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Prompt: Oz manages to get drunk, and is very snuggley-cuddley-affectionate when he is.
How does Raven deal with it?

Note: I don't know how 'snuggley-cuddley-affectionate' I made Oz, as I probably failed, but oh well!

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Only Way Out

Apparently, a party was never a good party without wine, according to Oscar who had found something to celebrate. Gil wasn't quite sure why they were celebrating, but he had a couple of ideas. Recently, Oz, Alice and Gil had gone back to Sabrie to see if they could find any more information there, and, yet again, were attacked.

This trip was completely unlike the last time; Gil and Alice hadn't split up, somehow, but Oz had just vanished. They had looked away from him for just a second, and when they looked back where he had been he was gone.

But, that wasn't the part that had Gil really worried. It was how Oz had acted when they had finally found him again. He hadn't gone insane again; rather, he was emotionless. There was not even horror or sadness on his face- it was blank, almost as if he wasn't there. It had taken a minute- during which Alice had kicked him- before he was there again. But he never really said what happened, the only thing that he said was that he talked to Glen. About what, though, he wouldn't say. Whatever it was, though, was bad enough for the blond to use his mask again, and not rely on Gil.

So that leads us back to now, during the party. It had begun about an hour ago, and already the girls- which was Sharon and Alice- plus Oscar were passed out. Gil didn't drink even have a sip of the wine, afraid of getting drunk, like how he had the last time. He was still made fun of for that last time, and he didn't want a repeat.

Oz, on the other hand, was not hesitating to drink, though Gil couldn't tell if the blond was drunk. He noticed as the blond walked over to him, holding his cup and a bottle of wine- to fill his glass when it was empty, of course. When he got over there, he sat down, putting the bottle next to him and continuing to hold his glass.

"Hello Gil." Oz sang, smiling over at his servant. Gil nodded, watching as Oz drank some of his drink. He didn't notice at first, but with the way Oz was drinking, it was as if he was trying to get drunk; the glass was tilted upward, making the wine come out faster without making Oz have to tilt his head back and make it obvious he was trying to drown in it.

"You seem to be drinking a lot." Gil observed, making Oz laugh. It was then that he noticed that Oz had drank all the contents in his glass already, and now was refilling it. "Any reasons why?" He asked, making the blond laugh again.

"I just feel like it." Oz said, slightly slurring his words. He drank some of his glass, but had to put his glass down or risk dropping it.

"I think that you've had enough." Gil said, Oz laughing again.

"Nah; you're just being a worry wart." He said, drinking more of his wine. By now it was already half empty, though Gil was wondering how quickly it would go.

"How many glasses of wine have you had?" He asked, really curious. He was afraid of the answer, mostly because he knew that the amount would be high.

"I don't know." Oz answered, making Gil sigh.

"Have you been the only one drinking out of that bottle of wine?" The Nightray asked, making Oz stop and look at the bottle before nodding.

"Yeah." Oz said, watching as the older of them grabbed the bottle to look at it. It was a wine with a powerful alcohol, so many people would easily get drunk from a glass of it. It appeared that about half of it was gone, meaning that Oz had a lot of wine in his system. He was definitely drunk, especially seeing as how he had the body of a fifteen-year-old.

Gil was taken out of his thoughts when he felt something on his arm, making him glance down to see that Oz had latched onto him.

"Oz? What are you doing?" The darker haired man asked, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion. Oz just looked up, smiling innocently. He was holding Gil's right arm in both his arms, pushing it to his chest.

"What does it look like?" Oz said, smiling. Gil noticed that he had a slight slur, which was amazing with how drunk he must be. He drank much more than his body should be able to handle, so why wasn't it showing too much?

"It looks like you're clinging." Gil said, Oz giggling in response before nodding. Oz started poking his arm, making Gil raise an eyebrow. The blond just shrugged to the unspoken question, continuing to poke him. Gil realized that this was how Oz acted when he was drunk, which almost made him laugh. He just kept in laughter, though a smile did make it onto his lips.

"What's so funny, Gil-ru?" Oz asked, the darker haired man just shaking his head.

"I was just thinking." He said, just waiting for his master to ask it, the inevitable question.

"Thinking about what?" His voice was still slurring, but it wasn't a crazy amount. He quickly drank the rest of the wine in his glass before Gil could stop him.

"Nothing too important." Gil said, knowing that he would be made fun of if he admitted that he was thinking about his master, despite how drunk said master was. Luckily, the blond didn't press, glancing at the wine bottle- which was on the other side of Gil- with a look that said he wanted it. But Gil wasn't going to let him have anymore, and, since he knew that he had faster reflexes than Oz, he leaned back against the wall, seeing as how they were sitting on the floor.

To his surprise, Oz followed him back, making the distance between them be close to zip, their chests pressing against each other. Gil went rigid from shock, having not expected that.

"Does Gil not like it when I'm close to him?" Oz asked, giggling and looking up. Their faces were close together- too close, in Gil's opinion, while he forced himself to stop every fantasy from going through his head. Their breaths weren't mingling, much to Gil's relief, but he had troubles seeing anything expect Oz.

"N-no; i-i-it's n-not that." Gil stuttered out, feeling his face heat up. Oz smirked at that, his eyes fazed over- from the alcohol, of course-, but he didn't say anything, just leaned his head against Gil's shoulder. The Nightray's blush increased at that, as he felt Oz's breath on his neck- as the blond's head was facing that way- and the feel of him on his shoulder. "O-O-Oz?" He stuttered out, surprised with how close Oz was.

"Hmm… yes?" Oz asked, not looking up or opening his eyes.

"W-why are you s-so close?" Gil asked, his stuttering not nearly as bad as before.

"I want to be." He murmured, sounding like he was going to fall asleep any second. The older man's eyes softened as he looked down at the teen, love evident in his eyes. He really did love his master, but didn't want to admit it, especially seeing as how Oz loved Alice, or so he thought. That thought sobered him, ridding him of any happiness- or hope- that he had.

"Come on, Oz, it's time for bed for you." Gil said, helping Oz up. Oz muttered some complaints, but just clung to Gil- whose blush came back after just leaving- as he helped Oz over. "Break, I'm taking him up to his room; can you take care of everyone else?" He asked the hatter, who just laughed.

"Don't do anything bad to a drunk." He sang, making Gil's blush increase at what was implied. But, while he made fun of the dark haired man, he was also saying 'yes, he'd bring everyone else to their room'. Gil rushed out of the room, making Oz stumble as he tried to keep up.

"Slow down, Gil." Oz slurred, trying his hardest to keep up. When the older man realized that he was going way too fast, he slowed down, helping Oz out.

"Sorry; I didn't notice." He said, listening as Oz grumbled some things, though he had no idea what. He felt Oz cling to his side, making walking awkward and hard. But, somehow, they managed to make it to Oz's room. Gil closed the door, walking next to the bed and waiting for Oz to stop clinging and plop onto the bed. "Oz? We're at your room." He said, hearing Oz make a noise of acknowledgement.

For Oz, everything was blurry, and quite colorful- almost like a dream, with how surreal everything was- so he barely was noticing what was being said. But he had heard what Break had said to Gil, so his mind was on that. Why would he say that? Break said some crazy things, but there was always a reason behind it, something that was true that he 'had' to make fun of. He was still confused as to why it would be said.

"Oz, did you hear me?" Gil asked, surprising him and almost making him jump. He nodded, his exhaustion- which had faded with his surprise- coming back.

"Yeah." He said, though he realized that he more grumbled it than said it.

"You should've known that you were going to get drunk." He heard Gil mutter to him, his tone almost annoyed. Oz would have felt guilty about making Gil angry, that is, if he wasn't drunk.

"I wanted to." He admitted, almost cursing himself for saying that. Gil didn't need to know that, as it would make him worried, Oz thought, but it was too late to take it back.

"Why did you want to get drunk?" He heard Gil ask, but bit his lip to not say anything. "Is it because of what happened at Sabrie?" His servant pressed, and Oz found himself nodding, much to his annoyance. Well, he would be annoyed the next morning when he remembered what happened.

"Oz, what happened at Sabrie?" Gil pressed, knowing that this would be the only time he would get the answers, though he had to ignore the guilt he was feeling for taking advantage of Oz's drunkenness, and the fact that it loosened his lips.

"I don't want to talk about it." Oz slurred out, his exhaustion worsening his slurring. But, somehow, his exhaustion didn't mask a sudden impulse he had, one that made him stand up as tall as he could and peck Gil on the lips.

"O-Oz?" Gil stuttered out, his face a million shades of red. But he didn't try and ask why he did that, as he knew that he wouldn't get a good answer at the moment. So he just waited until his blush went down, and let Oz cling to him.

When he felt Oz's legs give out from exhaustion, he smiled slightly, picking him up and carrying him in his arms- bridal style, as that was easiest- to the side of the bed, putting him on it so that his head was on the pillow.

"Okay; good night, Oz." The Nightray murmured, going to straighten when he felt a hand clinging to his shirt.

"Stay, please." He heard the teen weakly say, green eyes not even opening.

"Oz?" The servant asked, surprised.

"I want you to be here." He heard, making him smile sadly.

"Aw, but will you want me here in the morning?" Gil asked, his eyes widening in surprise when Oz nodded.

"I'll always want you here." He muttered, hope coming back for Gil. Maybe there was a chance for him. Maybe, just maybe, his love was returned.

"Okay." He said, though he planned to go back to his room when Oz fell asleep. After all, if Break found out that he slept in Oz's bed with the blond, he would be teased and act as if Gil did something naughty to Oz. And there was no doubt that Break would've found out, as he seems to find everything out the day they happened, or the day after at latest. So he just sat on the edge of the bed, running his hands through Oz's hair to soothe him.

A couple minutes later, he was sure that Oz was fast asleep, so he got up and started to do his servant duties. He swiftly removed Oz's boots, putting them by the bed, then socks, and- after a moment of hesitation- his vest, though that was all he dared to do. He managed to get the sheets out from under Oz's body, and then proceeded to put Oz under them.

"I love you, Oz." He murmured, pressing his lips against Oz's forehead, smiling slightly when he noticed that Oz had smiled in his sleep. "Sleep well." He added, walking to the door and watching Oz for a minute before he left.

Maybe Gil would never know if his love was returned, but he didn't mind. He was happy as long as his sun was there.

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