Prologue: The One Ring

Everybody froze as if hypnotized. Is that a ring around his finger?

It was not something fancy, just a simple yet elegant platinum ring, standing out against his caramel dark skin. They wanted to but dared not ask. They all knew him but not that well. So they just held their breath and discreetly kept on glancing. No, they definitely didn't want to be caught peeking. It would be beyond embarrassing. They prayed and hoped some of their most daring, dauntless colleagues would be brave enough to ask the question. Soon, the man in charge of the front desk ran out of every kind of excuses and delaying tactics, and had no choice but to hand over the body receipt. With the ease and grace not unlike a tiger or a panther, he left the building and drove away. The police officers and detectives looked at each other, but none had an answer to that unasked question.

Is that a wedding ring?