This is an AU set in season 2 over the summer when Logan and Veronica are still together. What if that day when the PCHers had shot out the back of Logan's car had a very different ending?

Chapter 1: Innocent Bystander

After a great date, Logan and Veronica had been making out in the back of his yellow monstrosity. "I'm falling in love with you, Veronica," Logan told her so earnestly.

His words had caused her heart to skip a beat. She didn't know if she was ready to say them back to him, but she knew his heartfelt confession warmed her soul. She smiled. "The things guys will say to get to second base," she said.

Then she leaned over and kissed him softly. His arms went around her. Suddenly, she heard a loud engine. Then glass shattered, and she felt a sharp pain. "Logan," she gasped in pain and shock. A burning sensation was in her shoulders.

Logan sat up in surprise at the crash of the broken glass. When Veronica said his name, he looked at her in horror as blood appeared on her shirt. The bullet that had shot out his back window had pierced her from behind. She was scared and looked to him for help. Determined to not let her down, he pulled out his phone and dialed her house, knowing the former Sheriff, her father, would be up and waiting up for her. He told Keith what happened. Keith told him he'd be right out.

Keith came running out in a panic. The news of his little girl being hurt shook him to his core. The escalating fighting between the 09ers and the PCHers had finally crossed that line. Anger at both Logan and the gang coursed through him. His anger was apparent to Logan, but Logan was too scared and worried about Veronica to even let it bother him.

When Keith examined his daughter, he decided it would be better for her to drive quickly to the ER rather than wait for an ambulance. "We don't want to waste any time. She's losing blood. Apply pressure, and I'll drive," Keith ordered.

They got to the hospital in less than ten minutes. Keith carried her in with Logan by his side. Logan couldn't believe this was happening. He knew that he was to blame for this. Whoever shot out the back of his car was trying to scare him. He didn't know if the PCHers really wanted him dead. He had trouble seeing Weevil as a killer, but he knew that the entire gang was angry at him for Felix's death. The fact that his memory was a bit foggy about the events the night Felix was murdered didn't help his case in their estimation. His father being unmasked at Lilly's killer added to their dim view of him and their willingness to believe the worst.

The doctors took Veronica in for surgery, unwilling to give a prognosis without examining her further. She'd been crying silent, stoic tears. The tears tore at both men. They headed to the lobby to wait. Keith called the station to report what had happened and get Lamb out to his place to begin the investigation. He couldn't do anything until he found out what happened. He told the dispatcher that Logan was at the hospital.

He hung up and looked grimly at Logan. "The police will be here in a bit to question you, Logan. Before they get here, you're going to tell me exactly what happened," Keith ordered.

After Logan told him what had occurred, Keith looked at him harshly a few minutes before speaking. "This has got to stop, Logan. My daughter, your girlfriend, got hurt tonight in this war you've got going with the PCHers. Innocent people will continue to get hurt if you don't find a way to end this. If you care about Veronica at all, you'll find a way to stop things like this from happening," Keith said.

Logan looked both upset and ashamed. Keith knew that Logan genuinely cared about his daughter. He also knew that his life had been a total nightmare the past two years. Between his mother's suicide and his father jailed as the killer of his late girlfriend, Keith couldn't help but have some compassion for Logan. However, Veronica was the most important thing in his life; his reason for getting up each and every day. No one would hurt her or endanger her if he had anything to say about it.

Logan knew Keith was right. He had to find a way to stop things from going any escalating any further. Veronica was the only good thing left in his nightmare existence. He couldn't lose her. Nor could he bare to see her hurt again. When the doctor came in later to let them know she was going to be okay, both men sagged in relief. The bullet had been lodged in her shoulder and wasn't life threatening. However, she would need to stay overnight and be monitored. The doctor said they could see her in a half an hour after she got wheeled into her own room.

Logan sat down and put his head between his knees, breathing deep. She was going to live. He could breath again. How did things come to this point? He looked up at Keith. "I promise you that I will talk to Weevil and find a way to end this. I love your daughter. I don't want to lose her. She's the only good thing in my life," Logan told him.

Keith could tell that he was sincere and hoped he meant it. He also knew that Weevil was a friend of sorts to Veronica. Weevil probably didn't intend for her to be hurt if he even had been behind what happened.

Logan was busy giving a statement to the police when they were told Veronica was in her own room. After fifteen more minutes of answering the same questions over and over, he'd had enough. "Look, I've told you all I know. We both know Veronica wasn't the target. I was. We both know it's either because of my dad and what he did or it's because of the PCHers and Felix's murder. Since it was motorcycles driving off, my money is on the PCHers," Logan said. "I want to go see my girlfriend who just got out of surgery. There's nothing else I can tell you."

Sacks knew the boy was scared and upset. Most of the guys at the department didn't care much for the Echolls kid because of his arrogant attitude and who his dad was. However, Sacks had always loved Veronica and knew that she wouldn't waste time on a guy who wasn't worthy, so he was inclined to look favorably on Logan. "Okay. That's enough for now. We've impounded your car for evidence. Come by the station tomorrow, and we'll be able to tell you how soon you can have it back," he told Logan.

Logan was relieved to have the questioning over. He had enough of answering questions by men in badges to last him a lifetime. Anxious to see Veronica, he headed to the room Keith told her she was in.

When he went into her room, she was awake. Keith was holding her hand and talking to her. She gave Logan a tired smile when he came in. "Hey," Logan said.

"I told you that yellow monstrosity was an eye sore. You should listen to me. Someone else must've thought the same thing," she joked.

Logan tried to smile at her attempt at humor but couldn't. Keith took pity on him and left the room, giving them some privacy. Logan sat down in the chair next to her bed and grabbed her hand.

"I am so sorry, Veronica. This is my fault. I should've listened to you when you told me things would end badly if we didn't stop," Logan said.

"It's okay, Logan. You didn't do this. I just can't believe Weevil would do such a thing," Veronica said.

"I don't know. He knows we're dating, and he knows where you live. Would he be apart of something that could hurt you?" Logan asked.

"No, he wouldn't. You're right. He would have known that I could've been in the car since it was parked right in front of my apartment building," she said.

"I promised your dad I'd talk to him and find away to end the fighting," Logan told her.

"That's good. You're starting to scare me. I can't be with a guy who is going to be apart of retaliations and constant wars with a violent gang," she said. "I'm all my dad has. He shouldn't have to see me like this. We have enough hospital bills."

"It happened in my car. I have full coverage. I know my parents' insurance will cover your medical bills. I'll make sure," Logan offered. He faltered a moment, remembering he now only had one living parent-if Aaron could even be called that. "I'll call the insurance company tomorrow and find out."

Veronica didn't like to accept charity, but she did feel that he had some liability for what happened to her. If he hadn't encouraged Dick and the 09ers to constantly defend him to the PCHers at every turn, they may not be so angry. Then again, they were convinced he killed Felix. Logan wasn't even sure if he had. Veronica figured since he had been surrounded by most of the gang and beat so severely his actions would be self-defense anyway. If Aaron had not tried to kill her and hadn't been arrested for killing Lilly, the D.A. probably wouldn't have even filed charges against Logan. He was, in so many ways, a victim of circumstances. She was too. The were a sad pair. Yet she didn't know what she'd do if he wasn't by her side.

"Well, us Mars don't take charity, but since I blame your yellow car for being a neon bulls-eye, I'll let you find out about the insurance," she said with a smile. Her eyes closed for a moment. She was so tired.

"Is your dad going to stay with you tonight?" Logan asked. When Veronica nodded, he said, "Well, I'm going to leave you and go find Weevil. I need to talk to him before this gets out, and then go talk to Dick. I don't want things to escalate."

"Good idea," she said.

He got up and kissed her softly. "I'll be here first thing in the morning," he promised.

"You'd better," she warned.

Logan said goodbye and headed out. He saw Keith about to come back in and explained where he was going. Keith patted him on the back in encouragement, happy that Logan wasn't thinking payback but wanted to do what was best for Veronica.

Logan left the hospital and drove straight to Weevil's. Since his grandmother worked for him, he knew exactly where Weevil lived. Once, he'd driven Mrs. Navarro home. Weevil was surprised to see him. "What do you want, Echolls?" he asked.

"Guess where I just came from?" Logan asked angrily. For once, not wasting time on insults and banter.

"I don't know, and I don't care," Weevil said dismissively.

"Oh, I think you might. I just came from the hospital," Logan said.

Weevil examined him and didn't see any signs of injury. He looked questioningly at Logan. "And?"

"And since my mom is dead, my dad in jail, who else might cause me to go to the hospital?" Logan asked pointedly.

Finally, he had Weevil's interest. "V? Is she okay?" he asked. Veronica Mars wasn't like other girls. She was tiny and sexy and fearless. He both admired her and desired her. The only flaw she had that he could see was her taste in men. Even though he knew they'd never work as a couple, he hated to see her wasted on Echolls.

"She is now. No thanks to you," Logan said bitterly.

"What?" Weevil asked in confusion.

"We were parked in front of her apartment building a few hours ago when a motorcycle pulled up behind us and shot out the back of my car. She was shot," Logan informed him.

"Hell no!" Weevil exclaimed. "My boys wouldn't do anything to hurt her!"

"Who else would it be, Weevil?" Logan asked. "Everyone knows my yellow truck. Everyone knows I'm dating Veronica. That's the only reason I'd be in an 02 neighborhood. Shooting my car is bound to endanger her. I thought you were her friend."

"I am. And I didn't authorize a hit of any kind on you," Weevil swore.

"So exactly who is leading the PCHers these days then?" Logan inquired. "Are you still in charge?"

That's exactly what Weevil wanted to know. "I'll get to the bottom of this," Weevil said. "If it was one of my boys, I'll know."

"Things have gotten out of hand," Logan. "It's got to stop. Veronica is okay, but she got shot in the shoulder and had surgery. She could've been killed. Is that what you want? Some innocent bystander to die because your determined to think I'm a killer. First it was Lilly and now Felix. I am not my father. Ask your grandmother. She's known me for years."

Weevil examined Logan closely. He seemed sincere, but Weevil didn't trust easily. However, he knew Echolls had a point. Things were getting out of hand. He would get to the bottom of it. If someone else was ordering hits on Logan, then maybe someone else killed Felix after all.

"Don't worry. I'll find out and deal with it. I don't want to see Veronica hurt. My only complaint against her is her lousy taste in men," Weevil baited.

Logan ignored the jab. "You talk to your boys; I'll go talk to mine before someone else does something stupid. I'll be back over here tomorrow night, so we can talk further," Logan told him.

Weevil nodded. Both men now had a common goal. They'd find a way to get along. For now.

`````Chapter End`````

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