lensed sunglasses and pulled her hood over her head.

Shadow nodded as he put his mask on and shortly after his black sunglasses.

"Might as well," He said. "I think it's about time for Gotham to know of our existence." He said as his partners chuckled in agreement.

The trio ran out of the cemetery and onto their Jet Bikes as they made their way into Gotham, knowing that they would use all their power to help Batman make Gotham a safe place for everyone.

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