I wasn't so sure whether i should upload this, 'cause it's short and has no real storyline. But i thought it would be worth a try, hope you think so too. ^^


Carrot entered the room and saw Angua sitting at the small table. On instinct his fingers reached nervously into his pocket, but withdrew, as he saw his girlfriends worried expression.

„Are you alright?", he asked carefully.

„Why?", Angua said thoughtfully, but her question seemed to have no connection to his. It was like she hadn't even heard him.

„Why what, Angua?", he asked back, confused. Silence followed. Uneasy silence, but Carrot didn't want to break it, he wanted to give her the time she obviously needed.

„Why do you put up with me?", she finally continued. „All the trouble you went through because of me... we both know you could do better."

„What do you mean? You are beautiful and intelligent, brave and a good sergeant. Well, you are no dwarf, but neither am I... physically I mean."

Angua sighed. „Don't play dumb, Carrot. You know what I mean."

Carrot thought about it for a moment, before he slowly answered: „Yes, maybe. But I wouldn't want anyone else."

Angua looked up and gave him a daring look. „Why? I'm a werewolf, every month I turn into a wolf and sleep in a basket! My father has the mind of a dog and my brother has tried to kill you! How can you not wish for something better?"

Carrot smiled brightly and even chuckled a bit. Angua seemed puzzled.

„Why are you laughing?", she asked.

„Because I thought the reason was obvious." He walked over to her and sat down next to her. He placed an innocent kiss on her lips and said: „I love you."

Anguas eyes widened and she seemed about to say something, but remained silent when she saw the truth in his honest face. She placed her head on his shoulder and mumbled: „I love you too, Carrot."

The captain smiled and hugged her. Then he withdrew and reached into his pocket again. If there ever was the perfect moment for it, it would be this. Nervously he pulled out a small box. Kneeling in front of her he opened it with shacking fingers, revealing a shining golden ring.

„Would you marry me?", he asked nervously.

Angua froze and starred at him, like he had just told her the world was round. She opened her mouth, but no words came out. Carrot already feared she would say no, or laugh at him even. But when she finally spoke, her voice was barely a whisper: „Yes.", a bit louder she continued: „Of course I want to."


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