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;;/;; Rikki's POV ;;\\;;

It was the day after Emma and I had almost kissed in the moonpool. We had ended up just leaving after Bella and Cleo, because they had kind of ruined the moment. But boy was I glad it was summer break, because I was meeting Emma later today at the café. I probably should master getting out of bed first, though.

I glanced at my alarm clock. 9:30. It was my day off from the café, so I didn't have any duties except meeting Emma there. I turned onto my side and sighed happily. I could have two more hours of sleep or so...

And then my phone went off. "You have Got to be kidding me.." I reached blindly behind me for my phone, which was on my night table. I grabbed it on the first try and brought it around to see who had the nerve to text me so early.

Hey, when do you want to meet? -Emma.

Emma. I groaned. Only her. I tucked away the piece of my mind I had been tempted to give the offender, convinced it would come in handy later. But I wouldn't yell at Emma. My phone went off again, causing me to jump- yes, it Is possible while laying down- and almost drop my phone.

Come on, I know you're awake, Rikki -Emma.

Okay, maybe I could use some of it now. Or none at all. It is Emma, after all.

Only you would text me this early, Em.

And, send. I put my phone down next to me on the bed, closing my eyes again. Really, I only need a few more seconds... My phone chimed, and I groaned, but smiled. Emma. Would it really be that bad getting up now so I could see her?

You know you love me. So when are we meeting? -Emma.

I bit my lip on a smile and shook my head.

Soon. Just let me get up, okay?

Send. I sighed, smiling, not bothering to put my phone down just yet. Emma's name seemed to be running circles in my head, the beating of my heart regulating its pace. I sat up, a feat that should go in the world record books considering it was so early, and in the summer.

I glanced at my phone that had been forgotten in my hand for hardly a moment, as it chimed again. Jeeze, the girl was fast.

Okay! I'll be waiting ;). -Emma

And despite me knowing that we weren't doing anything but hanging out together, I rushed to get ready. I threw on an outfit that I knew looked good on me, and pulled my hair back into a ponytail. I was out the door 20 minutes later- Something else I believe should go into the record books.

I dug my phone out of my pocket, texting Emma that I would be there in a few minutes, and started the shortish walk to the café. I shoved my phone back into my pocket, my hands following suit to their own respective pockets as I continued my walk. I smiled, feeling my phone vibrate, knowing instinctivly it was Emma. I didn't bother looking at it- I knew it only said 'Okay' or something like it.

I hummed to myself, just in a generally happy mood, and thinking about Emma. I knew it was a stupid movie cliche, but she was on my mind even more now that we knew we felt the same way about each other. I was so distracted by my thoughts that I didn't notice the low rumble of the dirt bike until it was right beside me, at that point being able to clearly see the rider. Zane.

He accelerated the bike, pulling it in front of me and forcing me to stop before him. My mood plummeted and my temper flared as he took his helmet off and flashed his cocky smile at me.

I let my temper take hold, growling out a "What do you want?" before he even had a chance to speak. He looked momentarily confused, as if his ego refused to take the small blow I had given it by not being immediately all over him the moment he'd shown his face.

He then shook it off, but still looked at me as if I wasn't quite sane for not being entranced by him. "I want to talk. About what happened on your birthday." When I told him I didn't care about him.

"Then... Talk. But don't expect me to listen. I've got somewhere to be." I raised my eyebrow, all but gesturing him to move.

"But I want you to listen. So you should." There was a dangerous look in his eyes. The rich boy wasn't used to not getting what he wanted. Tough. I walked around him, wary about having my back to him, but continuing nevertheless.

"But I don't want to, Zane. And I'm going to see Emma. I'm not going to keep her waiting." I tried to keep the feelings out of my voice, forcing casual disintrest when saying her name. I heard him tap the kick stand and rev the bike behind me, him keeping the bike at a speed that would keep him at my side while I walked.

"We're going to have to sooner or later. You'll want me back like you did before," He stated, unaware of the look of disgust creeping onto my face. "So how are you going to ask when you're not talking to me?" he questioned, honestly curious.

"Zane, shove your ego up your ass where it may learn something. I dont want you back. I have a new intrest now," I confided to him. "You're not a part of it. Get lost and stop acting like a pathetic puppy, okay?" I rolled my eyes, unaware of the anger stirring in his.

"You'll regret that, Rikki," Zane said, his quiet voice a threat in itself. "I promise you, if you leave me like this... You'll regret it."

A thin trickle of fear slid down my back, and I shivered despite myself. Still... "Leave, Zane." I wanted him nowhere near my Emma. "Unless you can be a decent friend, I want you to have no part in my life. If you threaten me again, I'll call the cops." I stopped, turning to him, trying to act high and mighty on his bike. "Got it?"

He glared at me, shoving his helmet on and not bothering with an answer, just revving the bike and riding off. I rolled my eyes again. "Good riddance." I muttered.

I turned back to the front, and, seeing the café, started jogging to it, Zane's little visit already pushed to the back of my mind at the thought of seeing Emma.


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