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Jun swiveled around on his chair in time to see the door burst open and Hinaichigo running with tears streaming down her doll face toward him. She ran behind his leg and gripped to it like her life depended on it.

"What the..." Jun began but a sharp voice cut him off and he looked to the door of his room.

"CHIBI-ICHIGO! You little brat!"

Hinaichigo cringed as it hit her small ears. Tears started coming down like waterfalls, which left Jun is bit confused.

"What's going on?" He demanded from the pink doll, but Hinaichigo couldn't reply as the source of the shout stomped through the door.

Suiseiseki came into view and her face was the same shade as Shinku's dress from anger. The green dressed doll looked around, mumbling inaudible words, before spotting the doll that angered her. "Hinaichigo, when I get my hands on you!"

Hinaichigo ,desperately trying to climb up Jun's leg as the furious Suiseiseki ran toward her, cried out "Help Jun! Suiseiseki is going to hurt Hinaichigo!"

"Tsk" Jun picked up the pink doll and set her on his desk. He turned back forward to receive a sharp kick in the shin. "OW!"

"Serves you right ~ desu" Suiseiseki said, crossing her arms over her chest. She turned her head and stuck her nose in the air with a 'hmph'.

"What did I do?" Jun said through gritted teeth as pain seared through his leg.

"Why how could you not know, you stupid chibi" Suiseiseki cackled. "I was about to rid of a certain annoying doll when you had to go and put her out of my hands reach! I was ready to..."

She trailed off realizing everyone in the room was looking at her weirdly and her small hands were in a menacing position on Jun's leg. Suiseiseki laughed awkwardly before the fire lit in her eyes again and she looked to Jun.

"Move or face my wraith, chibi human! ~ desu"

"No" Was Jun's reply. He leant forward, getting in her personal space which made Suiseiseki blush slightly, he flicked her forehead and sat upright again. "Now go and do whatever you little demonic dolls do for fun and leave Hinaichigo alone"

Suiseiseki, coming back down to earth, kicked him again in the shin only harder. "Shut up! Your not the boss of me! Your just a stupid little chibi human"

"And you don't even know what she did!" She stomped her feet repeatedly.

"Your right, I don't know nor do I even care! And STOP calling me a stupid chibi human! You twisted doll" Jun shouted back at her. He turned back and continued on his computer, hoping if he ignored her she would go away.

But with Suiseiseki...that's impossible.

"Don't you turn your back on me ~ desu!" She screamed. Hinaichigo cringed and crawled her way over to Jun's bed and sat next to Shinku, who at the time, was reading a German book.

"Don't you dare ignore me!" Suiseiseki continued when she saw Jun wasn't doing anything.

"Don't you continue with your stupid chibi stuff and act like I'm not even here!"

Jun's eye twitched.

"Hey, Chibi human, I'm TALKING TO YOU!"

"Don't you ever shut up?" Jun whirled around and got in Suiseiseki's face. "Can't you give me just one day of peace? hmm? Just ONE DAY!"

She looked like she was fuming all over again. "Maybe if you had a brain you'd realize that I don't CARE if you have any peace!"

"You are the most big mouth, annoying, over-prided, self-centered, twisted doll that has ever been made!"

"Your the most annoying, stupidest, laziest, boring, complaining chibi human that I have ever regretted knowing ~ desu!"

"Why you little.." Jun and Suiseiseki inched closer and closer until their noses were almost touching.

Shinku sighed. "This is getting too noisy"

Hinaichigo peeked out from under the covers, "Ju ~ Hinaichigo's ears hurt ~ nano"

Shinku looked at the sixth doll with apologetic eyes before slipping off the bed.

Right as her feet hit the ground, Shinku heard noises coming from the doorway which caught her attention.

The room went silent, even when Jun and Suiseiseki heard the noises they stopped bickering to listen, and the noises got louder and louder until it was apparent they were puffing and wheezing sounds.

Souseiseki walked calmly into the room a few steps, her bangs covering her eyes, she stood still for a couple of moments. Everyone in the room looked at her strangely before watching her double over, trying to catch her breath.

"Souseiseki, what happened to you?" Hinaichigo was the first to speak.

The fourth doll caught her breath and stood back upright before looking over at Shinku and Hinaichigo. "Someone locked me in a closet" She replied, clearly she looked irritated.

Shinku's eyes flashed over to Suiseiseki, who was trying to sneak out the door.

"You wouldn't have anything to do with this, would you Suiseiseki?" She asked. It sounded innocent to everyone except said girl. Suiseiseki could hear an undertone and instantly knew she wasn't gonna get out of this easily.

She stopped in mid-step and turned her head around nervously to reply. "I..d-don't know what you m-mean..haha"

A glow emitted from Souseiseki as she turned around to glare at her sister, "You don't know? You don't know? Oh, haha, I think you do know what she means. Everything there is to know!"

Suiseiseki let out a scared yelp as she took off out the door with Souseiseki close in tow. Their footsteps were thumping loudly all the way down the stairs.

Jun raised his eyebrows and shrugged before turning around and continuing on his computer.

"Hinaichigo is going to make sure her precious Unyuu's don't get thrown ~ nano" Said the sixth doll as she slid off the bed and skipped out the door.

'You might wanna make sure your not the one getting thrown' Jun thought.

A couple minutes later he checked his mail order's to see if the stuff he got on trial was to arrive soon. Ever since he starting going back to school his number of packages coming and going decreased greatly in number, but for him old habits are hard to break.

The entire time he was checking it, he felt like a pair of eyes were watching him and it was starting to make him uncomfortable. Finally he looked around and spotted Shinku, having climbed back on his bed with the book back in her lap, staring back at him with those cold, icy blue eyes he knows all too well.

"What?" He eventually asked.

Her eyes enlarged, so little he barely caught it, before she shook her head slightly and went back to reading from her book.

Jun raised an eyebrow in her direction, a universal sign meaning 'What the heck?', before he too went back to what he had been doing as silence engulfed the two.

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