Jack went to set his coffee mug on the table. His eyes spotted a note lying there.

Smugly, he picked it up. His face fell into an annoyed frown.

It was all zeros and ones.


He gritted his teeth and ripped the pathetic scrawl into pieces.

"Those two...!" he hissed under his breath.

Jack couldn't stand their secret sappy love notes.


Jack froze and turned.

Bruno had seen what he did, and he looked none too pleased.

"I wrote that for Yusei!" he complained, and angry pout on his face.

Jack twitched.

"Then write him a-goddamned-nother and DON'T leave it where I can find it!" Jack spat.

Bruno narrowed his eyes and shot Jack a nasty look.


Bruno snatched up a new piece of paper and a pen and began to scribble something down. Jack watched him with an amused sneer. He would love to take that paper and shove it down his throat.

When Bruno was done, he held it up to Jack to see.

"I can't fucking read that, why are you showing it to me?" he snarled.

"Good. Just making sure," Bruno said, and he left the kitchen.

A half hour later, Yusei wandered into the kitchen, yawning.

He eyed the table hopefully, as if he knew that a note written just for him should have been waiting there. He frowned when he saw nothing but Jack's empty coffee mug.

Before Yusei could open his mouth to ask Jack if he had seen a note for him, Bruno had sprinted into the kitchen.

"Here," he said, pressing the note into Yusei's hand, "I thought I deliver this onepersonally." He stood back as Yusei began to decode the zeros and ones. His expression turned from affection to nasty in seconds.

Jack had been reading the paper at the table. Yuseu marched over and ripped the paper from his hands.

"Hey...!" Jack protested, but suddenly had Bruno's note shoved in his face.

"Explain this," Yusei breathed dangerously.

"Explain what?" Jack snapped.

"I know exactly what you did to Bruno, don't try to deny it!" Yusei growled.

"I didn't do anything!" Jack snarled, and he spotted Bruno behind Yusei sticking his tongue out at him.

"You brat!" Jack hissed, making a violent motion to get up.

"AAH, Yusei! He'll do it again!" Bruno whined tearfully.

"JACK!" Yusei snarled, grabbing him by the collar, "You do something else like that and I WILL kick you out, understand?"

"I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!" Jack yelled back.

"I don't want to hear it! I make the rules around here, got it? Come on Bruno, let's go somewhere where we can be alone!"

Yusei stormed out of the room, followed by a smug Bruno, who turned and gave Jack mischievous wink.

"I will turn that bastard into mincemeat next chance I get!" Jack thought angrily.