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Chapter 5

Nicole Eddison.

There she stood, as confident as ever, centre of attention among Abby and her 'posse'. James just stood there, staring, whereas Kerry looked shocked. If Nicole were to drop any hints regarding CHERUB, everything would be destroyed. Nicole had noticed the trio by now, and was making her way over to them, a slight smirk playing at her lips.

"So, James, Kerry, who's the little kid you got with you?" she asked, staring at James, hands on her hips.

"This is Rat. Our brother." Kerry replied, emphasising the 'brother'. Nicole rolled her eyes as Abby and Gary joined them, with Marc bringing up the rear beside 4 other teens.

"Nicole, who're you talking to?" Abby asked, flicking her blonde hair over her shoulder and eyeing James slightly.

"This is James, Rat and Kerry. We met at –" Nicole was cut off by Kerry, who jumped in worriedly.

"A summer camp we all went to last year." She said, running a hand through her hair. Gary smiled, and shook their hands,

"Hey. I'm Gary, this is my sister Abby, her friends Coleen and Jessica, my mates Euan and Jake, and this is my stupid brother Marc." He said, smacking Marc on the back of the head.

"Hi." Marc muttered, rubbing the back of his head where Gary had swiped him. Rat grinned at his target, and gestured towards the house,

"Want to come in and play the Xbox for a bit?" he asked. Marc smiled and nodded.

"Sure, anything to get away from their boring conversations!" Marc said, walking back up to the house with Rat. Jessica, Abby's brunette friend, smiled at the two retreating backs,

"Now that the littlies are gone, can we finally start the fun stuff?"

"What fun stuff?" James asked, curious to find out. Gary glared at Jessica, then turned back to James and Kerry.

"Listen, tonight, we're gonna have a bit of fun with our Dad's firework collection. If you want to be in our gang, come along to the beach tonight. Then you can truly prove that you've got what it takes." He said, menacingly. James nodded,

"Sure, we'll be there." He said, shaking Gary's proffered hand.

"7:30 tonight. Don't bottle out. Either of you." And with that, Gary turned on his heel and walked off towards his own house, his entourage following. Abby smiled at James and put her hand on his arm, bracelets jangling slightly,

"So, James. You don't look like a Scots lad."

"Nah, we're from down South, aren't we Kez?" Kerry nodded at Abby, who hardly seemed to have noticed Kerry's existence until now,

"So, what age are you, Kerry?"


"Hah, us too! Maybe you can hang out with us at school. Just maybe though." Abby said, her blue eyes sparkling as she swept away with Jessica, and Coleen, leaving Nicole with James and Kerry.

"All it would take is for one slip of the tongue, and your little secret would be out." Nicole said, venomously as she stalked away, her sandals slapping the ground with every harsh step. Once she was out of earshot, Kerry turned to James.

"That was NOT what I expected."

It was 6:30 PM. Marc had left long ago and the family were eating a dinner of bolognaise. John swallowed his mouthful as he turned to James,

"So, James, what happened with you today?"

"Well, we met the Milford's, and they had an, unexpected guest, shall we say." James said, hesitant to continue.

"Yes?" John prompted. Kerry took a sip of water,

"Nicole Eddison." She said, winding spaghetti round her fork. John's eyes widened slightly,


"We got invited down to the beach with them. They're going to have some fun with fireworks, they said." James mumbled, mouth full of garlic bread.

"And you accepted?"

"Of course. Anything to help the mission," Kerry said, finishing off her last mouthful of spaghetti. She stood up and took her plate over to the sink. "You finished?" she asked Rat, who was sitting with an empty plate. He nodded as John turned to him,

"And Rat? How did you get on?"

"I made a pretty solid friendship with Marc. He doesn't really take much to do with his father's business." Rat said, taking a gulp of lemonade. John nodded,

"Keep working on that. He might not be telling you all he knows." John said, spearing a cherry tomato with his fork. Kerry placed a tub of ice-cream in the middle of the table on her way out of the room,

"I'm going to get ready. Don't eat it all, James!" she giggled, leaving the room. James sighed as he stood up, plate in hand,

"Guess I'd better go get ready too." He said, taking one last sip of Coke before pouring it down the sink. James' head was filled with negative thoughts as he made his way to his room. He just didn't feel good about tonight. He just didn't know why.

30 minutes later, James was ready, waiting for Kerry at the bottom of the stairs. He wore baggy, light coloured denim jeans, white plimsolls and a tight, black vest. His brown hair was tousled with gel, and he wore his light brown contacts. Around his neck was a silver surf chain. He had sprayed himself with extra cologne to make a good impression. James checked his watch for about the fiftieth time in a minute, when Kerry finally came down the stairs. She wore a floaty, floral print dress that came to about her knees with white pumps. Her hair was straight, a small, silver clasp holding back her fringe. On her wrist was a plain, silver band with hearts engraved on it. James smiled at his 'sister' as they headed out the door together. Kerry was slightly nervous about what would happen this evening, but she was trained to be ready for anything. They could hear laughter from down at the beach already, and both jumped as a firework exploded in the sky, tiny bits of debris floating down. James took a deep breath as their feet hit the sand,

"You okay?"

"Course." Kerry said as Gary bounded up to them.

"Thought you'd never show up! Come on!" He said, slurring his words slightly. He grabbed both of their wrists and pulled them over to where Jake was angling a firework towards one of the houses near to the beach. James and Kerry went to stand beside Abby as the firework was lit. Abby smiled at the duo as the firework shot off towards the house, leaving a trail of ash across the sky. The firework just skimmed the top of the house, and Kerry jumped as it narrowly missed the chimney pot.

"This is how we roll. We do this nearly every night!" Abby giggled. "We just have to hope for a good summer, uncharacteristic for Scotland!" she said, tying her long hair back into a ponytail as she ran over to the box of fireworks. She beckoned James and Kerry over, who gasped at the vast amount of fireworks there were. Abby grabbed a large rocket from the top of the pile and chucked it over the Jake, who caught it deftly and began to angle it towards the next house.

"Where does your Dad get these?" James breathed, gazing at the array of different types.

"He has lots of 'connections'." Abby said warily as another firework shot into the sky. She ran off towards Nicole, who was standing with Euan, a slightly guilty look on her face. Kerry looked up into James' brown eyes, full of worry.

Something wasn't right.

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