AN: This is just a little fluffy drabble I came up with. Bottle Fairy is the most adorable anime I've ever seen, so I thought it deserved something. I also just wanted for something to be in its category.

Her blue eyes opened again. She looked to her left and right. The others were sound asleep in their bottles. Only she was awake.

Quietly, she climbed out of her blue bottle and onto the desk. Silence filled the air, besides the breathing of the other fairies and-

Him. He was peacefully sleeping in his bed, looking like he didn't have a care in the world. There was a pile of blankets over him, to keep out the December cold.

Making up her mind, she jumped onto the desk chair, then down to the floor. She ran across to the bed and leaped, grabbing the sheets.

When she had climbed all the way up, she crawled over to his face. She whispered his name almost too quietly to hear, "Sensei-san?"

But even in his sleep, he still heard her. His brown eyes opened hazily. "Huh, yes?" he whispered back, his voice slurred from drowsiness.

"I can't sleep."

"Oh. Do you wanna stay here?"

And she smiled and nodded. She curled up next to his cheek. His soft breathing encased her, leaving her relaxed.

She still couldn't fall asleep, but this time she didn't mind.