Project Puppy Love


Rin watched her boss work, not bothering to hide that she was openly staring and admiring him from afar.

It was no secret that she had feelings for the man, and it was something she knew he was well aware of. From the beginning she made no attempt to hide it.

Most of those that worked for him didn't understand why. In their eyes, he was a cold-hearted businessman, who cared for nothing and no one but himself and his business ventures.

But Rin could see past the cold exterior into the heart that lied within. He was naturally private—a privacy outsiders tended confuse with coldness.

Rin admired his hard work as well as his looks. He was certainly easy on the eyes and Rin found no shame in openly ogling him. Sesshoumaru didn't seem to mind her attentions in the slightest.

The former reporter and successful businessman had gotten close over the time they had worked together. Sesshoumaru shared with her things he didn't tell anyone else and relied on her a lot more than people realized. It wasn't something that happened overnight, but Rin felt privileged and honored he trusted her so explicitly.

On top of handling most of his PR related things, Rin was also his personal secretary. She had fired the last one when she saw how flirty the woman was being towards Sesshoumaru. Though the woman's attentions were not returned in the slightest, Rin did not take kindly to those encroaching on what she viewed as hers. Sesshoumaru hadn't argued in the slightest.

Picking up a file off her desk, Rin headed toward his office.

"Hey, Boss." She called as she entered. "I got that file you requested."

"Rin," was the only greeting she received as she tossed the manila envelope on the oak desk.

Task fulfilled and with wink, Rin then turned on her heel and excited the room, making her way back to her own desk. She made sure to stay in his line of sight as she swayed her hips sensually—teasingly.

Try as he might, Sesshoumaru could not fight the grin at her exit. Rin had certainly humbled him. He was glad Kikyou brought them together. Not long after she started working for him, Sesshoumaru realized what a firecracker she really was. And he loved it.

Life with Rin would be far from boring—Sesshoumaru was sure of that.

He stared at her a minute longer than necessary, watching as she sat before her computer, typing away. He might have stared longer, had a certain perverted member of his security team not blocked his vision.

"Might wanna snag that one before someone beats you to it." He said with a knowing smirk.

"I could say the same to you." Sesshoumaru responded emotionlessly.

"Engaged." The dark-haired man returned with a smug grin. "It took some time, but she finally said yes!"

"I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that you got her pregnant." Sesshoumaru intoned dully.

Miroku waggled his eyes mischievously. "I'm not complaining. She loves me. I know she does."

"Miroku!" Sango's irritated voice rang throughout the office. "The team security briefing started five minutes ago! If you're not here in the next two seconds I'm leaving without you!"

"Ah, my love calls! I musn't keep her waiting!" With an over dramatic exit, Miroku was gone just as quickly as he had appeared.

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes. Some things never change.

In the early morning hours, InuYasha lay awake, watching Kagome sleep, his thoughts on the woman who was now his wife. His savior.

A year after the birth of their child they had gotten married. It was a wonderful ceremony, and though he thought it was impossible, Kagome looked even more beautiful than he could have ever imagined.

"Daddy?" InuYasha was startled from his reverie at the sound of his daughter's voice.

He smiled and made a motion for her to join them.

The child grinned and came running, bounding towards the bed in unconstrained excitement. InuYasha caught her mid-air, just before she lost control and would have slammed into her still slumbering mother.

Showing just how tired she must have been, the snoozing woman didn't even stir from the rambunctious actions of their child.

"Oi, be careful of your Mother, pup!" He warned, sounding harsher than he intended. "You wouldn't want to hurt your baby brother or sister would you?"

"No…" The little girl whined, nuzzling her father's chin in remorse. "Sowee, Daddy…"

"It's okay… You just have to be more careful, alright?" He patted her comfortingly on the back as she snuggled against him in silent apology.

The pup relaxed and then her eyes fell on her sleeping mother. "Mommy, sleepy?"

InuYasha nodded, watching as the young pup carefully crawled over him so she came to rest between both her mother and father.

With great care, she tentatively rested her tiny hand against her mother's rounded stomach.

"Pup, okay?" She whispered, her golden eyes meeting her father's.

"Pup, okay." He affirmed tenderly.

The young pup smiled joyfully before carefully maneuvering her body so she could comfortably rest her head against her mother's protruding stomach.

InuYasha smiled with pride as he watched his daughter. She was a tender soul, full of love and an over abundance of joy, a testament to her mother's affectionate upbringing of her.

As he watched the interaction, InuYasha recalled the moment he first laid eyes on the child he and Kagome had created. She had been the most beautiful and tiny little thing he had ever seen.

InuYasha had been so scared to hold her, afraid that somehow she'd break if placed in his rough hands. But Kagome, being tired from hours of labor, demanded he get to know his child while she got some rest.

Now, with baby two on the way, InuYasha couldn't be more excited.

This time around, just as they had done with their daughter, he and Kagome had decided to wait until the birth to learn the gender of their second child. He knew Kagome secretly hoped for a boy, but he'd be happy regardless.

"Baby," The little girl whispered, her attentions solely focused on the younger sibling growing within her own mother. "Are you sleepin' too?"

InuYasha rested his head on his hand. He couldn't have imagined a better life for himself. He had a wonderful woman in his life, a pup and yet another on the way.

Though a lot had changed, a lot still remained the same. His brother was still as annoying as ever, for one thing.

"Daddy! Baby moved!"

His daughter's exclamation jolted InuYasha from his thoughts and finally roused her mother. InuYasha smiled at his wife apologetically.

"Hi, Mama. Sowee for waking you."

Though initially startled, Kagome couldn't find it in her heart to be upset.

"It's okay, baby girl." She stroked her daughter's hair affectionately. "You felt the baby move?"

The young child nodded enthusiastically.

Then suddenly, as if there was fire under her feet, their daughter was gone, bounding off down the hall just as quickly as she had come. InuYasha thought he heard her mumbling something about getting her teddy bear so he could feel the baby move too.

InuYasha looked up to find his wife staring at him fondly.

"What are you thinking about?" He asked.

"About the day we first met." She replied with a genuinely happy smile.

"I think it was love at first sight." InuYasha responded charmingly.

Kagome rolled her eyes, though there was obvious mirth behind their blue depths. "I'd say it was more like puppy love."

With a soft chuckle, he reached for her, pulling her close so he could kiss her softly.

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