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Hello, Hello There Is This Kaycee

The shrill ringing of the phone greeted Kaycee Douglas as she unlocked the door of her modest two bed roomed house in Waycross Georgia. She had moved there from Clinton, Mississippi, in the November of 2007 after she broke up with her boyfriend since high school in mid 2007. Kaycee loved living near the Okefenokee national wildlife refuge, where she regularly went on hiking and photography trips, having an Annual Refuge Pass, which she renewed faithfully each year.

Dropping down her camera bag on the hall table she picked up the phone, wondering if it would be a client wanting her to do a shoot.

Kaycee was a photographer by profession, having developed a love of the art when she received her first camera at the age of ten, while she and her family still lived in the UK. Though still a British citizen, Kaycee was raised in America, after her father s company had sent him there to work, when she was twelve years old. They had moved to Clinton, Mississippi where she had been enrolled in high school. Though not wildly popular, she had been accepted and had several friends, enjoying several sports as well as belonging to the photography club.

Photography and sport was how she met her serious high school boyfriend, the man she thought would be the love of her life. Kaycee had been taking photographs on the football field and had not noticed that the ball had been thrown in her direction. The next thing she knew she was flying through the air having been knocked off her feet by one of the players. The tall young man apologised profusely to her, as he helped her up, then checked first her and then her camera to make sure they were both all right. After assuring himself that she was fine, he introduced himself to her and later asked her out.

They clicked right off the bat both having similar interests to an extent and a love of the outdoors. He was approximately a year and a half older than her having been born in November 1982 while she was born in the February of 1984. She fell in love with him in a few short weeks and thought they would spend the rest of their lives together, instead he ended up breaking her heart.

Hello. She said into the mouthpiece reaching for a pad and paper in case she needed them.

Kaycee was recognised as an artist with the camera and her work was much sought after, so much so that she was able to be choosy about what jobs she took. She tended towards the jobs that she thought would be interesting more than what the jobs would actually pay. Not to say that she did not make a good living at her work, she could have afforded a much bigger house and fancy cars, jewellery and other things associated with a high income lifestyle if she had wanted. Kaycee could not see the point though, the house was big enough for her, her car got her from a to b, she didn t need expensive jewellery or a high profile lifestyle, she was happiest in jeans and T-shirts.

Hello, hello is this Kaycee Douglas? The voice sounded strangely familiar but she could not place it.

Speaking, how may I help you? Kaycee was heading to the kitchen now, pad and paper in hand as she made her way to the counter top, dropping the things down and opening up the fridge to grab a bottle of water.

The bottle fell to the floor as she dropped it in shock at his next words. Kaycee this is Ted, Ted DiBiase.

Ted. She croaked out as she tried to get a grip on herself, he was the last person she ever thought she would hear from.

With a groan Ted DiBiase opened his eyes, quickly shutting them again as the pounding in his head intensified at the infusion of light. Pulling the pillow over his head with a whimper he tried to think where he was. Oh that s right another hotel room, in another city, after another event; he reached out a hand to find his girl friend. The bed next to him was empty, the sheet smooth and cold, and it all came back to him.

It had been a good day, the best, he was following his dream, getting ready to take part in a new story line that would set him up with a title shot, his beautiful girlfriend travelling with him. He felt like he was on top of the world. Leaving his girl at the hotel he had set off for a meeting only to get a text that it had been cancelled and they would have to reschedule. He had turned the car round and headed back eager to spend more time with his love, thinking this might really be the one.

Slipping his key card in the lock a smile played on his lips as he thought how happy she would be to see him. He was thinking that things were going perfectly between them; thoughts of settling down were running through his head. Just as quickly all thoughts but ones of shock were driven from his mind, as he saw his girl riding another man, her head flung back, moans and grunts coming from the oblivious pair.

Slamming the door back against the wall, he was relieved to see them break apart, she looked over at the door way and her face was a mask of shock as she saw him standing there.

Ted, Teddy. She croaked. Its not,,, I can explain. She pulled the sheet around her getting off the bed and walking towards him.

The guy lying there grabbed a pillow to cover himself, he looked vaguely familiar but Ted couldn t place him right now.

What is there to explain? He asked his voice shaking with emotion he was feeling right now. How could she do this to him, how could she treat him like this?

Baby I love you. She reached out for him. It s just, I have needs and you re not always around.

Her words made his feel sick, however they also triggered a memory of him saying something similar to someone else.

And he takes care of your needs? He asked, feeling the pain running through him.

My physical needs yes, but I love you Teddy, I love you so much, I want to spend my life with you. She reached out to touch his face and he felt his skin crawl.

What about my needs? He asked, pulling back from her. My need to have a girlfriend I can trust, how can I trust you?

The guy on the bed smirked, making Ted feel sick to his stomach.

Teddy Baby. She simpered at him and he just couldn t take it any more.

Pushing her away from him he felt his hands curl into fists. Get out. He growled. Pack up your stuff, take your lover and go, I never want to see you again.

The guy on the bed took one look at his face and leapt up, things suddenly not so amusing any more. Quickly he started pulling on his clothes, while she looked at him with tears running down her cheeks, not seeming to believe what he had just said.

Teddy baby no, I love you, don t do this to us.

Don t do this to us. He snarled at her making her take a step back. I didn t do anything to us you did this to us. He turned towards the door. I ll be back in half an hour, you and all your shit better be gone by then, I never want to see you, or hear from you again.

He stalked down the corridor towards the elevators knowing he had to get away from her, get away from them, before he did something he would regret. Riding the car down he exited and headed for the bar, feeling in need of a stiff drink despite the time of the day.

That evening he had preformed for his fans winning his match, but his heart wasn t in it he felt empty inside, how could she have done that to him, how could she have treated him like that, wasn t he enough for her? A memory stirred at that thought, he tried to push it down, still it nagged at him like a sore that would not be eased. After the show he headed to a bar with Randy and Cody where he proceeded to try and drink the pain away.

Now it was the next morning and all he had was an empty bed and a pounding head, knowing there was nothing else for it he staggered to the bathroom, then searched his bag for something for the pain. After he sat on the bed, his head in his hands, wondering where it had all gone wrong, sure he was on the road a lot, but he got home to see her as much as he could. Sighing he just guessed it wasn t meant to be; he headed for the shower, then dressed wondering if he could face breakfast.

He poked moodily at the food he had ordered in the restaurant, he was still shocked, he was normally the one that did the leaving, no one had left him since, well since his high school sweet heart, and that had been his own fault. It seemed that once he thought about her he could not stop it had been four years since he had seen her, spoken to her, held her, made love to her. However now he had started thinking about her he couldn t stop. He d heard she had moved from where she used to live, so had no idea where she was now. Her parents still lived in the same house though and suddenly he had an over whelming desire to hear her voice.

Pushing away the uneaten food, he headed up to the privacy of his room, once there he dialled a number he had at one time been only too familiar with. After talking on the phone for a few minutes he soon had a new number to call, he couldn t believe she lived relatively close to him given the size of the country he was in Florida she in Georgia. Heart pounding in his chest he dialled the number her parents had given him and heard the phone start to ring, he had no idea what he was going to say to her he just knew he needed to hear her voice.

Hello. It was all she said, he couldn t be sure it was her, so he asked if it was her.

Once she confirmed it was he told her who was calling, he heard a thud at the other end of the phone, had she dropped something, was she okay?

Then he heard her say in a shocked quiet voice. Ted.

Yeah it s me, how ve you been? I was thinking of you and thought I d give you a call, see how you re doing.

Kaycee couldn t believe he was calling her, it had been so long since she d heard his voice, since she d seen him. She d heard he d done well for himself and had got his dream of joining the WWE, following in his Fathers footsteps just like he d wanted to.

I m good. She finally got out. How are you doing, its just been so long Ted I m not sure what to say.

I m doing good. He told her a smile gracing his lips now as he heard her voice. He could picture her in his mind, five foot seven inches in height, her brown hair like golden toffee hanging in waves over her shoulders. Slim yet with plenty of curves in all the right places. I got into the WWE I wrestle for Smackdown. He half hopped that she would know that.

Oh that s nice for you. It sounded like she was just being polite, he guessed she no longer took any interesting in wrestling, not since they had parted anyway.

So what are you up to these days? He settled on the bed feeling himself start to relax.

Still work as a photographer. She replied still not sure what to say to him, it was almost surreal that he was calling her and talking like this.

So you re living in Georgia now? He asked wishing the conversation was not so stilted. I ve moved to Florida, so we re kinda neighbours.

Yeah, kinda. She agreed with him, still not sure what to say.

Look I was thinking, well I m off tomorrow, so I was wondering, since we re not so far away from each other really, when you think of the distances we are from other places, if you d like to meet up for coffee, you know get together for old times sake. He really hoped she would say yes.

I m not sure. He had been the love of her life, she had trusted him, given him her heart, only for him to stomp on it and crush it.

Please Kaycee, I ll come to you, just a couple hours having a coffee and catching up? He was almost begging, not sure why it was so important to him that he see her, yet knowing that it was.

Okay. She said after a few moments silence. I m in Waycross there s a little coffee shop I m fond of, give me a call when you get here and we ll meet up there.

He couldn t help the smile of triumph on his face when she said yes. Okay that s great I ll see you tomorrow.

Yeah, see you, bye Ted. She put the phone down wondering why she had just agreed to this.

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