Accidents Happen

Planning a wedding while working full-time and tending to a child—sometimes it even felt like two with the way Inuyasha behaved—was mind boggling. Somehow she managed, with the help of eager friends. Not really any from her fiancé, though.

"I proposed, that's the man's job, the woman's is to figure out the rest," he had once told her, jokingly, which earned him dish duties for a month. He doubled that punishment when he grumbled under his breath once, "you're so hormonal lately."

It was stressful to do all that needed to be done, if she was a bit emotional while doing so she felt she had a right to. She only ever bite his head off, not Seishirou's, and the fact that he endured it with only complaining a couple of times reinforced what she already knew. He was amazing, and she loved him, dearly.

"Tomorrow we'll be married," she whispered to him while they were in bed. How he managed to be halfway to sleep was beyond her but.. he was, which was why she only got a grunt as a reply. "Isn't that insane?"

"Kagome," he grumbled while he turned to face away from her.

"How can you sleep?"

"Cause it's two in the morning," he muttered, bitterly, once he pried open his eyes enough to see the bright red letters of his alarm clock. Yes, the notion of getting married did make him a bit nervous but not enough to keep him from sleeping. "We'll be married, but it won't be like anything is different."

"What's that supposed to mean?" she retorted as she smacked his shoulder. That got him to turn around to see her again, a pair of narrow golden eyes upon her.

"Will we really act a lot different just 'cause we're married?" he inquired, "no, I love you now, I'll love you tomorrow."

"You don't think that getting married is special?" she pouted as she rested her head in her pillow once more.

"I think that we have the most special connection possible already," he countered, but apparently she didn't get the answer. "We're parents of Sei, together. Don't get me wrong, I want to marry you, obviously, but sharing in raising Sei is so much… better, to me, so fulfilling."

"Inuyasha," she cautiously started while she cupped his face, "have you ever… I mean, do you want to have a baby?"

"What?" he snapped quickly, that question woke him up quickly. "Do you really think we should be having this conversation now?"

"I love Sei like my own, clearly, but… I would like to have another child."

"Alright," he answered with a small nod as he took her hand from his cheek, "that's good to know, now let's go to sleep so that when you wake up in four hours to start to get ready for your big deal you'll have some rest at least."

"I took a test today…"

"What type of test?" he asked as he rested on his back and shut his eyes, he for one wanted to be asleep again.

"Pregnancy test." It didn't surprise her how his eyes shot open at hearing that.

"And?" he dragged out impatiently.

"And do you want another kid?"

"Kagome," he gripped as he rose up to lean on his elbow, "I like being a dad, so sure, I'd have another kid. Now what'd the test say?"

"You are so impatient," she taunted with a smile, but the look on his face said it all. He wasn't going to handle the wait well any longer. "So… yeah, you're going to be a dad… again."

"From the start the time," he murmured after he lied down once more to process the information fully.

"Goodnight," she whispered as she scooted closer to him to rest her head on his chest and shut her eyes.

To that, he muttered, "How am I supposed to sleep now…?"

Of course, he managed to do that with time, just as he got through the wedding the next day. Figuring out how to deal with a new wife and soon to be new baby was something he worried about but he knew he'd succeed, then, too. Because, without them, he had been so alone.

Without them, he had felt unfulfilled. That all changed with them, he had a family. One like he never got to grow up with—one like he always dreamed to have. A son, a daughter-to-be, and a wife.

There really was no way it could get better, for any of them.

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