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"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." Buddha


This might be the most dangerous situation she has ever been in. Staring at the disabled camera in her right hand, Emily wonders if she can find a safe way out of it. There might be none.

"We can stop," he said.

They're alone now. She doesn't want to stop. She wants him. She's wet, she's ready and she just plain wants him.

But their case is over and they should talk. Her suggestion. She knows they need to talk. She needs to know if they will be okay. She needs to know if he will be able to look her into the eyes afterwards.

Oh, his eyes. Feeling his erection pressing against her had been delicious torture, but his eyes almost made her lose control. His lust for her, his need. She could see all that in his eyes. She had pushed their game pretty far. Touched him, arched against him. She couldn't resist taking advantage of their situation, she couldn't resist him. She would never be able to resist him.

"You're a man, it's normal," she had told him.

What if his erection is caused by being close to a female? A normal physical reaction. Meaningless.

She wants it to be about her. She wants to arouse him. She wants him to make it real.

The most dangerous situation. She would've preferred to work this case with Morgan, because with Morgan it would've been fun. It would've been easy and meaningless. It would have been a job.

With Hotch, it wasn't. Not for her anyway. She wants him too much. The dreams she had about him. Him kissing her, on top of her, inside her.

If Rossi hadn't called, they would've kissed. She wouldn't have been able to stop then. Even knowing that Rossi and Reid had been watching them, wouldn't have been enough to hold her back.

Emily puts back the camera. And now they are alone. Now it can be real. Not a assignment they are playing, no trick, just them. Gosh, she wants that.


That's why she doesn't turn around. She doesn't trust herself with him yet. She needs to cool down. She needs to get dressed before she does something stupid like jumping his bones.

What she needs now is some distance.

Because if she gets close to him again, she knows she won't be able to resist him. She will touch him again. She will kiss him.

And then he would know that she wants him. That for her it's not just about the case.

As she walks over to the black puddle of fabric that is her dress, she doesn't even dare to glance at him.

Her dress is lying in front of the door, only a few inches away from the bed, away from Hotch. She knows she is playing with fire when she bends down to pick it up, presenting him her ass. She hopes she gets burned.

He groans. Seconds later he's behind her, his hands on her hips, pulling her against his cock.

He's breathing heavily. "I want…"

Oh yes. She does too. Her clit aches. Without a sound her dress falls back to the floor.

"Hotch." She straightens up, leans into him. The buttons of his shirt dig into her skin. They need to get rid of that damn thing.

She wants to turn around and kiss him. She wants him to pull down her panties and fuck her from behind. She wants him so much it hurts.

His mouth is on her nape, his hands wander upwards and finally – finally – cup her breasts. She is wearing too many clothes. He is wearing too many clothes. Damn shirt.

His lips close around her earlobe and her knees almost give in. Turning around she wraps her arms around his neck. His eyes. She loves them.


She loves how he says her name. She loves him.

And then, they kiss. His lips, his mouth, his tongue. The way he tastes. She could kiss him all day. But his cock presses against her and she is wet and needy. Just kissing isn't enough for her. She needs more. She needs him inside her, filling her, stretching, fucking her. She needs him.

They are going too fast, they need to stop. They are probably about to make a mistake, but she can't stop. She has to have him now, she will handle the consequences later. Whatever they might be.

This is so dangerous.

This time he doesn't stop her when she unbuttons his shirt. Still kissing her, he slips out of it, while she unclasps her bra. The feeling of his hands on her bare breasts is overwhelming. He maneuvers them to the bed, which is good because her legs won't support her much longer. Her feet hurt because of her damn fuck-me-pumps, so she kicks them off.

Landing between her spread legs, he kisses her again. It's so good to feel his weight on her. He grinds his hips against hers and they both moan.

She needs to get him out of his pants. She wants to see his cock. She wants to touch him, to take him into her mouth. She wants to see his eyes when he comes. Preferably while he is buried inside of her.

She moves her right hand between their bodies. She loves the sound he makes when she touches his cock through his pants. He needs to get undressed. When she unzips his fly, his hand stops her. Supporting himself with his left arm, he pulls back from their kiss. He's trembling.

"This is real." He looks serious. This is serious.

"I know." She can't barely breath now. His eyes… Again, his eyes. There is more than need in them, more than lust and arousal.

"This will mean something," he says. "This will change things."

Gosh, she hopes so. "Okay."

"You want to stop?" Narrowing his eyebrows he searches her face for clues, and she lets him see everything.

Her wantonness, her lust, her love. "I want you," she says.

Groaning, he bends down and kisses her. As soon as he loosens his grip around her hand, she slips her hand inside his pants. He groans again.

He feels so good. Hard. Pulsating against her hand. She can't wait for him to fill her up.

She strokes his shaft. He shoves his hand inside of her panties, rubs his fingers over her opening.

"You're wet," he says.

"Ever since I took off your jacket."

He smiles at that.

She moans when he slips a finger insider of her, moving his thumb against her clit. She needs more room, more of him. She can't feel him like she wants when he is wearing so many cloths. While his finger moves inside of her, she tears at his pants. Her hands are shaking and she can't get off his belt.

Smirking, he helps her. His smirk intensifies when the loss of his finger inside of her makes her moan. So smug. She loves him even more.

Together, they undress him quickly. Kissing his way down her legs, he slowly takes of her panties.

This is killing her.

"Purple," she breathes out.

Crawling back up, he looks at her. "What?"

Her body is aching for him. How can he ask that? They are skin on skin, his hands roaming over her body. She swears, if her knees weren't so weak with passion right now, she would turn the tables and show him.

Tomorrow she will make an appointment with her gynecologist to get back on the pill. If they didn't have to worry about protection, she could have just mounted him. But for now it is what it is.

So she tries again, "Condom."

He obeys eagerly. She misses his warmth when he sits up to put on the condom. The sight of him is beautiful. Purple suits him. She smiles. Moments later, he returns to her. They both moan as his cock presses against her opening. Her hands run over his back. Supporting his weight on his arms, he adjusts his hips and his cock sinks into her.

"Hotch!" It's a praise, it's a plea. Her eyes fall shut. She locks her legs behind his back. He moves slowly.

Then he stops. She opens her eyes again and their gazes meet.

"Aaron," he says. Serious. And cute.

"Aaron." The word rolls easily off her tongue.

He presses his lips together. He's thinking too much.

Her hands return to his face, her fingers tracing his narrowed brow. She wants to tell him that she loves him. She doesn't. Because she doubts he is ready to hear it. Because this would make it too serious. Too complicated. Too dangerous.

Instead she grins and says, "That's a great name to moan."

His eyes widen, his features relax and a corner of his mouth turns upwards. A smile. Closing her eyes she pulls him down for a kiss, while he pushes deeper into her. Deeper until he's fully sheathed inside of her.

"Aaron!" This feels so good. She feels so good. "Such a great name to moan…" she whispers.

Smiling against her lips, he kisses her. Then he pulls out and thrusts into her again. And again. And again.

She can't stop repeating his name. "Aaron. Aaron… Ah!-ron."

He swallows her every word while his right hand massages her breast, supporting himself only with his left arm. The angle he uses to thrust into her is delicious.

"Emily!" The first word he says since his own name. She likes the symmetry of it. His thrusts become deeper, faster. She can feel him everywhere.

He comes before her but she follows him into bliss closely after.

"I'm too heavy for you," he says next.

She's not ready to let go of him, but he doesn't give her the choice. He rolls of her. Sitting at the edge of the bed, he strips off the used condom and throws it into the metallic trash can next to the bed. She rolls on her side, half way following his movement and studies his face while the air-conditioned air cools her sweated skin.

He's frowning again. Not good.

"We should probably get dressed," he says. He doesn't even look at her.

For the first time since she dropped her dress, she feels naked in front of him.

"Are you okay?" she asks. 'Are we okay?' is what she means, but she doesn't dare to ask.

He said this would mean something, he said things would change. She hopes they didn't screw everything up.

He doesn't answer.


He turns to her. So much concern in his eyes… "I don't know what to do."

She's relieved. He's not trying to pull away from her, he's just a bit lost in their situation. There's probably no protocol on how to react after sleeping with a co-worker in his rule-book. Smiling, she straightens herself up and reaches for him. He doesn't flinch when she touches his arm.

"We could take the green condom to go," she says smirking.

Shaking his head slowly he laughs. "You always do that."

"Do what?"

"Put me at ease. You always do that."

She loves that answer. Her heart swells with pride. She, Emily Prentiss, can put SSA Aaron Hotchner at ease. She's practically beaming at him. It feels like her whole face is one big smile.

"What?" he asks.

She shrugs. "I'm happy."

"You are?"

"Yes." She kisses him briefly. "You make me happy."

"You make me happy too." His dimples show. She loves his smile. It leaves her no choice but to steal another kiss. His hand moves to her waist.

"If we don't get dressed now," she whispers against his lips, "we'll be terribly late."

"You're right." His thumb brushes over her hipbone before he kisses her again.

This is so dangerous, she thinks. Because she loves him, because it looks like he might feel the same. Suddenly there is much more at stake, because suddenly there are these great new possibilities she didn't even dare to dream about before. Like a future with the man she loves.

Looping her arms around his neck, she pulls him back onto the bed. So dangerous. They're going to be terribly late. Because he's worth every risk.


"A gift of truth is the gift of love." David Ice


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