The Blue spirit prowled through the night, noticed by no one save the spirits and Her. She hunted him as he hunted her. It had been 6 months ago that the Gaang had split, all because Katara no longer conformed to the unspoken No Killing rule. But 3 months of deprivation, torture, and rape would do that to a person.

She had been learning the art of assassination for the last 5 months and now she was on her third job. The Blue Spirit. He was a hope for a desperate people. But Katara knew his true identity, and the banished prince of a bastard King was much easier to kill than the Fire-Lord himself.

Zuko turned and threw a knife in her direction. She ducked and threw a wall of water at him, but he saw it coming and before she could bend again he had her by the throat with both swords.

"Do you know how long I have been looking for you?" He asked her, taking off the mask

It was a rhetorical question and Katara stayed silent and still, hyper aware of the swords at her throat. She had an insane idea, which would make her want to bathe for a whole year. She stepped closer and kissed him.

Zuko was so surprised that he almost dropped the swords he held. But recovering quickly, he pulled away and looked in her eyes. He saw the revulsion there, but also a hint of lust and surprise. He backed her against a conveniently over-sized chimney.

"Don't think your getting away that easy." He whispered almost seductively in her ear. "I have a message from your brother when you decide to stop trying to kill me."

Every possible scenario went through her head and she could make no sense of her raging thoughts. She must have gasped at the news because Zuko was smirking at her reaction. Then he disappeared. Unchallenged.