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First Scandal, Staring


It was a nefarious habit that Rukia had grown grudgingly accustomed to over the first few weeks of high school. To be completely justified, she was not exclusive in the deplorable act. Rukia spared an annoyed glance at her female classmates who were gazing supinely at their new Sensei. Their eyes were glazed over with sick, lecherous fantasies while their desks were pooling with drool and who knows what else. It wasn't entirely their fault- the man was practically the apotheosis of humanity. His presence was officially an alluring phenomenon that simply called for attention and admiration.

Rukia easily pointed out his sharp orange spikes, protruded in annoying rays that mimicked the sun, then there were his eternal scowling honey brown eyes, and his honestly toned physic. Examining further, she almost rolled her eyes at his attire. The man was dressed disheveled, as if he assembled his clothes in mere seconds. His white collared shirt was only half tucked in while his sleeves had been rolled up, calling for unprofessional wrinkles and creases. He wore a black tie that was loosened from idle pulling, and even the buttons on his shirt looked uneven. This sloppy look called for a whole new level of sexiness.

The man was currently standing with a textbook in his hand, lecturing the class while occasionally jotting notes on the whiteboard or adjusting his reading glasses. She particularly liked to listen to his voice, they came out fluid and held an aggressive undertone.

Stop staring.

Rukia bit her bottom lip in frustration as she swiveled her eyes onto any arbitrary object in the room. She set a task for herself to observe anything other than the man at the front of the room. The classroom. It was Biology class, and the room was decorated with posters of the human anatomy, the Krebs cycle, and lab safety procedures. Her eyes began to wander along familiar faces, people she talked to, but made sure never to get close to. Hitsugaya Toshiro was a small boy with light hair and cerulean eyes, he was resting his head in one arm bearing a bored expression- as if he had already remembered the lesson by heart. Hinamori Momo sat behind Toshiro, and she was studiously taking notes while occasionally stealing shy glances at Hitsugaya. She could hear snoring from behind her, and immediately realized that it was Matsumoto Rangiku's nap time. These familiar faces would address her as a friend, yet, Rukia would secretly object. She couldn't let people in...it was impossible. Her past restricted her from forming bonds or creating trust, and this cynical nature led her a dark, empty life. No one could understand how she felt...not even...

She was staring again. It was as if her eyes were magnetically drawn to him.

The teacher suddenly decided to look up, and asked a question that Rukia's ears did not quite catch.

"Kuchiki, might you happen to know the answer?"

She swerved out of her thoughts before responding, "I'm sorry Kurosaki Sensei, repeat the question, please. I simply lost myself in your extremely boring lecture."

The girls fired a disapproving glare as Rukia insulted their favorite teacher. She wasn't rude without reason, after all, Rukia was not exactly on the best of terms with Kurosaki Sensei.

"I'm sure if we wanted to be entertained we could simply look at your last test grade," Kurosaki stated plainly.

She could hear the class cackling in amusement, causing her to flush in embarrassment. That D minus was his fault entirely. She couldn't think after what had happened the night before the test.

Rukia decided from the very beginning that she hated him, thoroughly. She despised him for many reasons, in which case most of them were directed at his hair. First, it simply irritated her that every single female in the school adulated over him, slavishly. Second, he openly made fun of her drawings and teased her endlessly for her lack of height. Third, he was undeniably her fiancé.

No, it was not some warped, perverted nightmare that Rukia wished it to be, but rather, a very depressing reality. She could prove it with the white gold band stashed somewhere under her bed where all her other tribulations were sealed away. She, the noble Rukia Kuchiki, was to be wedded to the prestigious Ichigo Kurosaki. However, there laid a plethora of flaws in this arranged marriage. One, there was a ten year age difference. Two, he was her Sensei. Three, he was simply and most abhorrently HIM.

The situation conjured only six nights ago, the start of her metaphoric fall to self destruction.

Rukia was occupied in her room as she prepared herself for dinner in the presence of company. She slipped on a simple navy blue dress that was fashionably cut to the knees, along with dainty black heels. Brushing through her short bobbed hair, Rukia added a sapphire clip to match her wide eyes. The occasion called for formality, according to her brother. Rukia was told she would be meeting her fiancé for the first time, and naturally, she was not eager to attend this event. She knew nothing about the person, however, she accepted this as a duty to her heritage. It was an engagement arranged at birth, something she had painfully come to terms with long ago. This was one of the noble headaches of being a Kuchiki- arranged marriages.

Once she had finished preparing herself, she hastily made her way through the lavish Kuchiki manor in order to find the dining hall. It was not the first time that she admired the architecture of the house as she stepped down the marble staircase into the anteroom where she methodically weaved her way towards her destination. She remembered herself as a child, wandering through the impossibly towering white walls and playing in the crisp gardens. Those were the few truly happy years of her life- innocent.

It was once she opened the doors to the dining room that she first laid eyes on her future partner- Kurosaki Sensei.

Despite years of social etiquette lessons, her face fell into the grasps of utter surprise, causing her doe eyes to widen and her lips to part. There were four people seated at the grand dining table: her Nii-Sama, Kurosaki Sensei, and an older man whom she realized was Kurosaki Sensei's father. After overcoming her initial shock, Rukia found a seat next to her brother while managing to avoid further eye contact with anyone. Maybe it wasn't him. He only looked like her Sensei. He only had the same brown eyes, scowl and orange hair...

Nii-Sama spoke first, "Thank you for joining us, Rukia. I would like to introduce your fiancé, Ichigo Kurosaki-San, and his father, Isshin Kurosaki-San.

"H-Hajimemashite," Rukia bowed her head nervously.

This couldn't be possible. This was wrong, illegal…scandalous.

"Nice to finally meet you, young lady," Isshin smiled.

Rukia looked up to meet Isshin's smile rather timidly, before glancing at her silent teacher.

Her brother continued, "I am fully aware that this arrangement is currently in hazardous territory, however, as a Kuchiki, I, by no means, have any intention in discarding this agreement. We are perfectly capable in handling this situation. If you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, please voice your concerns."

Rukia had plenty of concerns towards this situation, however, he was waiting for Ichigo to speak.

Say something Kurosaki Sensei! This could cost you your job, reputation, and future.

"I have no concerns," Ichigo spoke quietly.

"Good. The school board will be kept unaware of this arrangement by any expenditure, and the ceremony will take place after Rukia graduates high school next year. I expect that we all act professional and that nothing about this arrangement will become known until after I announce it," Nii-Sama stated.

"Understood," Ichigo responded professionally.

"Wait, Nii-Sama. This is illicit...we cannot do this! Both our reputations are at stake, couldn't I-"

Her brother interrupted her, "Please, it is not your place to speak at the moment."

"But there must-"

"Rukia, be silent," He spoke sternly.

Rukia nodded solemnly, "H-Hai, Nii-Sama."

An internal tempest raged on in her mind as she struggled to grasp the situation.

Rukia kept your eyes demurely placed on her lap- she couldn't even glare properly at Ichigo as her fate was so terrifying. He was her Biology teacher. Out of all the possible bachelors that could have benefited the Kuchiki's political standing…What was her Nii-Sama thinking?

An exquisite dinner was served with very little words spoken throughout the meal. Once everyone finished their dish, Byakuya and Isshin excused themselves from the table, leaving Ichigo and Rukia in the midst.

Rukia had barely touched her plate at all before it was taken away, she could barely stomach the situation as it was.

After the two had left, she asked, "Why are you doing this?"

"My own reasons are none of your concern, Kuchiki darling," Ichigo said indifferently.

Rukia threw her tablecloth on the floor, "Drop the act! Why didn't you say anything?"

"How could I reject such a beautiful young lady, such as yourself, my dear fiancé," He calmly folded his hands underneath his chin.

Baffled, Rukia scowled, "Pervert!"


The two fumed at one another as brown eyes battled blue.

When Rukia refused to give up, he closed his eyes and exhaled noisily, "I'm sorry."

"Why are we doing this," Rukia stated quietly.

The atmosphere was subdued after that, as Rukia tore her gaze away from him and attempted to mask her sudden melancholy. Rukia was so ready to except this fate, she thought she was prepared for anything. Even with building a solid barricade around her shifty emotions, reality was harsh. She couldn't picture it, the image of her...married...it simply slipped through her fingers. How could she fall in love with her Sensei?

Not entirely enjoying Rukia's bout of depression, Ichigo sighed, "Well, let's just get this over with."

Ichigo absently reached into his pocket in search for an item until he came across what he was looking for.

"Oi, shojou, think fast," He hurled the small object at Rukia.

Unsurprisingly, the thing bounced off her head and into her lap.

Pulsating with irritation, she aimed a spoon at his head as a way to get even, "Don't through things at me!"

Ichigo lazily swatted the utensil away from him, "Hypocrite."

Rukia turned her attention to the object in her lap and picked up the small velvety box between her fingers as if it were some lethal spider.

"What is this?" She asked uncertainly.

"I have no idea. Maybe if you try opening it we'll get to find out," He waved his hand in a blasé manner.

"What if I don't want to open it?" Rukia shot back.

He shrugged, "Fine with me."

He was irrefutably impossible. Biting her lip, she opened the box.

It…was a ring. The band was constructed of a simple thin white gold, encrusted in a row of small diamonds. Expensive. Pretty. Horrifying.

As a young child, she had once fantasized being proposed to by a prince, where he would bow down on one knee and romantically place the ring on her finger. She would then accept and they would forge a kiss of passion and true love that would last an eternity. Yet, as ironic fate would have it, her romantic proposal would come from an inconsiderate idiot of a teacher who practically spewed the ring at her face. Nice.

Rukia snapped the box shut and placed it on the table. Folding her thin arms, she glared at him looking rather displeased.

Ichigo cocked an eyebrow, "What? You want me to kneel on one knee and ask you to marry me? Sorry princess but this isn't a Disney movie."

"I hate you," Rukia hissed.

"Hate is a very passionate feeling," Ichigo smirked.

...And the headache ensued for the rest of the class.

Rukia agonized over the clock's minute hand as it counted the last minute of school almost tauntingly. But then the bell rang throughout the school, cleanly slicing away the orderly demeanor of class and signalling the stampede for the exits. Rukia was one amongst the stampede as she swept her things into her Chappy brand book bag and dived headfirst to the door.

"Kuchiki, stay after class," Kurosaki Sensei ordered.

She furrowed her eyebrows, "What for?"

"Important matters," He retorted.

A chest fallen Rukia simply placed her things down in defeat and stifled a heavy sigh, looking towards the exit longingly.

The rest of the class dispersed from the classroom, minus the few girls lingering around Ichigo to ask unnecessary questions in order to delay their departure. This made her irritated because it was Friday, and Rukia was all too eager to go home and close herself off from the world and it's twisted ways. Finally, as the last student walked out of the class, Rukia was left alone with not her teacher, but her fiance.

"This is my contact information, don't lose it," Ichigo whispered hastily.

He shoved a folded piece of paper into her small hands before walking past her towards the door. Rukia smoothed out the lined paper with her fingers.

We shall schedule our first appointment this Saturday at 5:00pm. Food will be served.

150 Minamikawase Street

If you get lost, call: 115-1513

It was a date. Date.

Rukia stoically stuffed the paper into her bag and followed suit.

Outside the doors she met up with Rangiku, Toshiro, and Momo.

Rangiku, being the gossip as she was, inquired, "So, what did Mr. Hotshot want with you Rukia-chan?"

"The usual lecture about not paying attention in class," Rukia replied smoothly.

"You really should focus in class, otherwise your grades will start to fall," Momo said with concern.

"You weren't paying attention? It seemed to me that you were staring at Kurosaki-Sensei quite intently the whole time," Toshiro stated indifferently.

Rukia frowned, "I was not staring! My eyes tend to focus on one thing when I get bored."

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