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Summary: Seraphina Harrison is the adopted daughter of Stiles and Miranda Harrison. Her real parents are Persephone and Hades. She's a fire-wielding Demi-God. Watch as she moves to Forks. Home of the Vampires.

Seraphina P.O.V

I stared at my reflection. I stared at my black hair, black eyes and pale skin. I was pretty, I knew that, with high cheek bones, full lips and heavy lashes. My fringe hung over my forehead, complimenting my heart-shaped face. I was, after all the daughter of the beautiful Persephone, and the devilish Hades.

Thats right. My parents were the king and queen of the Underworld. The myth of Persephone hating father is a lie, and he really is a kind soul. Unless he disslikes you. Then he's a real bastard. I have to live with the Harrisons', two middle-aged humans that are blissfully ignorant to everything I do.

I ran a hand across the mirror, and slouched back in my chair. Stiles and Miranda - the Harrisons' - had moved to Forks, Washington. Rainiest town ever. I finished packing a few hours before, and glanced around my room. The walls were painted a dark grey, and the carpet was black. I had electric lights built into the cieling, but I prefered to use my black and red candles that were placed around the room randomly. I had a double bed, with black covers and blood red pillows. I had big bay windows, where I could sit on the ledge and watch the busy human's lives. The windows were now hidden behind red, floor-sweeping curtains.

I was sat at my beautiful black dressing table, where in the mirror my face looked both frightening and bewitching in the candle-light. I loved it.

My 'parents' didn't like my taste, but still got me whatever I wanted. They often tried to buy my affections, and it was a good job we were a wealthy 'family'. I took a deep breath, and picked up my eyeliner. I applied it thickly, and used a small amount of red lipgloss on my lips, before standing up.

It was my first day Forks High. Actually, it was my first day at an American school. Me and the Harrisons' had lived in England until' recently. They were both actually Americans, born and bred, but I was pretty proud of my Londoner's accent. Then again, I just loved standing out in a crowd.

Weaing black jeans, studded ankle-boots and a top that said, in writing that resembled blood 'Normal People Scare Me', I waved my hand and all the candles in the room went out. I rifled through my draws until I found the small case where my charm bracelet rested. I pulled out the bracelet, and slipped it on.

I suppose it couldn't really be called a 'charm bracelet', for there was only one charm on their, and a small silver bar that said 'Seraphina' in Ancient Greek. The lonely charm was of a bow and arrow, and when pressed against my the silver bar, the bracelet turned into a real bow. It was a birthday gift from Persephone when I was still living in the Underworld.

Upon leaving the room, I heard Miranda shout,

"Sera, come on, you'll be late!" I winced. I hated being called Sera. Seraphina was much nicer, in my opinion.

"I'm coming!" I yelled, jogging down the stairs. My feet hit the bottom and I rushed passed my 'mum', grabbed my bag keys, before leaving the house. "Bye!" I called half-heartedly.

My car was nothing too complicated, just a black BMW of some kind. I didn't really talk 'car speak'. It confused me. I climbed in, and smiled when it purred to life. As long as it was fast, I didn't care what model it fucking was. I sped through the winding streets of Forks, until' I reached the school. The only clue that it was in fact a school, was the sign indicating its status outside. I sighed. By the time I had arrived, there was already students here. I didn't want the attention I was garanteed to get. I climbed out, and managed to - some how - avoid any teenagers until' I left the front office moments later, timetable in hand.

Just as I was walking down the hall, a short boy with dark hair approached me eagerly. "Hey, I'm Eric - you're new, right?"

I tried a smile. "Yeah, I'm Seraphina."

Right, the Harrisons' daughter, nice name you got there." I blinked.

"Adopted daughter." I corrected.

"Sensitive subject?" He assumed. I laughed.

"Not at all, I just like to say things as they are." I told him with a genuine grin.

I sat through my lessons struggling to read the English text and sit still. The school thought I was 'Dyslexic', but really, my brain understands Ancient Greek perfectly. Any other language I read is like worlds floating about on a page. Also, because of my survival instincts, I couldn't sit still. I fidgetted, constantly.

By the time lunch arrived, I had met a few people, who had bravely come to introduce themselves. I had quickly come to the realisation that Jessica Stanley - a short, curly haired girl - was only my friend because of the gossip she thrived on. I had been flirted with by a lot of boys, but the only ones I could actually remember were Mike Newton and Eric Yorkie. I walked into the canteen with Jessica, and I could feel everyone's eyes on me as we collected our food.

We walked over to the table where Mike - Oh joy - Eric, - Eh, I could deal with him - Lauren Mallory (Who I knew was a bitch just with one glance) and a dark-haired girl, Angela Webber were sat. I fiddled with my bow and arrow charm.

"Hey Sera!" Mike exclaimed. I clenched my fist.

"Hello, Mike." I said politely, sitting down. I instantly want to move, but forced myself to sit still. Shit! I had made a critical error. I was between Jessica and Mike, which was a problem for three reasons;

1) Jessica liked Mike.

2) Mike liked me.

3) I dissliked both of them.

"How are you finding Forks High?" He asked.

"Its... Cool." I answered warily.

"Its... Cool?" He mimicked.

"Hey! I'm used to all-girl boarding schools!" That was a valid point. Stiles had insisted on me attending a proper boarding school whilst we were in England. Thats the reason behind my rather posh accent.

Before our conversation could anywhere remotely interesting, Jessica snatched my attention. "Sera," My eye twitched, but she didn't notice, " Look over there." She nodded at something over my shoulder. Curious clouding my better judge-ment, I glanced in the direction of which she indictated.

Five people were sat around a table. They all had pale skin and an odd, amber eye colour. But that wasn't what I noticed first.

They were each georgous - as if Aphrodite herself had graced them with beauty.

Yet, I couldn't see why it mattered to me, and therefore just shrugged and looked back at Jessica. Just by the look on her face, I could tell that she wanted me to ask about them, so I mentally sighed.

"Who are they?" I asked, with poorly faked interest. I shifted in my seat, and started to drum my fingers on the table, needing to move. My bracelet jingled with the sudden movement.

She frowned, but launched into an explanation. "They're the Cullens and the Hales. The blondes the Hale twins, Jasper and Rosalie. Rosalie's dating the big one, Emmett Cullen, and Jasper dating the really small dark-haired girl, Alice Cullen." There was one more boy, who she hadn't described yet, so I looked at her to see that she had a dazed look on her face. "And thats Edward. Hottest guy in school. But apparently, none of us are good for him."

That was girl code for; He turned me down five times, and he will do the same thing to you, bitch.

"They're all adopted by Doctor Cullen and his wife. It's just disgusting - I mean, some of them are together, and they live with eachother."

"I don't really care, Jessica." I told her. "And besides, they're not related. It doesn't matter. It's just the same as moving in with your boyfriend."

"Whatever, Seraphina." She said coldly, and turned to speak with Lauren. I almost laughed, and glanced back at the Cullens and Hales. The bronze-haired one, who I guessed as Edward from Jessica's rant, was looking at me curiously. I raised an eyebrow, and turned away, catching a glimpse of his slightly shocked face. I started to pick at the so called 'food', and slouched back in my chair, waiting for lunch to end.

Edward P.O.V

I walked to Biology, with one thing on my mind.

The new girl.

I couldn't read her thoughts, and she was bizzarely beautiful. Like us, but more human. Her sent was also odd, like spice and fire.

I entered the class to see her speaking to Mr. Banner, and quickly scanned the room. I knew my desk was the only vacant one. I guess I was going to end up with her next to me. I passed her, and her bottomless black eyes met mine briefly. They seemed darker than a thirsty vampire, and seemed to harbor secrets. I made my way to my desk, and sat down, and a moment later she came walking towards me.

"Hey." She said with a grin. She slid into the empty seat.

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen." But she already knew that, because Jessica bloody Stanely had told her about us at lunch. I was suprised at her reaction - she just didn't seem to care much. Her hand twitched and she sudddenly looked like she was trying not to move.

"I'm Seraphina - Seraphina Harrison." She spoke the last name reluctantly. What kind of name is Seraphina? I thought for a minuet. I recignoised her last name, Harrison. Ah, yes.

"Your Stiles and Miranda's adopted daughter." I assumed.

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

"They're both doctors, right? They work with my father, Doctor Carlisle."

"Oh. Cool. You're adopted too, right?" I nodded, smiling slightly. "Do you like living with them?" I noticed her twirling a small charm around her fingers. Couldn't she sit still?

"Of course. Why wouldn't I?" I asked.

She hesitated, "Did you ever meet your real parents?" She answered with a question. Cunning.

I swallowed. "Yes, yes I did. Did you?" Seraphina shifted in her seat.

"Yes, that's why I disslike my family now. I miss my real parents too much."

"If you don't mind my asking - why were you put up for adoption?" I wasn't sure if that was too insensative or not, so I asked it warily.

"I don't know," Seraphina told me, although I could tell it was a lie, "I guess it's too complicated. It was seven years ago, and I was only ten years old. I probably wouldn't of understood."

Before I had a chance to question her calm mood, the teacher started his lecture, and I cursed him using words I didn't realise I knew.

I noticed how whenever he wrote something down for us to copy, Morticia would sight angrily, and glare and letters looking confused, and she couldn't sit still for longer than a minuet or so.

After class, I walked down the hall next to Seraphina, as I had started to talk to her again before we left, I tried to ignore the envious and confused thoughts of the surrounding students as we walked.

"I might skip P.E." Seraphina declared.


She gave me a funny look. "Who actually likes P.E?" Damn, she got me there. after one look at my expression, she grinned. "Exactly."

"You going to go home?" I asked. 'Home' seemed to spark some thing sad in her eyes, and I almost regretted saying it.

"Probably." Seraphina shrugged. "See you tomorrow, I guess."

"Sure." I smiled, and started on my way to my last class, one question hovering in my head.

Why was I so captivated by Seraphina Harrison?

Like? Disslike?

It will hopefully get better.


- Indigo Fate