Chapter Fourteen

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Well this will most likely end up being trouble Hanataro sighed as he waited impatiently for mayuri to open the garganta to karakura town. He didn't bother to look back at everyone looking at him They are more than confused some are most likely pissed, hurt, or don't care, I was never that well known in the first place. "Why do we need to go to karakura anyway?" Uryuu asked wary of hanataro more than ever. Hanataro did not bother to answer merely he let his captain walk through ahead of him. Once they got out of the garganta he used body flicker to get away from them. What was that? Their collective surprise echoed in their minds.

"Find him quickly everyone, Orihime and isane you will heal the injured here until soul society gets here" Unohana ordered. Everyone soon scattered in every direction, and orihime set to work healing while isane started to contact squad four. "Except you mayuri you're staying with me" Unohona said in a serious tone "He may be a possible traitor but at the same time he is still until otherwise a possible information source am i clear mayuri?" She said with a serious look that was much more terrifying than her smile. Mayuri said nothing but instead he nodded and then followed her as she walked in the direction hanataro may have jumped. Uryuu was busy thinking of many things Ichigo said hanataro was timid so that means he fooled him as well his face grew tense Just like aizen He clenched his Quincy cross and resolved that if hanataro turned out to be a threat than he would killed before anything. Rukia couldn't believe it Hanataro what are you doing and how long have you been lying and why would you lie? She thought in sadness then she detected his spiritual pressure with two others both fading ICHIGO! She then thought could hanataro be responsible for this if so she slowly drew her zanpaktou I will stop him. Hanataro furrowed his brow as he was concentrating to draw the poison out of urahara This poison is a voracious one, this will not be easy He used hisagomaru to take away the pain while still keeping the wound open so that urahara wouldn't go into shock then once the meter filled he then slowly let some of his attack but instead of letting it shoot out he instead kept it wrapped around akeiro hisagomaru he then reached into his bag and pulled out a metal container and opened it and there was two compartments one empty and the other with a liquid he reached for the liquid compartment when he felt the cool touch of a blade against his head.

"What are you doing hanataro" Rukia asked coldly. Hanataro could feel her shaking and felt a tiny amount of guilt growing but quickly pushed it down choosing instead to focus on the task ahead. He turned around enough for her to see one eye. She tensed raising the blade back into a killing position "Answer me hanataro what are you doing?" Rukia demanded.

"I'm saving his life" Hanataro said not moving an inch still keeping his eye on rukia. She shook a bit but she gritted her teeth

"How do i know you're not lying, like you did to everyone, your no better than aizen how i do i know that isn't poison and that you're not planning to kill him?" Rukia said shaking more than ever. Hanataro turned away this is why. "Why do you turn away? Is it because you are a traitor why didn't you tell anyone?" A tear started to escape her eye as the shaking started to increase even more turning violent. Hanataro knew she was going to hate him later.

"I didn't mean to-" He didn't finish afraid to say anything. Rukia stopped shaking as he hesitated.

"Hanataro?" She asked

"Rukia, i know i am not the most trustworthy person to anyone, but please believe me i am trying to save urahara's life i could have killed him with how long i been here" He waited for her response. She sheathed her sword and dried her tears with her sleeve. She then sat down behind him.

"You have three hours, no more" She said sadness still evident in her voice. Hanataro inwardly clenched inside Damn i made her cry i am so sorry. He then pushed hand down to the liquid and gathered his chakra Time to begin Poison Extraction Jutsu His hand started to glow with green energy he raised it and the liquid hovered inside of the energy sphere inside of his hand. Then with the other he slowly cut open the bite areas on urahara where the chakra disturbances were most high (*1). He then placed the first portion of liquid over one area and slowly started to draw out the poison and then he put into the empty part of the container. Repetition of over two hours over the other areas and he managed to get out most of the poison. He then sealed up the incisions and grabbed the box and then reached inside his box and brought out two more items one was an empty tray and the other was a collection of herbs. He used his chakra to move the collected poison into the tray. Then he started to experiment with different herbs on it. Rukia all the while keeping her eye on him and also thinking why hasn't anyone shown up yet she watched as the liquid turned into a clear color.

"That should do it" Hanataro then got a syringe and loaded the antidote into it and turned around and began to put it into urahara. Urahara jumped the venom was fighting the antidote causing pain to his body. Hanataro held him down "Rukia hold him down while i get the sedative" Hanataro said she quickly held him down ignoring the choice words and kicks and punches. Hanataro then injected him with a syringe and soon urahara calmed down and slept. Hanataro wiped the sweat off his brow and then went over to ichigo with rukia following him, hanataro closed his eyes and green glow came from his hands and covered ichigo. "He will be fine no immediate danger" Hanataro then swung akeiro hisagomaru's attack into the sky releasing a good amount of spiritual pressure. Rukia drew her sword instantly suspicious hanataro raised his hands dropped akeiro hisagomaru and stood still as the rest of the gotei arrived. "I purposefully released my spiritual pressure so they could find us and give any further necessary care to urahara" He explained to her.

"Hanataro Yama-" Byakuya started to speak. When hanataro interrupted him

"Since my secrets are being revealed, i would appreciate if you call me by my real name" Hanataro said surprising everyone

"And that would be?" Byakuya asked

"Hanataro Uchiha" Hanataro said with his head held high. He then said nothing as one of them picked up his zanpaktou and the others surrounded him and then they proceeded to take him to the soul society while leaving ichigo's friends with him so they could look over ichigo.

Kabuto's Palace

In the palace of kabuto, there was an event that had everyone on their knees. Kabuto emerged from the snake body and everyone saw part of his true form "Now that phase one is complete we shall prepare for a war but first we must train" Kabuto rasped exhausted from the amount of time it took for him to control aizen and the hōgyoku."As for you" He pointed to king, cat, rose, and charcath. "I have tasks for you". He said

"What will it be lord kabuto" King said as every one of them bowed down.

"It will be very interesting to say the least" He then started laughing before continuing "I will need you to find some old friends of mine and tell them i want them to join" Kabuto said

"If they refuse?" Rose asked

"Oh i don't think they will" Kabuto grinned.

Somewhere in Hueco Mundo

Two figures wandered through the sands of hueco mundo their destination a mystery. As they wandered through the storm several hollows approached them one that was a vasto lorde approached them "Fresh meat so sad that you had to enter my territory you could have lived longer bye" He charged at the figure in front who didn't flinch instead suddenly there the sand and the storm around the person was pushed away and the vasto lorde was destroyed by the strange event. The rest of the hollows looked at him in fear his head raised slowly the hood blowing to reveal a blood red mask.

"No you will regret, kill them insect" He said and the figure said nothing except draw out a sword and vanished and then the hollows heads were cut off before their heart could beat one beat. The red masked figure looked at them coldly as their bodies disappeared "Next time you should learn to sense them so that i don't waste valuable time" and then the red man kicked the cloaked figure in the ribs hard and while he was down he started to kick him in the face repeatedly until a puddle of blood appeared then he stopped "get up you worthless brat" He growled and started to walk away as the smaller figure got up.

"Master?" The figure started to ask. The master stopped and waited for him to continue "Not that i question your wisdom but was it wise to let the hollows and the shinigami live instead of killing them?" He waited for a beating that was to come but instead.

"I would kill you but i will explain what it means, and two you have no right to question ever since you failed me on that night" The man continued on as the other stood there for a few moments before following his master to an ominous location.

Soul Society

Hanataro listened as his captain spoke to him "You will be held here under watch until all the captains are healed and then you will be questioned, after that central 46 will decide your fate" Unohana paused before adding "If you have anything to say-" Hanataro spoke in an low voice

"I will be fine captain, you don't have to worry" Hanataro then went silent again. Unohana looked at him for a moment and then turned to byakuya and renji.

"Watch him for anything he says or any action he performs" She said. She then left them to guard hanataro as she left the building. Hanataro sat cross legged in the corner back turned to renji and byakuya thinking about the situation. Strange i have a feeling that i might be killed but i don't mind as long as they are all right his thoughts then shifted to rukia and her tears I made her cry i am truly worthless he thought that hopefully she would forget him. As the silence continued renji started shifting around then he decided to break the silence with a question.

"What do you have to hide? What was so important to lie to everyone?" Renji asked angrily. Hanataro said nothing instead remaining silent. Renji looked to byakuya who was just standing silent. "ANSWER ME HANATARO!" Renji shouted at hanataro who still did nothing. Renji looked at byakuya "Captain may i enter the cell and interrogate him?" Renji asked barely containing his fury.

"No Lieutenant Abarai, that is not your job, plus you are letting your emotions getting in the way" Byakuya said in his normal tone. Reji clenched his fists It's so annoying when he's right He then turned around and gripped the bars.

"Do you know how many people you hurt you bastard?" Renji said to hanataro who still showed no emotion. "Do you even care who you hurt?" Renji continued. He was going to say something else but then byakuya grabbed his shoulder

"Renji that's enough" Byakuya said

"Yes captain" Renji said. Hanataro then moved his shoulders a little and then silence.

Mayuri's Lab

Mayuri cackled even more as he found out more about his subjects body. "Simply fascinating" Mayuri said to himself then his thoughts turned to hanataro Hmm a possible new test subject i wonder how different he operates or even ooh i hope they leave his body intact. He turned to nemu who was standing there in the background "Nemu i need you and whoever else to go get some equipment for me so that i can set up my project" she bowed her head and then ran out of the building. Mayuri turned to the computer, typing he looked at his database for any as an explanation to hanataro's powers. He got frustrated there was nothing matching the description at all. Damn it in going to the librar- His mind stopped and his body stopped to such a degree he couldn't feel even his hear beat. Mayuri's hands started to move uncontrollably and started to make hand seals and his body started to morph he let loose one scream and then a cloud of smoke appeared and when the smoke cleared up there was kabuto. Well that was disappointing i was expecting a captain to put up more of fight he then shrugged and then went to the computer and after tapping into mayuri's mind he began deleting all the data squad twelve had ever collected and then he pulled up mayuri's spare brain(*2) and slammed it into the ground. He then looked further into the computer and his grin grew wider than gin ichimaru's Mayuri mayuri you naughty boy you planted enough devices that if malfunctioned would destroy most of the sereitei so sad and then kabuto began overloading all of them and then when he switched to camera he watched his work in progress. He then decided it was time to finish it and then he made the hand sign for release and then a another cloud of smoke and there stood there mayuri's dead body the snake crawled out of his body and then it started to swell growing bigger than mayuri's body and then it started turning grey and then a tremendous explosion escaped destroying mayuri's lab. The rest of squad twelve panicked wondering what was it this time, akon looked at them all.

"What's going on here?" Akon asked. One of the members pointed to the screen. His eyes widened "Tell the captains immediately" He said and then he and the others worked on getting any equipment out but in vain they found out there was no data and as the panic grew worse, it finally capsized when the equipment they installed all over the sereitei overloaded. Needless to say it was chaos fires everywhere the sereitei was on the brink of destruction. Billions were dying and back in his cell hanataro could feel them dying. He clenched his knees but did nothing except shake in rage because he knew kabuto was somehow behind this all.


"What's the status at the moment isane?" Unohona asked as she focused on sending fourth squad everywhere to heal the others, surprisingly there was nothing from twelfth division in their division (Hanataro does not like being watched). This was bad at this rate there were going to be no more shinigami How could this have happened she wondered.

"Were almost out of the clear captain we managed to rescue over 69% of the total population" Isane reported with a grim look. Unohana nodded then ordered the rest to work with the others in case people got injured. She then flash stepped to where other captains were meeting the captain commander.

"How is the situation going captain soi fon" The head captain asked.

"We have nearly defused all the bombs" Soi fon reported

"That is good however what of the reason behind all this" Head captain demanded more than asked. Nobody was able to say a word, when nemu appeared carrying an unconscious akon in her arms.

"I believe i know what happened" Nemu said

"Well?" The head captain asked

"According to akon" She pointed to the unconscious man "Someone set off a chain reaction to overload all the equipment" She said and then waited for them to come up with a response.

"Where is Captain Kurotsuchi?" The head captain asked surprising everyone. Nemu looked down for a long time before finally answering.

"I don't know" She began "Last time i saw he ordered me to go get some supplies and then when they started to detonate i left the building and i could no longer detect his spiritual pressure it was just gone" She with a hint of sadness in her voice. None of them said anything but instead looked at the disaster ahead of them.

"Bring hanataro with us to central 46" The head captain said

Renji was more than surprised when soi fon appeared saying that they had to bring hanataro with them to central 46. "But capt-" Renji tried but was interrupted by soi fon.

"Orders by the head captain himself, we best not keep him waiting" She said curtly cutting off renji. They turned to the cell and pulled hanataro out and walked along the path to central 46. Hanataro did not bother saying a single word. They entered and as the judges looked down on him, he knew they had already decided his verdict. So it was no surprise when they said the words

"You are hereby guilty of all charges and henceforth you shall be sentenced to the appropriate severity of your crimes" The lead judge said behind his cover as the others. The judge waited for any responses of any kind from either hanataro or the captains but there was none. "The sentence is as by the law, death" The judge finished "You may take him away and decide on the matter of his death". Hanataro said nothing as he was carried off to a new cell.


"What should we do hyuuga? a voice called out. There was no one to be seen for the origin of the voice.

"I don't know" Hyuuga said. "What are your opinions on the matter Bones, Curse, Clayman, Sensor?" He continued "What can we do?"

"We could fight instead of letting this crap happen" Curse said

"And yet uchiha wouldn't want that" Clayman said

"So we just sit by and let him die after everything?" Bones asked

"Of course not" Hyuuga said with stress "But should we reveal ourselves at all?"

"I think we should" Sensor said out of the blue. She waited and then continued "I kept an eye out just like he asked and based on what i saw i think kabuto will gain control over the hōgyoku and on top of that, when i was surveying hueco mundo i noticed large amounts of chakra centered in one place and-" She paused and then continued "I think he is building up an army and teaching them ninja techniques" she waited for a response and then.

"If that is so then there is no question we are going to need all the help we can get, even mentor" they all gasped as hyuuga said that.

"But you know he is retired and can't fight anymore because of his imbalance" Clayman said

"I know but he will be useful in explaining the situation and-" Hyuuga looked at them "He is perhaps the only one who can keep hanataro from being exiled" They were all silent at that. Hyuuga then opened a door and stepped outside to go inform the mysterious person known as mentor of their predicament.

"I am sorry to bother you sir" Hyuuga said to the person who was hidden behind a screen

"It is no trouble, why don't you come in for tea?" The mentor said

"I am here for important business, mentor" Hyuuga said. The man's shoulders drooped on the other side of the screen

"If it is about uchiha-" Mentor was cut off

"It involves him but it is something else entirely" Hyuuga then told him everything.

"I see so thats why" The man got up and opened the door "Then you have no time to waste"

"Yes sir what will you do sir?" Hyuuga asked

"I must make preparations for the coming battles ahead" They both vanished.

Prison three days later

Hanataro breathed in and out, he lept up and paced around the room. Its been a while since i haven't moved in such a long time. He turned around at the noise of the door opening and sat back down when soi-fon with a guard of three men closed the door behind her. "Hanataro it is time again" She said curtly. He was silent as she pulled out a notebook and pen. "Are you alone?" She asked

"Yes" He said flatly

"How long have you been with the gotei thirteen?" she looked at him with suspicious eyes

"A few years" He said with a yawn. She started to twitch anger appearing very obviously.

"What are your intentions?" She asked still angry

"Nothing much, just this and that and did you get a new hair cut?" He said with a smirk as she almost reached for her sword but drew back instead.

"Just answer the questions uchiha" She said with gritted teeth. He shrugged and she breathed deep "What was the reason for your secret?" she looked at him as he started tapping his foot.

"You already asked that question, remember?" He said with a unknown tone in his voice. She looked at him puzzled, he snapped his fingers and then as she doubled over in pain images came to her. She looked at him with an expression of anger and confusion.

"How, when, you-" She charged at him. He shot out his right arm hitting her solar plexus leaving stunned and out of breath then with a swift kick to the thigh she landed on her knees and finally he banged his two hands to her ears dazing her and then he knocked her out. He waited for her to wake up, and when she did he waited. "Okay so how long?" She said with a grimace

"Not that long and just now the control i had over you is officially gone" hanataro said as he watched her unbelieving face.

"What was your part in mayuri's death? She saw him looking at her.

"I had no part it was most likely kabuto" she looked at him

"I thought you said you were alone?" Hanataro rubbed his forehead

"I am alone and kabuto is not with me rather he is against me and soul society and before you can ask no i will not be saying anything else" he said. She looked at him with an unknown form of anger.

"You do realize that this isn't making it any easier for you?" She said with a raised eyebrow. He shrugged his shoulders not caring what would happen. "Who is this kabuto yakushi?" she asked

"An enemy that has reached immortality and is a far bigger threat than aizen could have ever been" He answered

"What about you?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing wrong oh well" He then watched her stand up and leave. As he was left to his thoughts, he thought about his entire life involving his friends. Now that was funny he grinned although it would have been preferable if i hadn't stole that book then i wouldn't have caught myself in such an embarassing situation.

"Its time uchiha" The guards said they picked him up and escorted him out and as they did hanataro thought of one thing and one thing only They can still win. He looked up at the executioner and grinned as the blade swung. However before the blade could cleave his head off, the guard was pushed back. Hanataro looked up in shock and shouted "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Surrounding him were all his allies, They were clothed in black, all of souls society stared in shock.

Seventeen Months Later (For those who don't know that is the approximate time skip in the manga)

"A lot of things have changed haven't they hyuuga?" Mentor asked hyuuga. Hyuuga merely nodded "By the way-" Mentor started to say when he was interrupted by a message.

"Ichigo Kurosaki is here" They heard the people shouting. Hyuuga looked up from his desk to mentor.

"Ichigo got his powers back?" Hyuuga pondered "Should we take into the fold considering the recent events?"

"Maybe but he will have to display the ablities necessary abilities first" Mentor looked around as he saw ichigo pass by "Just like you and the others had too"

"So we wait?" Hyuuga asked

"Yes" Mentor looked back at him and then they left the office.

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