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On the way to the training grounds to meet Akuma, Sasuke remembered her talk with Tenshi yesterday.


"Akuma is a real womanizer so do not fall for any of his tricks!" warns the blue-haired woman.

"I won't" the young girl assured Tenshi.

"He loves women and enjoys the effect he has on them so beware!"

"Understood." Sasuke nodded.

"Let me know if he does anything inappropriate!"

"Hai Sensei" Sasuke sighed at her mentor's concern.


Like I would even fall for him in the first place... He's good-looking and all but I-

"Good morning Sasuke-chan. Slept well?"

Sasuke looked up to see Akuma who looked devilishly handsome as usual.

"Fine. So how are we going to do this?"asked Sasuke, not wasting any time.

Akuma smirked, "You're going to fight me with all you've got. But there are stipulations."

Sasuke nodded, urging him to continue.

"No weapons are allowed, you can only use fire ninjutsu and nothing else. I'll allow you to use chakra pills to replenish your chakra. As for me, I'll only be using taijutsu."

Sasuke was baffled,"Only taijutsu for you? But-"

"I am a Kage-Level ninja, I can handle myself just fine" the red-haired man assured her.


Akuma smirked, "So you ready kid?"

A serious expression formed on Sasuke's face as she moved to a battle stance, "Prepare yourself."

The man smirked in return, this is going to be interesting.

"Thanks for your hard work!" says Shizune, ending the medical ninjutsu lesson with her two students.

"Hey Shizune-san?"

"Yes Ino-chan?" answered the short-haired woman.

"Tenten and I were wondering-"

"-if you had any idea on the two of us can improve as ninjas?" finished the brunette impatiently.

Shizune blinked at them in surprise but she saw the expressions on their faces realizing that they were really serious, "Interesting...well I guess it looks like these two were inspired by team 7 as well..." she thought to herself.

She looked over at the two girls carefully and thought it through thoroughly.

I'll start with Ino

"Ino-chan, most of the attacks in your arsenal now are medium to long range correct? Hence, I think you should work on your taijustu and hand to hand combat. It is always a good idea to be formidable whenever you can. Maybe afterwards, you can think about learning elemental ninjutsu if you really want to."

Ino nodded slowly, taking it all in.

Shizune turned to Tenten.

"Tenten, have you ever thought about learning kenjutsu?"

The genin in question blinked at her, "Learning kenjutsu? It'll take years, patience and-!"

Shizune smiled, "You're young my dear, I'm sure you can do it"

Tenten smiled back and nodded.

"You could also think about learning some elemental ninjutsu too if you want. I think it is always good to know some ninjutsu in case of any emergency."

Tenten and Ino nodded, getting her point.

Shizune smiled, all seriousness gone, "So now that that's done, let's go have our lunch now shall we?"

"Hai!" answers the hungry girls.

Sasuke's limbs were aching, she was struggling to regain her focus.

Damn it…

The pale skinned girl's knees buckled and her eyelids fluttered before she began to fall backwards.

I can't anymore…

"Easy kid"

Akuma appeared behind her and caught her with ease. He gently began to lower he body down to the ground and into a comfortable sitting position; Sasuke's back rested against his chest whilst Akuma's strong arms encircled her slender waist from behind.

He's so close...

Akuma held Sasuke's right hand in his and says in her ear, "Sasuke if you're still conscious say something."

Sasuke wasted no time in replying him, "You're too damn fast, stupid kistune."

Akuma let out an amused chuckle at the response.

Good thing she's all right

The fanged man smirked as began to stroke his pupil's hand with his thumb, "There is a reason why one of my nicknames is Speed Demon kid."

Sasuke clicked her tongue in annoyance at the arrogance in his voice, completely ignoring the fact that he was stroking her hand s familiarly, "You suck. You were toying with me the entire damn time."

Akuma chuckled again, stopped stroking her hand and kissed her on the cheek, "You fulfilled my expectations though. Good job."

Sasuke's face flamed then.

No wonder Tenshi-sensei warned me about him…

Sasuke immediately pried her hand away from her shishou, "Y-you can't just kiss me and touch me like this! I'll tell-!"

Akuma laughed, "Oh Sasuke! If you really disliked my touch, you would have pushed me away by now wouldn't you?"

Sasuke's face turned even redder at that.

I'm just not leaving because his embrace is just too damn comfortable! Plus I'm tired!

Akuma turned serious then, bringing Sasuke back to reality, "However, jokes aside, it is time for me to tell you my assessment of you from what I've seen today."

Sasuke sighed, she was really tired...and really in no mood...

"First off, Tenshi has trained you well; your stamina and speed has definitely improved since you were a guy. You could definitely give Kakashi and Gai a good run for their money and with a bit more practice, you might just be able to actually dream of challenging me and Tenshi to a race" he says, smirking at the end.

Sasuke frowned at what her new trainer had said whilst Akuma continued.

"Your chakra reserves are pretty big but not enough to last you with our spar just now. You also obviously lack the ability to strategize considering the fact you wasted no time in pulling out the big guns."

Sasuke's frown turned to a scowl and tried to defend herself, "You're a high level ninja! Wouldn't it make sense for me to use high level jutsu against you?"

Akuma turned his head so that it was no longer resting on Sasuke's shoulder but now facing her with a serious expression on his face, "Yes but you need to go about it smartly. You can't just keep running into a fight without thinking."

Sasuke's scowl deepened, her irritation with Akuma rising, "Why not? I've done it plenty of times!"

"But you got your ass kicked for quite a while till you came up with an idea on how to win right?" he countered calmly.

Sasuke cringed then, remembering how she always winged it in her fights.

"I still win in the end anyway..." she grumbled.

"You could finish the fight a lot of faster if you entered the battle with at least some sort of battle plan in mind you know."

Sasuke sighed, realizing that she should just give up on the argument, she didn't have the drive to argue with him any further.

"You will definitely save on energy and chakra too" he added pointedly.

"Fine, I get it..." the Uchiha relented.

Akuma smirked at her and snuggled his face into Sasuke's neck, causing the girl to blush, "Good, now I think the first thing I'm going to have to do with you is help you get those chakra reserves of yours to get bigger."

Sasuke immediately turned her head and looked at the red-haired man as if was crazy, "You cannot be serious!"

Akuma moved his head so that their faces were just inches away from each other and deadpanned, "Do I look like I'm joking?"

Sasuke got up from her comfortable sitting position with him and turned so that her body faced him, "Tenshi-sensei and I are doing medical ninjutsu right now which requires chakra control. The bigger my reserves get, the harder I'll be to control the chakra!"

Akuma nodded, "Which means in between practices, you're going to have to work on your chakra control."

"But you're supposed to train me in fire ninjutsu!" retorted the Uchiha.

Akuma nodded and got up from the ground, "Yes and the justus I'm planning to teach you will require a hell lot of chakra. You need to get bigger reserves Sasuke"

Sasuke sighed, so much to learn…

Suddenly, Sasuke felt a numbing sensation go through her body, her knees buckled once more before everything went black.

Shizune had just left the restaurant with her two genin students when they bumped into Hinata.

"Hinata-chan, where are you of to?"

The girl in question turned and smiled at her sensei but Ino and Tenten pain no attention to their conservation as they were in shock, gawking at her new appearance.

Hinata like Team 7 had apparently gotten a make-over.

She had grown her hair until the tips of her hair just touched her shoulders with hair bangs elegantly framing her face. There was this look in her eyes where you could tell that she was no longer the shy, timid girl she once were, she had gained confidence and maturity over had happened with her the past year and it showed. Hinata wore a long sleeve lavender hooded top, blue ¾ pants that matched the regulation genin sandals and around her petite waist, she wore a black pouch where the girls suspected Hinata kept her medical supply or poisons or perhaps even both! But like before, Hinta still wore her Konoha headband tied around her neck.

"Hi Ino-chan, Tenten-chan" Hinata greeted.

"H-hey, nice makeover" Ino managed to say.

"Thank you" Hinata smiled.

"S-so where are you of to?" Tenten asked.

"To a friend's house. He called me for a favour."

"This girl overexerts herself too much" Hinata tells her friend as she tucks Sasuke into bed.

Naruto sighs tiredly, "Well you know Sasuke, got to push her limits and put 200% in everything."

"Right" Hinata answers as she walks over to turn off the bedroom light.

Naruto closes the door behind him after casting one last glance at his sleeping teammate, "You know I think she likes me."

Hinata froze in mid-step, "Why would you think that?"

He knows?

Naruto laughs at her reaction, "No, not me. Akuma."

Hinata turns to look at her longtime friend and folds her arm across her chest, "Okay and why the hell do you think she'll be interested in Akuma of all people?"

The blonde frowns, "Because Akuma is hot? Why else would woman not fall for him?"

Hinata rolled her eyes, "Sasuke isn't like normal girls"

"I know but when I was flirting with her as Akuma, she didn't resist my touch."

Hinata shrugs then, "Maybe her hormones are acting up? Because like you said, Akuma is hot after all."

Naruto smirks, "Damn right!"

Hinata rolls her eyes at her friend and stands by the door to wait for him to open it for her. Just as the two leave the house, Naruto asked another question.

"So Hinata, do you find Akuma hot too then?"

There was a long pregnant silence until Hinata finally answered, "Shut up Naru-chan"

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