A.N. This is one I kind of got stuck on at the Jen and Allie part but I hope it is still good. I hope you like this, sorry I couldn't update it sooner but my mum was willing to pay $6 just for WI-FI for half an hour, I can see why.

Marco's question had thrown me off my guard, I couldn't speak. No words came out of my mouth, no matter how hard I tried nothing came out. Marco tilted his head slightly and stared at me.

"Allie, are you okay?" He grabbed my hand and looked at me in the eyes. I sighed and looked away from his gaze. I felt his eyes still on me when I looked down at my feet. I thought about his question. Didn't I want Marco to be mine? Why did I have to make this so confusing? I couldn't think straight, so the first thing that came though my head.

"Yes, yes I will go out with you." I couldn't believe that I had said what I had said, though it felt right to say that. Marco pulled me in and held me in his arms for a long time. I felt my eyes become heavy and slowly, slowly, my eyes began to close. I was almost asleep when I was laid down on my bed. I was kissed on my forehead and Marco whispered 'Goodnight, Allie' to me as I faintly heard him walk out.

My dreams were filled with Marco that night. Us in a Camelot, together, whether sitting on the lounge together or lying beside one another on my bed, I felt more at home than I had with Will. They may not be real brothers, but they both had some kind of charm that drew me from Will to Marco. Marco's kisses felt real in the dream as if they were really happening.

I awoke with a smile on my face. I looked around, I thought Marco coming into my room was a dream, that he asking me out was dream; everything that had happened was a dream. Was I so happy I was delusional about what had happened? I didn't care, all I knew was that I wanted to see Marco, or Miles, or even Jen, she wasn't my enemy or anything, we were good friends, and we just thought we would spend a bit of time apart, was all.

I raced downstairs, grabbed a piece of toast my mum had made for me and ran out the door. I had only a few books in my bag, so when I ran, it didn't feel like I had a huge weight on my shoulders, literally.

I burst through the doors of the school and skid to a stop to where Marco was standing; he almost had to catch me because I nearly fell flat on the floor. I smiled at him and he smiled back at me before putting a few books into his bag.

"Did you sleep well after I interrupted your dreams?" So I hadn't been dreaming about Marco being in my room the night before. He looked at me again and looked as if he was thinking hard about something.

"Where would you like to go for our first date?" He asked me in a casual voice, I couldn't have pulled that off if I were him.

"I don't know, I can't exactly meet you parents because I already have. Maybe go out to dinner?" I asked and Marco nodded. He grabbed my hand and held it there for a while.

"I thought you might have said that." He said to me. Am I really that predictable, or did he just guess I would want to go out to dinner? Either way, I looked forward to it. "I'll pick you up at around seven o'clock on Saturday." He shut his locker and gave me his arm to walk with him; I grabbed it as we began to walk to my locker which wasn't too far away. Then from the corner of my eye I noticed something; Jen was staring at me, like I had bitched about her or something. I told Marco to meet me at my locker, he knew my combination, from Miles, no doubt, and he opened my locker, getting out all of the books I would need to my first two classes. I walked up to Jen and she slowly shut her locker door.

"Why are you hanging out with Marco, Allie? What happened between you and Will?" She looked at me, but she had got straight to the point, something to love about Jen.

"Well, you haven't been told about Will and me, we broke up a few days ago and now I'm going on a date with Marco on Saturday." Jen just stared at me, shocked at what I had said about Will and me and then me moving onto Marco. Then she smiled at me with her cheeky smile, she wanted to know something.

"Hey, Allie, is Marco a good a kisser?" She smiled wider at me; I rolled my eyes and head and sighed. Then I looked back up to her gaze and smile and I couldn't help but smile at the thought of Marco's kisses.

"Yeah, yeah, he is a good kisser; he is a better kisser than Will, and that is saying something." We both laughed and Jen shook her head.

"Well, I hope everything goes well, just look out for Will; he may try to get you back." She hugged me lightly and then walked away, probably to Lance's locker. I watched her walk away till I felt a hand on my arm. I turned around and saw it was Marco, I hugged him tightly.

"Allie, did something bad happen, why are you hugging me so tight?" He chuckled but I refused to let go of him.

"I just love being with you, is all."

"Well, could you maybe love it a little less; I think you're going hurt me if you love me spending time any more than you do now."

"No, I won't let go, not ever." I hugged him tighter and he groaned.

"Okay, now you really are hurting me." Marco gently pushed me away and then smiled at me while holding his ribs, I must have bruised them.

"I'll see you in class, right after I go to the school nurse to check out my ribs." He groaned again and walked off. He looked like he was in pain.

The day passed by quickly, Marco was always with me at my side. He walked home with me to make sure I had arrived home safely. Marco's dad had picked him up after Marco had stayed at my house for about three hours. My parents, luckily, didn't ask Marco too many questions, though he and my dad did talk and neither of them would tell me what they had talked about but my dad came up to me with a smile on his face and nudged me a little. Marco kissed me goodbye and it wasn't our normal quick kisses but a passionate kiss that I felt was long overdue.

"Just two days till our date." Marco said to me and then he quickly kissed me again before he got into the car with his dad. It was only two days till our date but I could still feel his kiss on my lips, this hadn't happened with Will.

Was I in love with Marco, or did he just stay on my mind to help me forget about Will?