Once upon a time, I lived in a house. Just an ordinary house, on an ordinary block, in an ordinary city. I had a mommy and a daddy and kitty. We were all very happy…Or at least I thought we were.

Mommy was late. Daddy was angry. I was coloring. I guess Daddy had found something of Mommy's, and he wasn't happy about it. He was screaming and yelling and stomping all over the house. I wanted him to stop, so I showed him the picture I just finished. A blue flower with Mommy and Daddy standing next to it.

"Isn't it pretty, Daddy?" I asked, a huge smile on my face.

"No, it's not! Shut up, you little shit!" He yelled in my face. I started to cry, which only made Daddy's anger worse. But then Mommy got home! Things would get better, now!

Once upon a time, things would have got better. Instead, they got worse. Daddy started hitting and yelling at Mommy. She was crying and trying to explain something, but Daddy wouldn't let her speak. The red hand print on Mommy's face made me mad at Daddy. I balled my hands up and started hitting his back, as hard as I could. He was so angry, I don't think he felt me. I ran and hid.

Once upon a time, I didn't have to hide in the bathroom with Kitty. I thought, if I can't protect Mommy, I can protect Kitty. There was more screaming and crying, and then there was a loud crash and thud. The crying stopped. The screaming stopped. Was it safe to come out? I stood up from the small space between the toilet and the bathtub, and I crept over to the door. I opened it just a little to peek out. Daddy was there, covered in some red, sticky liquid.

Once upon a time, Daddy wouldn't be hurting Kitty. Daddy filled the bathtub and was holding Kitty by the neck under the water. At first, I thought Daddy was giving Kitty a bath. Kitty needed a bath. But when he didn't stop holding Kitty under the water, I started crying again.

"Daddy! Stop it, Daddy! Kitty can't breathe! Stop it!" I cried and started hitting Daddy again. He noticed this time. He threw Kitty against the wall and grabbed for my throat. His fingers hurt me, and I tried to cry out for Mommy or anybody that could help.

"Daddy! P-Please! Why~?" His hand was so tight, it was hard to breathe. Daddy shoved my head under the water, just like he did with Kitty.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! You're a little piece of shit, just like your mother!" He kept yelling over and over.

Once upon a time, I lived in an ordinary house, on an ordinary block, in an ordinary city.

Now, I live in a cursed house. I don't know what happened to Daddy after he killed Mommy and Kitty and me. I just know that Mommy and Kitty and Me still live in the cursed house. It's fun though. No more Daddy yelling at us. People come into the house all the time, and Mommy says we have to punish them. I'm not sure why, but I like scaring the school girls.

Mommy and Kitty and me lived happily ever after, after that.

Oh hey look! My first ever story on here! And it's not even one of my main fandoms...My short little version of what happened to Toshio from his point of view. I wrote it being bored the other day. Took about 10 minutes. Tell me what you think, please?