The Roman Empire, the epitome of Power and Civility. Known for its world domination, rather than its cities of culture, art, architect, and philosophy. Its alliances only made thru cruel attributions by its well know leaders. One of many and especially by the current authority, that being of Gaius Julius Caesar. However Rome gained its glory only by the ally of the Empress of Greece, Xena. The Conqueror to other parts of known worlds. Caesar had realized that in his early campaign for power that the Conqueror was a military genius and was not easily separated from her emotions as other women. Her armies combined with Rome had waged wars across unknown lands and won out the allegiance thru diplomacy and fairness on the Empresses part and a strong loyalty of her army.

Caesar however resented that fact and yet maintained a sort of civility toward the Conqueror and her own personal allies. But there was trouble brewing in Rome and the Republic leadership that governed the city wanted more power that extended towards Greece. The Conqueror was receiving reports from her spies that there was unrest in power towards Caesar. The Conqueror was wise enough to not interfere in Roman politics unless it concerned her realm. But the Empress knew enough that there would be dire consequences to her country if her alliances to Rome and Caesar became unraveled.

Unknown to Caesar, Marc Antony was also hearing of reports of unrest and had been sending secret dispatches to the Conqueror of raids in their land and Greece not sanctioned by Caesar and that his friend was behaving strangely. Marc Antony had become friends with the Conqueror as they had fought side by side in the campaigns for territory. He had never seen such power and grace in the Conquerors fighting style. To him she was an embodiment of a Warrior, General, leader and friend. They had sparred together, scoffing off that she was a women. Caesar had mocked Antony for taking Xena seriously. That she was a Barbarian and no women should be trusted unless for his own purpose. Marc Antony ignored such musings, and rather saw proof in battle how courage's and intelligent the Conqueror really was and how she hid such skills unless needed. He had learned many things from Xena, the Princess Warrior, before she became the Empress of Greece, the Conqueror, and an ally in need if Rome ever needed her assistance.

He visited her often and became well aware of how secretive she was of her life before fighting to gain hold of Greece for herself. Her Advisor, Gabrielle of Potidaea also was well known to him and Rome. She was an infamous known Bard at the time he met her and the Conqueror had a well known friendship with Gabrielle that bordered on companionship and well as cunning treaties that even Caesar had to acknowledge. Caesar even tried to entice Gabrielle away from the Conquerors side, but Gabrielle would not budge. This was one of the many attributes he credited to the Empress. Her entire kingdom had the loyalty that Caesar craved, but could never attain, at least not by honorable notions, but by fear and sometimes deception.

Though Caesar was his friend and Commander. Marc Antony could not help worry of impending danger lurking in the palace as well. Caesar had a family, a son Caesarion and daughter Julia that were in danger also. Calpurnia, Caesar's wife kept them away from her husband during, what she would call his bouts of madness. Marc Antony was the family protector of his friend and there were times that even he could not calm Caesars sudden change in demeanor. After awhile Caesar would be his calm and ruling friend and then sudden acts would prompt him into calling out the army to lay waste to those who would not bow to his will or Rome as he would call it.

With Marc Antony's dispatches in hand, the Conqueror had concerns the Caesar would terminate his agreement and March on Greece. She had a realm to protect and her reputation for Conquering stopped other countries from attacking on her shores. The Conqueror was known for her ruthlessness in battle and her armies were equal of that of Roman Legions. But seeing the hidden message in Marc Antony's pleas prepared her for what would be an oncoming storm. She prepared her own Legions and prepared to sail to Rome.


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