Naruto: HELL YEAH!


Suteneko: Aren't you yelling too Sasuke?

Sasuke: Hn

Suteneko: Whatever, Naruto disclaimer!

Naruto: Suteneko-chan does not own Naruto!

At Team 7 training grounds

"Where is Sasuke-kun?" Sakura wondered aloud.

"He's even later than Kakashi!" Naruto added.

"Hmm…Naruto go check on Sasuke at his house to make sure he's okay." Kakashi ordered.

"No way sensei! We should go as a team!" Sakura argued.

"I don't think Sasuke would like so many people in his house Sakura."

"But it would only be the 3 of us!"

"In Sasuke's standards Sakura-chan, that's too many."

Sakura couldn't come up with anything else so she kept quiet.

Seeing that Sakura had given up in arguing, Naruto raced off to the Uchiha Compound leaving Kakashi & Sakura alone.

"So Sakura, how about we get started on those push-ups?"

Sakura groaned, oh how she hated training. She'd much rather stalk Sasuke & drool over his greatness than doing anything else.

At the Uchiha Compound

Naruto kicked Sasuke's bedroom door opened, "YO SASUKE! WAKE UP TEME!"

Naruto only heard a tired groan in response. He walked inside & saw that Sasuke had completely covered his entire body with his bed covers. Naruto smirked when a devious idea formed in his mind. He could get a punch in the face for it but hey, the look on Sasuke's face would really make his day. Going over to Sasuke's bed, pulled the covers off of him making him fall off of the bed.


Now that made Naruto freeze, that voice didn't belong to Sasuke, it sounded somewhat like him but high-pitched like a girl's. Naruto blinked when he saw a girl where Sasuke should be, glaring at him.


Naruto blinked his eyes again & studied the girl in front of him who he secretly suspected was Sasuke but gender-changed. Her features became softer, her cheeks a bit more chubbier, her jaw line less masculine. Her hair stayed the same except maybe her bangs were slightly longer. Her eyes were also the same obsidian-onyx, but her eyelashes were longer.

Damn, I wonder if he realizes?

That's when Naruto looked lower.

Yup, definitely a girl.

Damn! He even has a chest!

Sasuke was confused at Naruto's staring.

What the heck was he looking at?

Sasuke looked down & nearly shrieked in horror.

What the-?

Quickly, Sasuke made a dash to her full length mirror, almost making Naruto's nose bleed. Why? Simple. Sasuke was wearing a white singlet & boxers & because of her new chest, her new breasts were evident as easily seen from the thin material of the singlet she was wearing that made the shape of her new nipples obvious, almost making Naruto faint. When Sasuke got to the mirror, she stared at her reflection in pure horror as she studied her new features. Hell she was even shorter than before! As short as Naruto even!


Naruto couldn't help but feel pity for Sasuke. Imagine, your manhood taken away from you overnight. Naruto shook his head but what shocked him next, scarred him for life. Sasuke screamed, a loud high-pitched bloodcurdling scream. When the scream stopped, Naruto's ears were ringing.

Stupid Sasuke! You didn't have to scream!

But before Naruto could yell at Sasuke, he did something Naruto didn't see coming — Sasuke cried. Tears fell from her dark onyx orbs.

"Fuck!" Sasuke swore in tears.

"What am I going to do? I…can't revive my clan…I family jewels!"

Sasuke continued sobbing & Naruto didn't know what to do.

Shit! What should I-?

Suddenly, Sasuke's door burst open again.

"SASUKE-KUN!" Sakura called out happily.

Naruto quickly covered his ears, knowing what was going to happen next. Sakura turned her head & saw Sasuke. Sasuke looked up & Sakura was taken aback when she saw her face.


How? What?


Sakura screamed & fainted. Lucky for her, Kakashi caught her before she could fall on the ground. Kakashi studied Sasuke for a while & finally said,

"Wash up & put on your bathrobe. Meet me in the living room to tell us what happened. Naruto you come too."

And with that, Kakashi picked up Sakura bridal-style & carried her away. Casting another glance at Sasuke, Naruto left too.

"I wonder how this would turn out?" Kakashi wondered

Suteneko: TIRED!

Naruto: Wow, that's long.

Sasuke: I can't believe you made a FemSasu…

Suteneko: I've been itching too! I can't wait to see the responses.

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