Project Puppy Love

Chapter One: Sighting

His world was small and contained within the walls of one tiny room. These walls, reinforced with several layers of metal, were designed specifically to keep him inside. They were marred with scratches and dents—all reminders of his failed attempts as freedom.

His room had no windows, and only one small bed propped up against the far wall. Often, he felt suffocated in such a small space.

Most of his days consisted of hours of seclusion, save for those instances when he would be pulled from his quarters to be forced into an hour or two of painful tests of endurance that then led to an hour or two more of timed exercises. Rarely was he allowed human contact. These men and woman in white spoke no more to him than through orders or threats if he refused to do what he was told.

He wasn't sure most of the time what exactly was going on, only that they watched him intently and took avid notes.

For the most part, he didn't mind these times, because it allowed him to release his pent up energy and agitation at being kept inside such a small enclosure. Despite this, more often than not, he still felt trapped and it grated on his nerves. He yearned to be free, to see what was behind the walls of the place he hated to call home.

He had no memories of a life beyond this place, and wondered frequently if there ever was a time where he was free.

These thoughts and more consumed him on a daily basis. However, more often than not, his thoughts were dominated by elaborate plans of escape—plans that would never be able to come to fruition due to the many cameras that monitored his every move.

It was during one of these sessions of deep thought, when his world would finally take a turn for the better.

For as long as he could remember there had also been a thick glass door opposite the wall of his bed. On occasions where his boredom would get the best of him, he would look through that glass door. What he saw was a room almost the exact replica of his own. Not once had he ever seen anyone enter that room and he had often wondered why.

On this day, as he lay on his small bed and pondering such things as his pitiful existence-a change in the atmosphere jolted him from his thoughts. He had thought he heard something coming from the other room. The sound was so faint that he barely heard anything. Were it not for his exceptional hearing, he probably wouldn't have.

Slowly he rose to his feet and went to see what it was all about. What he saw fascinated him to no end.

In the room, was a female. She was petite in stature and had long dark hair that went down the mid of her back. So wrapped up was she in banging her hands against wall that had previously been a door, that she had yet to notice him. And so he watched her.

She was persistent in her commotion, oblivious to his presence. Her feminine fists repeatedly thudded against the hard wall as she continued to shout. He could only assume that she was demanding to be set free. Her cries would fall to deaf ears. Finally, after several minutes she seemed to give up. He watched as she turned, pressed her back to the wall, and slide to the floor.

Unaware that she was being watched, she began to sob.

The discomfort he felt at seeing her tears made him desperately need to comfort her. He wished this glass wall were not between them. All he wanted to do was wrap her in his arms and make those tears go away.

Stepping forward he pushed his palm against the glass. The glass was so thick that even if he were to attempt crack it, it wouldn't break. He wondered what she smelled like. Was her scent as enticing as the sight of her?

It would be several minutes before her tears would cease. And several more before she would notice him. The female had begun to gaze around the room, taking in her new surroundings. The room was small, just like his. A table sat in the center with a lone chair set before it. To the left of that was her bed, covered with one pillow and a thin blue blanket. InuYasha then watched her face darken into a scowl when her eyes found the camera placed high in the corner of the wall, at an angle where her every move could be monitored.

When finally, her eyes did fall upon his form, she seemed startled to see him there. He worried she'd fear him but quickly realized he had nothing to worry about. Her fear didn't last longer than a few seconds as it morphed into fascination. He had never seen anyone look at him like that before, and it caused his heart to beat faster. Based on the uniform appearance of most of the people here, he had a suspicion that his appearance was far from the norm.

She came to stand before him, placing her hand upon the glass where his own rested. For a while she just stared back, her blue eyes trained upon his gold ones.

The raven-haired female opened her mouth to say something, but hardly a sound reached his ears. He shook his head and pointed to the appendages atop his head, indicating that he could not hear her.

He watched as she gasped, but of course he heard nothing. A minute or two passed by before those baby blues turned their attention back to his face.

She smiled and he found that he loved the way her face lit up. He watched as she pointed to herself and breathed on the cool glass to create a fog upon its surface. Quickly she wrote what he assumed could only be her name.


Returning her smile with a grin of his own, he did the same.


There you have it. The first installment of Project Puppy Love. I know it's short but the following chapters should be longer. It's been a while since I have posted anything on and I am a little nervous. I'm kinda self-conscious when it comes to anything I write and it takes a lot for me to find the courage to share with other people. Be kind and review, and no flames please! I prefer criticism of the constructive variety. Anonymous reviewing is disabled but that may change.

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The next chapter will be from Kagome's POV. Also, this story is rated M for a reason.