Ordinary Heroes

AUTHOR: Silence

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SUMMARY: Basically it's a what if fic. Vampires & supernatural things, etc. still exist. But Slayers? Don't. And let's just say no one's prepared.. or maybe some one is? This is set in a nicely combined xover universe. Whee..

AUTHORS NOTES: Oh yeah, of course there will be the joys of Mary Sues… And other annoying things. I'm a pain aren't I? Of course, familiar faces will be everywhere.. just not in the same way… I live off feedback.. Especially since it's the only thing that gets me to finish anything



Buffy Summers stared at the building in dread and horror, her eyes growing wide as she watched the beasts swarm the area. She jumped as a hand smacked her on the back lightly.

A tall asian looking girl grinned at her and flipped her hair back. "Summers... you look like death warmed over. It's just high school for god's sake."

"It's evil, Cat. I can tell. And if you say one word about 'first day jitters' I'll deck you."

Caitlyn Lee continued to grin, "Ok I won't. Any way, I gotta head to the shop and earn my pay... So have fun."

"Not likely."

Waving as she got back in her car, Cat replied, "And don't burn the gym down! Save that for at least your third day. You'll want something to look forward to."

Turning back towards the school, Buffy held her head up resolutely and started up the steps.

Completely missing the boy skateboarding into the railing.



"That'll come to a total of seven dollars and fifty cents. Enjoy, and please come again."

As the customer left, Caitlyn let her smile fade. Picking up a jar near by she muttered, "Eye of newt? Who actually buys this stuff?"

"Witches. Warlocks, that sort."

Startled Cat dropped the jar as she spun around. Before the jar could hit the floor the young man next to her caught it. She stared at him and her look of shock changed to curiosity. "Who are you?"

His eyes giving off a small humorous glint in them, he smiled, "The names Doyle. And you're Caitlyn Lee."

Masking her shock, Cat gave Doyle a 'look', "How do you know my name?"

"It's kinda complicated," he answered in his Irish accent, "See, I don't usually do this my self. I let others take care of it."


"Yeah, the helping others in my visions. But I was sent by the powers that be to find ye."

"Um... ok. Why? Oh and what the hell do you mean 'visions'?"

Doyle hopped up onto the counter and smiled, "Well ye see, I get these killer migraines and they go with these visions of people an places. It means that person needs help and something needs doin. The last one had you, Sunnydale, and a nice mess. The higher powers decided to send me personally this time. I've got to help ye out with whatever goes down, ye got that?"

"Why? I'm nobody."

"On contrary, missy. Ye helped defeat that nasty master vamp in L.A. Coulda been a lot worse. Ye know about vamps. It's time some one fills ye in on the rest of the nasties."

Caitlyn's face fell as she listened, "There's more?"

"A lot more."



"Can I have you?"

Buffy glanced over at the boy helping her pick up her things with a small smile.

Tripping over his own words he tried in vain to correct himself, "Uh... I mean can I help you."

"Yeah, thanks. I'm Buffy Summers by the way." The blond said picking up a notebook.

He smiled nervously as he helped her, "Alexander Harris. Xander to all though."

There was an uncomfortable silence as the two gathered Buffy's belongings.

She stood up as they finished picking up the mess, and flashed him a smile, "Listen, thanks again, Xander. I'll see you around."

Xander gave another nervous smile as she walked away, "Yeah sure..." glancing at the floor he picked up a forgotten object, "Hey you forgot your... stake...?"


Buffy walked into the library and set her backpack on the counter with a sigh. *It's not like burning the gym down was my fault. I mean Cat and Pike helped. Lousy permanent record. Clean slate, sure...*

"May I help you?" asked a voice.

Startled, Buffy turned to see young man with short dark hair, in his twenties, standing in the doorway of the office.

"Oh…. Oh yeah. I need some books. I'm new here."

The man moved behind the counter, "Buffy Summers, right?"

"How did..."

He held up a small slip of paper, "Office sent me a note. Charlie Brewster. I'm Assistant librarian here. To be honest I'm the only librarian here. No one stays very long when they come here." Shaking his head before he lost his bearings, Charlie turned back to the girl, "Ok, Buffy, what can I get for you?"


As Xander scoped campus looking for his friends, his gaze froze at a sight beside a large tree. There he spotted his dream come to life sitting on the ground by her self. Maneuvering quickly as possible, with out looking over eager of course, he made his way to her.


Looking up from her book, Buffy saw Xander striding over to her. *What do you know, I have a potential friend.* She waved to him slightly and smiled.

Dropping his books on the ground, Xander planted himself next to her. "Hope you don't mind me being here."

"Not at all. It's nice to have some company." She said and smiled warmly.

*I'm in heaven.* Xander thought. He returned her smile with one of his own and nodded his head as he looked over her shoulder. "You're about to get more."

Turning her head, Buffy watched as a dark haired guy and a petite red head sat down with them.

"Xander, I take it this is the new girl?" said the guy as he got comfortable. "The one you smacked in to the railing for?"

Groaning in embarrassment, Xander nodded weakly, "Yes... And if you bring it up again I'm going to have you whipped and maimed. Any way, Buffy, these are my friends, Jessie the evil one…"

Jessie grinned, "Hey. Evil? I've been called worse."

"...And this is Willow." Xander said and motioned to the redhead.

"Hi." Willow said cheerfully.

Buffy's smile grew wider as she they started talking. As they rambled on about anything and nothing, she grew more relaxed, until she heard a voice nearby.

"Oh my god. They found a corpse in Aura's locker!"

Her head snapped to attention, Buffy asked the wielder of the voice, "Dead? How dead?"

The brunette and her friends glared at Buffy like she was a roach on a Persian rug, "Eww. How would I know?"

A blond to the right of her spoke up, "I heard some one say it was like blood loss or something."

Buffy tried again, "Was there any puncture wounds in the neck or anything?"

"Morbid much? Who cares?" replied the brunette again.

Buffy just sighed inwardly. *Was I ever that bad? Ugh.* Grabbing her books quickly she turned to the others, "I uh… gotta meet the guidance counselor. I'll see you guys later?"

Willow smiled, "Sure! We'll be in the library after school, so you can meet us there!"

Buffy smiled again and ran off. "See ya!"

"That girl has a severe dysfunction in her reality."

Xander glared at the brunette, "Hey, Cordelia, did anyone ever tell you, you look good in that dress? Makes the whole 'hooker look' almost stylish."

Cordelia gave Xander a snide look and huffed off, her groupies trailing after her.