.Accidents Happen.

Running, jumping, kicking, screaming, and nearly an endless supply of energy were some of the things that filled her day. Oh, she never did any of that, no it was always her son. Always Seishirou that seemed to never be tired, not from when he woke up in the morning until well into the night. To her, it was amazing.

Amazing and yet so exhausting.

Higurashi Kagome had never expected to be a single mother at the age of twenty-six, certainly no one wished for that. For five years she had been raising him, tending to his every needs, juggling his wants and his life with her full-time job. That, too, was exhausting.

Some days, she found it hard to go on like that, almost to the point where she just wanted to lie down and give up. Then he'd come to her, her little boy, and stare at her with his big gold eyes. It didn't matter what he wanted - if he could tell she was upset and was trying to comfort her or merely asking for her to cook something for him.

It was the kick start she needed. The one she sought every day…

But nothing was more tiring, more heartbreaking, than the question he had been asking since he learned how to form sentences.

It always happened late at night, when she finally managed to get him into his bed, when she had him tucked under his covers and he was half-way to sleep. With his lazy, falling, eye-lids he'd look up to her, a tinge of sadness in his eyes and ask one question.

The same one.

"Why don't I have a dad?"

A little bit more each time, her heart broke… there was really only so much more of it she could take before it was split it two forever.

It was hard to explain, so she always just brushed his silver strands off his forehead and said, "go to sleep, Sei, we have a big day tomorrow. I love you, so much."

And he'd allow her that one ease, he never fought her, he would just close his eyes and mutter, "I love you, Mama."

From hearing that, that bit of break that had formed could start to heal again.

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