The boy was sitting with his knees to his chest on a window sill seat. His long midnight black hair that reached well past his bottom was in a high ponytail. He could hear his aunt and uncle arguing again and again he was locked up in the attic with barely enough food and water. He watched as the sun came up and promptly hide behind the trees. He had been living with his aunt and uncle since he was a baby when his parents died, according to his aunt and uncle, in a car crash. It was his sixteenth birthday, he reminded himself as he watched the sun rise. Many who looked at him would believe that he was ten years old rather than sixteen due to his height.

While most boys his age would be at least 5'9" he was a sturdy 4'8". It bugged him to no end that he was so short but he never let it bother him. Plus with how long his hair was he looked like a girl. He had been both looking forward to this day as well as dreading it. Since he was sixteen now he could leave his aunt and uncles place but he had to get them to sign the papers for him to be out of his guardians care. The reason he was also dreading the day he turned sixteen was because that was the age his uncle told him that he would chain him to his bed and sell his body to men that loved to rape women and children. The boy did not want this to happen.

The boy stood up and walked over to the door and looked at all the locks on it and willed them to open. He was concentrating so hard on what he was doing he didn't see the door actually open and his uncle step in. He did, however, notice when the papers he was hoping and praying to all the Gods on the Earth that he knew of that his uncle and aunt would sign. And to his astonishment they had signed them.

He looked up at his uncle in disbelief and noticed for the first time that his beef of an uncle had a dream like fog over his eyes and was moving like he was under some kind of spell wich he thought was weird because he had only been able to control snakes and some other small animals. He didn't know what he did all he knew was that strange things happened when he was around, and when those strange things happened he was either locked up in the cupboard under the stairs, which happened to be his bedroom, or he was locked up in the attic after being beaten beyond recognition.

Either way they didn't give him enough food. He was rarely let out, unless he had chores to do or finish and he was kept away from haircuts. For some odd reason when he got haircuts, even when he was shaved bald, his hair had always grown back and would be longer than last time. The boy was actually happy that he got to keep his hair long it was one of the only virtues he had left. Besides his pale, stark, white skin, his brighter than emeralds, green eyes and his round child-like face with plush, full, red lips, he wasn't much to look at, well in his eyes he wasn't much to look at. His name was Harry Potter.

When his uncle thrust the papers into his hand and left slamming the door as he went, was when he looked down at the papers to make sure he wasn't dreaming. And sure enough their was his uncle's and aunt's signatures. He blinked a few times before walking back over to the window seat to sit down. Once he was seated and was sure he wasn't going to fall over from disbelief he looked back at the papers and read them thoroughly.

In two days time he would be leaving England and on his way to Forks, Washington USA, where he would be living in a house his parents used to own, he would also be given his parents and god fathers fortunes which was new to him because he had no idea that his parents had a fortune. He was rich and he didn't even know about it. His aunt and uncle always made his parents sound like garbage and they had told him that they had had nothing. That is also when he found out that if his aunt and uncle didn't sign the papers they would get the fortune and him not even a dime. When he saw this he was extremely happy he did whatever he did to them.

When he was sure no one would see him he went down to the cupboard under the stairs and packed everything he had and went back up to the attic with his bag in hand. Then he went back downstairs and mailed off the papers. The next day they sent a notice stating they would pick him up tomorrow and drive him to the airport and then give him further instructions for when he landed. The next day came and went in a blur, he had never felt so excited and at ease before, not to mention happy. Once he landed he went outside and waited for the man that was described to him. The man would be 6'3" tall with long shaggy, brown hair tied into a loose ponytail, he would have steely grey eyes and a black trench coat.

His name was Mr. Grey, Mr. Alexander Grey. As he was supposed to Mr. Grey came and picked Harry up from the airport and drove him to his new home. It was a lovely house with a beautiful garden that had a fountain with a phoenix in it. The house itself was pretty decent it had three rooms on the first floor with two bathrooms, five rooms on the second floor with four bathrooms, and eight rooms on the third floor with seven bathrooms all in all it was like a mini mansion. All the rooms were furnished also and the bathrooms were stocked full so was the kitchen and the living room where a gigantic T.V. was on the wall. Harry was so shocked he couldn't stop starring at it all. His eyes grew impossibly huge when he looked at what was now his room and what was in the closet.

He was expecting to have to go to the nearest clothing store to by new clothes that would actually fit but his wardrobe was full and not all with normal American clothes either. Some looked like they were from Japan or China. He turned around to see Mr. Grey smiling at him and that was when he spoke for the first time since they had met, " I hope you find everything to your liking Mr. Potter. We didn't know what all to get you but you seem to like the stuff. Some of it may be a bit big but everything should fit you just fine." Harry looked at him and was completely shocked no one had called him Mr. Potter before and no one usually talked to him unless they were beating him or cursing him. " Harry, if you please and yes I like everything Mr. Grey," Harry told him with a small and gentle smile which Mr. Grey answered with one of his own.

"Alright, Harry, it is then, you will be going to Forks High School tomorrow. I know you already went to college at the age of twelve, which baffles a lot of people still, but we want you to make some friends and become social instead of the anti social youth you were made to be before you moved here." Once was done Harry was baffled not only did Mr. Grey know about his cousin Dudley not allowing him friends he also knew about what his aunt and uncle did to Harry asked why he didn't do anything about it he told Harry that he needed proof of what his relatives did but couldn't get the proof unless he kidnapped Harry. He was also the person who sent the papers to the house in the first place.

By the time Mr. Grey had left Harry was so overloaded with information he didn't know what was going on. He went into his room which had the biggest bathroom with a bathtub that was as wide and as long as an outdoor pool. It also sunk to four feet, so it took awhile for it to fill up but once it was just about full Harry grabbed a bottle of bubble solution and poured a good amount of it inside the tub and let it fill all the way up before he took off his clothes and slipped into it. He was glad that the tub had a seat on all four sides so he didn't end up having to swim all the time he was in the tub.

He was able to relax and enjoy the calm and warm waters for a change and not have to take a two minute shower or a five minute one if he was lucky. When he was done bathing he got out and dried off as quick as he could, after he was done drying off he combed his hair which really hurt because it was matted together like glue. when he finally got done with that he let it fall down to see exactly how long it was. When he looked behind him he was shocked his hair had grown so long that when unmatted and brushed out it reached the end of his ankles. He blinked a couple of times just to make sure he wasn't dreaming that he looked even more like a girl so his uncle wouldn't touch him.

Once he was sure that it was real and he wasn't dreaming he put his pajamas on his once naked body. The pajama was a sleepwear kimono from Japan, it was made entirely of silk, the sleeves were long and didn't show anything except the tips of his nails. The kimono slightly pooled at his feet but not to much to where he wouldn't be able to walk. When he looked at his hands he noticed the the white tips were almost five centimeters long and that they were chipped. When he saw this he decided to keep them long but file them to make them clean and smooth, when the tips were well rounded and smooth they were only four centimeters long. Once everything was done he brushed his hair again and set the alarm clock then laid down on his bed and went sleep.

That morning he woke up feeling so refreshed and calm, he loved feeling that way so much he almost didn't want to leave for school. But knowing he needed to make friends and not become a mystery or a myth all together he got up and went into his closet to pick out some clothes. It took him awhile to decide what to wear but he eventually found something. He chose to wear a Japanese silk top that had a gakuren collar and long sleeves that showed only the tips of his nails. At the end of the sleeves they billowed out and almost reached the floor, it reminded him of the sleeves on the robes that angels wore. The silk top was black and had silver embroidery on the collar and the sleeves. It also had two silver snakes on the sleeves and one on the back.

He also chose Japanese black silk bottoms with a silver trim to match his top. After he brushed his hair he went over to a small dresser with a mirror and opened a box that was sitting on the dresser. What he found took his breath away. There were broaches and hair clips that were made of silver with diamonds or emeralds or they were gold with rubies instead. He picked up a hair clip, it was a lily that was made completely out of diamonds with an emerald that was the size of a gumball in the center. He decided to wear it, he put it in his hair right above his left ear, and he let the rest of his hair fall down to his ankles.

He was so caught up in looking at himself in the mirror he didn't hear when someone knocked on the door until the person actually walked into the room. " You sure are lovely this morning, Harry," the person said as they entered. Harry looked up to see Mr. Grey and smiled, " Thank you Mr. Grey that was nice of you." Mr. Grey smiled and walked over to stand behind the chair that Harry was sitting in. " I believe that you are to arrive at school at 8:15 but if you want I can take you so you will arrive at 8:00 instead," Mr. Grey said with a smile. " What do you mean take me? I was just going to walk there instead," Harry asked confused as to why Mr. Grey would take him to school. Mr. Grey frowned, " Were you not informed that I am your shall we say butler or temporary guardian?" Harry frowned," No I wasn't and I don't need a guardian or a butler.

But something tells me your not going to let me walk to school and that you aren't going to decline the whole butler thing either, but do me a favor and only drive me to places everything else I can do by myself." Mr. Grey nodded his head in agreement and left the room. Harry glanced at the clock and noticed it was 7:45 and that he had to leave. He walked down the stairs, out of the house, and was in the car before he thought of needing a backpack. He was just about to ask about it when Mr. Grey threw one over the seat, the bag was a shimmering silver shoulder bag and looked completely brand new. After thanking the man they drove in complete silence the rest of the way to the school.

Once they got there it took his entire willpower to convince himself to get out of the car and not to chicken out. Especially when he noticed that all the cars were old clunkers except for a few others, his was about to make history. The car that his "butler" was driving was one of the newest cars that was built for speed and heavily armored. It wasn't sold in American stores yet but it was sold in England. As he got out and thanked Mr. Grey again people stared at him, but mostly they stared at the car, which he was thankful for. He walked up to the office and stood in front of the desk, which he noticed with a sigh that it was almost taller than himself. When it was clear that the woman couldn't see him he cleared his throat so he could get her attention. "Yes dear, are you looking for your brother or sister," she asked with a smile.

Harry shook his head, Stupid aunt and uncle I look like a little kid because of you people, he thought to himself, " No ma'am I'm the new student, Harry Potter." She frowned a bit but looked for his schedule nonetheless. " Ah, here we go, here is your schedule and your map of the school," she told him as she handed it to him. " It says here that you are only here to socialize with people but they did put you in some classes and you are recognized as a junior. Also you have some sophomore classes but that is only so you can help some of the problem students." Harry was daydreaming as she ranted off about his classes and what he was doing, he had heard all this from Mr. Grey before he got here so he already knew what he needed. Once she was done she sent him on his way to his first class of the day, before he left he took a deep breath and headed out the door.

Edward Cullen is a lot of things but a happy person isn't one of them. He began the day exceptionally irritated because their was a new student at their high school and his vampire sister Alice wouldn't shut up about the new kid. She also said something was going to happen with new kid but wouldn't let anyone know what was going to happen. She blocked Edward from her mind by not thinking about her vision and she kept her mood sickeningly happy, which caused Jasper to not want to be anywhere near her.

Rosalie was also irritated but only because Alice had told her the new kid would be adorable and she would like the kid. The only one who wasn't bothered by all that was happening was Emmett, he thought it was funny and he couldn't stop laughing every time Rosalie pouted or sulked. As we got into the car and Alice noticed my behavior is when she spoke, " Come on Edward he is not like Bella Swan, far from it actually. Would it help you if you saw what he looked like?"

When she asked this I nodded my head and she allowed me to see inside her head. There stood a boy 4'8" tall with hair that was midnight black and it shot down his back to stop just below his ankles. He also had a heart-shaped face with full, lush, red lips and eyes that were such a startling green it was unreal, his eyelashes were thick and long. Edward was so surprised at what he looked like he didn't notice his mouth was hanging open until Alice promptly reached over and shut it for him. "See I told you he wasn't a thing like Bella Swan. By the way his smell will be a little intoxicating to all of us but none of us attacks him and I can't figure out why either so don't ask me." She said right before we drove up to the school.

Once he parked his siblings and him stood by their car and waited to see the new kid. They were just about to give up and head into their classes when a car they had never seen before and had both Rosalie and Emmett drooling, pulled up. They were all expecting him to emerge on the drivers side but he ended up coming out of the passenger side and it took awhile before Edward could stop starring. The boy was just like he was in the vision Alice showed him part of but in that he was wearing only a white robe here he was wearing a Japanese black and silver silk outfit.

The thing that caught his attention most was the hair clip that he wore just above his left ear. It was a lily made completely out of diamonds and had an emerald the size of a gumball in the middle. All in all he looked absolutely stunning and adorable. " Aw, he's the new student. Okay Alice you were right I like the new kid but I don't see how anyone couldn't," Rosalie said from where she was standing. When she looked at her siblings they each wore a mask of disbelief and one of respect for the new kid because he actually made Rosalie like him.

As they went to their classes through out the day none of them except Alice, Jasper and Rosalie had any classes with the kid, but they did find out his name was Harry Potter. It wasn't until lunch time that they all got to see him again. When him and Emmett arrived and sat down with Jasper at their usual table Rosalie stalked over with Alice and sat down. " What's the matter did the new kid not want to be your friend," Emmett teased his girlfriend, which he got a glare from her in return. " No he wanted to be our friend but Isabella showed up and asked if he would sit at their table for lunch." All of them upon hearing this tuned in on the table that Isabella Swan and her friends sat at to see how things played out.

They tuned in just in time to hear Jessica and Isabella along with Mike Newton spout of all the nonsense about their mom, then he heard a thought from the new kid himself 'I am going to hate myself later but right now I don't care'. Upon hearing this he looked over at the table to see Harry stand up and then he spoke," I am personally really tired of all the trash that keeps coming out of your mouths. At least Mrs. Cullen is a nice woman who took in children who weren't her own and gave them a place to stay. And no Mike my parents did not buy any of the stuff I have because are dead and have been since I was a year old and 2. I lived with my aunt and uncle who have a kid. Needless to say I will never be going back their and I am glad about it because not only did my own aunt and uncle along with my cousin beat and starve me sine the age of two but my uncle was going to rape me rape me and sell my body.

So when someone sent papers saying that if I could get my aunt and uncle to sign them I would no longer be in their custody I tricked them into signing them by saying it was a bill. Then I mailed them off and they sent a notice saying that they would come and get me tomorrow. I now live in a house that my parents used to own which isn't a house but a mini mansion. Before I even moved I didn't own hardly anything and I thought for the past sixteen years of my life that my parents were worthless drunks so yeah after everything I heard so far I wouldn't want to be any of you guys' friend!" Once he was done he reached down for his books and the soda he bought and went to a table outside.

Alice stood up from our table and walked outside toward Harry. After a little hesitation from the rest of us followed after her. They got there just in time to see Alice coaxing Harry to dance with her. She pulled out her iPod and the speaker box to attach to it. Once everything was set up Alice put it on her favorite song which by the bright look on Harry's face they guessed it was one of his favorites also. Harry closed his eyes and began to swing his hips to the rhythm of the music, he fell in step with Alice as she twirled around on the lawn. Soon the entire school was outside watching them and wondering exactly how the new kid was actually dancing with a Cullen and not be out done by her instead keeping pace with her at all times even when she let her vampire side take control. They finished with a final twirl and stopped neither one of them were sweating at all, this puzzled the Cullens. Alice they could understand because she was a vampire but Harry wasn't, he was human.