It was one of those nights where Katara was scared to sleep. She lay next to Zuko wide-awake, watching the full moon make its slow journey through the sky and glancing at the prince who slept fitfully next to her. There was a sheen of sweat on his face and his head turn one way and the other. She gave up watching the moon and focused on Zuko's face. He was scowling in his sleep. Katara considered trying to calm him. She gathered some water from a nearby puddle, wondering if she could use her element to heal mental scars. She put her hand on his forehead. He jolted awake grabbing her wrist as he did.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. But did not let go of her wrist.

"Nightmare?" she asked him

He nodded.

"I didn't mean to startle you. I was going to see if I could stop your nightmare."

"Thank you. But I need to deal with these demons myself."

He still hadn't let go of her wrist. He was almost cradling it. She pulled away and held his hand.

"We're so different. Yet…" she paused looking for the words, "the same. We are both plagued by nightmares and…"

She shook her head, frustrated, as she couldn't find the words to explain.

"And attracted to each other?" He hesitated.

"We never did talk about the night we kissed." He said after she didn't reply.

"What's there to talk about? I enjoyed it, and I was scared to go on even though a part of me wanted to." She replied in a deadpan tone.

Zuko leant toward her and kissed her gently on those beautiful, full, rose-coloured lips, slightly concerned about her reaction.

"I want you to know I'd never purposely hurt you.," he mumbled against them.

She began kissing him back, her chest so full of emotion that she almost felt like bursting, hot tears tracking down her face that he absently brushed away with his thumbs. His tongue flicked out begging entrance and she let him wanting to explore him with her own tongue.

He rolled onto her and between her slightly open thighs without breaking that kiss, placing one hand on the back of her neck holding her to him and the other on her hip almost without realizing. She let him, enjoying burning kisses, so gentle and so full of passion, that she wanted him, trembling at the thought of having him inside her. With lust, not the fear that she associated with having sex.

He moved his hand to the buttons of the shirt she wore. He pulled away from the kiss and caught her eyes with his.

"Is it alright?"

Katara was slightly taken aback. He was keeping a reign on his desire, which she could feel, to ask permission? She nodded unable to speak. He undid them slowly as if a sudden move would scare her. And as he finished he again stopped to kiss her thoroughly again. She pulled the two parts of her shirt open for herself, guiding one of his hands to her breast. He pulled his thumb across her stiffening nipple making her arch her back shoving her breast into his capable hands.

He kissed her cheek, then her neck tracking them down between her soft giving breasts before bringing them back up and over to her other breast flicking his tongue over it. Katara moaned. Loudly. She put her hands over her mouth and Zuko stop listening for the uneven pattern of breathing that would indicate that Sokka had woken up. Nothing. So he continued his ministrations, switching over at some point so his mouth was on the other breast and his thumb was circling the other. Katara pulled him up to kiss his mouth and pulling her shirt closed at the same time. He looked into her eyes. Lust warred with fear; fear winning the battle. She was still too scarred to go further, his shaft was throbbing but he ignored it not wanting to push her and not wanting to drive a wedge in what would be a beautiful relationship as long as he was patient. The fire nation wasn't built in a day. He thought again taking her into his arms before falling into a peaceful slumber.