I wrote this because I thought this would be fun to write. I normally don't write Jandre, but I wanted to try it. By the way.. I might not be on as much. There's a virus on my computer, and I'm trying to fix it. Hang in there with me. I promise that my stories will continue.

Andre was falling hard and fast for Jade West.

He knew that many regarded her as a bitch, a cold-hearted girl who spoke her mind without caring how people thought of her.

But he regarded her as a beautiful angel.

He remembered that sweet smile of hers, her light sarcasm (which was unusual for her, since her sarcasm was usually heavy), and her angelic voice.

She had shown him her good side, proving that she wasn't a cold-hearted bitch.

He fell for her. He could easily see why Beck dated Jade. Beck was lucky to have Jade. Anyone would be lucky.

And when Jade had hugged him, he nearly lost it.

Sure, he didn't mean to fall for her. Jade belonged to Beck. Beck belonged to Jade. Everyone in Hollywood Arts knew that.

He remembered how they had spent most of the night there, just talking and laughing, trying to finish his song. He remembered how Jade had tried to play the keyboard, and ended up actually making something that didn't sound bad. She had admitted she had no idea how to play it whatsoever, but it was almost as if her fingers knew how to, as if they had been trained to play.

He was still in shock that she had given up the entire night for him. Jade had told him she was going to spend the night watching movies and such with Beck, but she had given it up when he asked her to help with his song.

And there was something that happened that he hadn't told anyone about.

At the very end of the night, when Jade said that it was getting late and she had to go home, she told him that she wanted to try something.

Her lips had brushed against his, just lightly, but just enough so that Andre could taste a hint of coffee on her lips.

She had pulled away, and the corners of her lips pulled up in a soft smile.

And she had gotten up and left before he could ask her to stay.

I'll try 365 days, 365 ways to get to you, he thought to himself.