Harry: Here is Edward with the diclaimer

Edward: What, why do I have to do the disclaimer?

Harry: Because I said so!

Edward: So? I don't have to listen to you, I'm the vampire not you.

Harry stretched till his lips were right next to Edward's ear and whispered something to him.

Edward: ( with a goofy and happy smile) Alright, but you better keep your promise.

Harry: (humph) Yeah, yeah, just get on with it!

Edward: Dragon does not own Harry Potter or Twilight, they belong to J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Myers.

Dragon: (pouts) I wish I did though!


The Cullens didn't really know what to tell their parents when they got to their home and showed up with Harry. Edward was trying to come up with a way that didn't sound like a lie but no matter how much he tried he couldn't make one. It was has they were turning on to their road that Harry started to stirred, he rolled over and then stilled. They all released a breath of relief, they looked at each other and agreed that they would tell their parents the truth. They pulled into their driveway and got out of the car, Edward was holding Harry as they walked up to the house. He noticed how Harry seemed to snuggle into his embrace, he felt an odd tingling sensation that went through his stone heart. As soon as they got in the front door, Carlisle was there waiting for them. He took one look at Harry and then thought to Edward, Take him to the office clinic upstairs. Alice seeing this with her sight followed them up there, while they did that the others went hunting. Alice explained what happened at school while Edward helped Carlisle with checking Harry over. Right as Carlisle finished they heard the rest of their family come back from their hunt. They all headed down stairs to the living room, Edward carrying Harry again. When they reached the room Edward sat on the love seat while he layed Harry down so that Harry's head was in his lap. He looked at Carlisle to see that he was on the phone with someone he never heard about before. When he was done he sat down in his armchair and folded his hands under his chin and placing his elbows on his knees. Edward knew that this was one of Carlisle's thinking poses, he got like this when they asked really hard questions. What was really odd was that Edward couldn't hear what he was really thinking because he kept thinking other things beside what he was actually thinking. He could have sworn he heard a song that their entire family said they would never listen to again. And then just as Carlisle started to think about the Addams Family themme song, the door bell almost got up to answer the door, until he remembered that Harry's head was in his lap. Carlisle got up and answered the door instead, he came back with a man that had long, shaggy, brown hair that was tied into a ponytail. His eyes were a steel gray and oddly enough he was wearing a trench coat. The man took one look at Harry and swore so badly he would have put a sailor to shame.

" I leave that boy alone for a few minutes and this is what happens," the man said to himself.

Carlisle looks at him before asking," You know this boy, Alexander?" The man now known as Alexander nodded his head before saying, " This Carlisle is my charge, Harry Potter," he shook his head sadly, " I get him away from abusive muggles and come here in hopes of him being happy and this happens."

Carlisle seemed stunned at Harry's whole name, as if sensing his children's and wife's confusion he sat back down in his chair with a sigh before explaining.

" Harry Potter is the name of a wizard child who defeated this great evil known as Lord Voldemort. He killed several people non-magical and magical alike. He wanted to become the wizarding world's leader, but his rules and methods were cruel. He then tried to kill a family called the Potters, he succeeded with the parents but when he tried to kill their two-month old baby Harry, he was defeated," He rubbed his face tiredly, before continuing with the small history lesson, " Noone really knows what really happened that night but because of it the baby became very famous."

Edwards mind was reeling at the information, sure Carlisle old them about wizards and witches before, but they really didn't pay their world any attention. To find out that Harry's parents were murdered was a lot to take in. Finding out that Harry is a wizard and a famous one at that was a little more unbelievable. Alexander had hung his head as Carlisle was explaining about Harry's parents but now he was looking at Edward's lap. Edward followed his gaze to see what he was looking at, it turns out all of the talking they were doing had woken Harry. Edward almost laughed out loud when he saw that Harry looked like a sleepy puppy just waking up. Alice and Rosalie however had no intention of being quiet as they both squealed together about how cute Harry looked. Harry sat up and looked around at his surroundings, as soon as his gaze landed on Edward he blushed so badly that he began to feel dizzy again. Edward seeing this in Harry's thought held onto Harry's shoulders to prevent him from falling over. Harry gave him a greatful smile before looking around again, when he saw Alex there talking with an unknown blonde man, he assumed it was the Cullen's father, he carefully got up and walked over to them. When he finally reached them he asked, " What happened this afternoon? What was that weird light that came out of my body?"

Alex smiled at the questions and said, " What happened was that you felt threatened by the boy that attacked you and so your body reacted to defend itself. The weird light was something that has been apart of you for your entire life. Now let me ask you something, have you ever done something tht you couldn't explain how it happened?"

Harry remembered all the times he did something tht his Uncle called freaky and nodded to Alex's question. Alex nodded back and explained, " That was your magic, you Harry are a wizard."

Ignoring Harry's stunned face that was looking at him in disbelief he explained to Harry everything Carlisle had told to his children. Although when he got to the part about Harry's parents he chocked up a bit and Harry had tears streamming down his cheeks. Harry rubbed his eyes with his shirt sleeve, ignoring the fact that he was probably ruining an expensive silk shirt. Once his eyes were dry he turned to Carlisle and thanked him for taking care of him when he was out earlier. Just then they all heard three different but scarily similar squeals at the same time. They all looked over at a corner that every woman in the house had congregated to, Harry was slightly afraid when they all looked at him and then back at the papers in their hands and squealed again. He decided to ignore them and ask Carlisle a question, " Mr. Cullen-"

Carlisle interrupted him, " Carlisle, just call me Carlisle."

Harry smailed before continuing, " Carlisle, why are your eyes an amber color?"

Carlisle was tense for a few seconds before deciding that he would tell Harry their secret. " We are Vampires, Harry."

Harry wouldn't have believed him had he not said it with a serious face that all adults got when they were telling you something completely true.

Harry nervously asked, " You don't actually eat people, do you?"

All of the Cullens upon hearing this laughed so hard, Harry thought they were going to hurt themselves. As they continued laughing Harry's face became so red, his cheeks glowed.

Carlisle was the first one to stop laughing, " So sorry, Harry," he said still chuckling every now and then," but it was just to funny the way you asked that question. But to answer you, no we don't actually eat people, we feed off of the animals that live in the forest surrounding Forks." When he finished explaining everyone else had calmed down, although you could still hear a small chuckle every now and then. That is if you listened very carefully. Harry smiled, relieved that they didn't find his question offensive, he frowned though when he thought over everything that Alex had explained to him. "Alex, if the wizards have a whole community, then why did noone try to find me?"

Alex sighed before answering, " I am afraid even I don't know the answer to that question, all I know for certain is that Albus Dumbledore has something to do with this entire debacle."

Seeing Harry's confused face he explained everything about Albus Dumbledore. By the end of the explanation Harry wanted nothing to do with this man, who in there right mind puts a baby on a doorstep. Alex looked at a watch that was on his wrist and nearly swore again, when he realized how late it was.

" It's getting really late, we really needed to be heading home," he told Harry.

Harry pouted, " But I'm not tir-" he interrupted himself with a yawn so wide that his jaw cracked. Alex smiled softly at him, " Not tired, huh. Luckily for you we're within walking distance to them, so you can visit whenever you like."

Thankfully since everyone else in the house was a vampire they didn't have to tell them that they were leaving, but they did say good bye. Harry ended up falling asleep in the car on the way home, so Alex had to carry him to bed. He didn't mind it, it reminded him of when he was helping Lily put baby Harry to bed. He lied Harry on his bed and tucked him in and took the hair clip out so that Harry wouldn't roll over onto it and hurt himself. And right before he left the room and turned the light out he shot a fond smile at Harry. Especially when he saw that he had turned over in his sleep and cuddled with the giant, soft teddy bear that he had put there earlier that morning. He turned out the light and went down the stairs to check and make sure the doors were locked. He then headed back upstairs and into his room and got ready for bed. He grabbed a book from a table that was on the bbokshelf that was in his room. In the book was a list of names and above the list was the title The Wards (people who are allowed in). He wrote down under his and Harry's name everyone of the Cullen's names, when that was done he put the book back and went to bed. I hope nothing else so traumatising happens to, Harry, while he is here, was the last thought he had before falling into a peaceful and deep sleep.

Author's Note:

Thank you to my very dedicated reader's, who no matter how long it took me to write the next chapter of this story, continued to support me. I can't remember who it was but one of my reader's sent me a message about how she/he couldn't wait until I updated this story. Originally I was going to give this up for adoption, until that person messaged me. I knew then that I would continue this story, so thank you. On another note, I am so sorry with how short this chapter is, it took awhile to write it.

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